I purchased the L'oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara at Walmart a couple weeks ago. It was on sale for $7.99 and decided, why not? I have always been very curious about the Givenchy Phenomen'eyes mascara, mainly because the little round, spikey ball at the end of the wand seemed so odd, and yet so inventive! The basic concept of the brush is that all the little spikes can reach to coat every single lash, even the hard to reach ones in the corners of the eyes. On the package, L'oreal claims that this mascara will "lengthen, thicken, and separate 100% of lashes." I wasn't sure how to use the wand at first, but the instructions say that you can either hold the brush vertically OR horizontally...hence, being able to coat every single lash. At first, i hated this mascara! I typically prefer volumizing formulas over lengthening ones, and this one definitely isn't volumizing in my opinion. But after about the third use, I actually got the hang of the wand, and I realized that this mascara is actually really good at lengthening, and opening up the eyes. And it's a lot less expensive than the Givenchy version, although I have never tried that one so I can't compare the two formulas.

~Pros~ Lengthens the lashes very well, retains lash curl moderately well. I didn't notice any flaking or smudging throughout the day. It is also a fun concept. I got mine in the color "blackest black" and it is very dark, which I love. Also inexpensive, especially on sale.

~Cons~ The wand takes some getting used to. This isn't the easiest mascara to just throw on, you have to be patient. Not very volumizing. Frankly, there are better drugstore mascaras out on the market. My favorite for lengthening: L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. My favorite for volumizing: CG Lash Blast.

~Verdict~ Overall, I am glad that I went for it and tried this mascara. I wanted to see for myself what all the hype was about. This isn't a bad mascara, and I will continue to use it. But I probably won't repurchase. There are simply better mascaras out there. Sorry for the mixed review! I hope I am not confusing anyone, but this was a hard one! I have mixed feelings about it. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either ; I suggest trying it if it's on sale, or buy one get one at your local drugstore!

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I want to thank Stephanie from http://www.aqua-heart.com/ for tagging me! I know you girls all follow her, but check out her blog if you haven't already. So here are 7 interesting facts about me:

1) I am doing an internship next semester, possibly at a school. I am a Human Development major, and I have to intern somewhere that is related to human services in order to get my degree.

2) My boyfriend taught me how to ride a bike! I had a really bad accident on a bike when I was 5, so I have been afraid to get on one ever since. Well, my boyfriend loves bikes, so he got me a little beach cruiser so he could teach me again. Now I love it!

3) I love Greek food. In fact, I think I am going to get a greek salad for dinner tonight!

4) I want to eventually move to Hawaii one day...when I can afford it. I do have family there though, so that helps.

5) Currently, I am trying to hunt down a Nude Rose l/s from MAC's Dsquared collection. They are sold out everywhere! I am kicking myself for not buying it when it first debuted. Damn MAC! They always suck me in with all their LE stuff! It actually makes me angry that I obsess over makeup sometimes. I am trying to swap for one on Makeup Alley, but we'll see how that goes. If any of you girls have an extra that you wouldn't mind parting with, let me know and I'll buy it from you!

6) Even though my name is Noelle and everyone assumes I love the Holidays, I really don't! That's bad to admit, but I just think the Holidays are so stressful! I wish I could enjoy them more.

7) My favorite clothing stores are Express and Forever 21. Love!

Here are my 7 nominations:
1) Lynn - http://beautifulthingsdiary.blogspot.com/
2) Becky - http://iambeautiful20.blogspot.com/
3) Eve - http://xlovelymakeupx.blogspot.com/
4) Crystal - http://www.lipglossgossip.com/
5) Angela - http://sparklemidori.blogspot.com/
6) Christina - http://christina83writes.blogspot.com/
7) Krystallia - http://addictedtocosmetics.blogspot.com/

~ Thanks for reading~


October seriously flew by! I can't believe it's almost November! Well, I just wanted to share with you girls my favorites for this month:

1) Victorias Secret All Over Moisture salve: Now that the weather is getting colder and drier, EVERYTHING is chapped on me! My lips, my skin is dry, my hair is dry, my nails are dry...I can't stand it! I have been using the moisture salve at night before bedtime on my lips, cuticles, and elbows. I wake up in the morning with softer skin, and that makes me happy =)

2) Two Korres Products: The Guava Body Butter and the Evening Primrose Eyecream. I equally love both. The body butter not only smells like the tropics, but it also does wonders for my dry, flakey skin. I actually neglected it when I first got it because it was too moisturizing. But that was way back in the dead of summer, when my skin was more oily. Now that the weather has changed, it's perfect. The eyecream is great as well. I use it sparingly underneath my eyes at night. It helps with my dark circles, and leaves my under eye area super moist. Great products. I am totally in love with Korres.

3) These are recent faves, but I have to include the two cremesheens I bought from MAC's new Holiday collection. So creamy, non-sticky, and ultra moisturizing. I especially love "Ever so rich." I have been wearing it on my lips every single day since I got it, usually on top of "Way to love" l/s.

4) Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray: How did I ever blow out/straighten my hair without this stuff? I use it right before I apply any heat to my hair, and this ensures it will stay soft and manageable. I also love the way it smells! If it were a perfume, I would buy it immediately!

5) Grand Entrance shadow: MAC's starflash formulas are the best! I wish they were always available. MAC should take note of their popularity and make them permanent. Grand Entrance is the prettiest highlight and all-over lid color. 9 times out of 10, I have worn this color on my lids. I also like to put some in the tear ducts, so when the light catches it, my eyes look wide-awake and sparkly.

6)MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: Again, keeping with my dry skin problem, this stuff makes my face really soft. I don't find it to be grainy or harsh at all. I know some people do, but I haven't had a problem and I have sensitive skin. I use it twice a week, and that's all it takes. Plus, I just love how it's black!

7)The Hills: It is such a guilty pleasure! I am embarassed to even admit to people sometimes that I am addicted to this. I honestly just love the fashion ideas I get from the girls on the show =) The drama is secondary, I promise!

8) My last favorite is fashion-related: I have been wearing cardigans incessently this month! Over dresses, with jeans...I own so many, mainly in neutral colors. I can't get enough of them.


I was watching Deanne5253 on YouTube the other day, and she was doing her "8 most worn" tag. I have seen many people do their own variations on this, but I figure 8 items is just the right amount. I wasn't formally tagged to do this, but I thought it would be fun. So here are my 8 most worn:

1) Most worn lipstick: Definitely Blankety by MAC. This is the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, and it holds a special place in my heart because of it. I love the whole nude lip look, but I personally have lighter skin and run the risk of looking like death if I try wearing a really nude lip. Blankety has pink undertones to it, so although it is considered nude, it is very wearable for me.

2) Most worn nail polish: I Pink I love You by O.P.I. It is a light pink shade with a bluish-purple duo chrome. I have been wearing dark polish a lot lately, but I always go back to lighter shades when I want to take a break from the deep reds and purples I wear in the winter months. I Pink I Love You goes with everything, and if it chips it isn't noticeable.

3) Most worn top: Express racerback tank tops. I wear a lot of cardigans this time of year, and the express tanks go with all of my cardigans and sweaters. In the summer I wore them with jeans. I have one in every color!

4) Most worn bag: My old navy tan purse that I showed in my "what's in my purse" post a couple months ago. I also went back and got one in black! I am waiting a couple months before I start carrying that one.

5) Most worn earrings: studs of any kind. I have pearl ones, black, gold, silver, diamonds, flowers, hearts. I love how simple they are!

6) Most worn eyeshadow: MAC shadow in All That Glitters. Its a pretty peachy color that's perfect for all over the lids. I'm almost out!

7) Most worn perfume: Victorias Secret perfume in Supermodel. I can't describe the way it smells other than by saying I get compliments every time I wear it. My boyfriend is obsessed with it!

8) Most worn hair product: My John Freida WeatherWorks conditioner. It helps with static in the winter, frizz in the summer. It isn't a miracle or anything, because I still have issues with both but it does make a difference.

I tag anyone to do this! Happy Friday!


Hey everyone, I just want to do a quick post. I have been so busy lately! Not enough time to blog ;( Anyways, I want to share 3 essential pairs of shoes that I think every girl should have in her wardrobe for Fall. This is just my opinion of course!

1) A great pair of pumps. Whether they are stilettos, suede, leather, neutral colored, or printed, you can't go wrong with a great pair of classic pumps! Wear them with jeans, dresses, EVERYTHING!

2) Flats. I wear these to school a lot during the colder months. I love them because they are cute, yet also practical. I have a pair in black and also red, but my leopard steve maddens are my favorite. They really dress up an outfit. Go for a fun, flirty print and others will definitely notice!

3) Lastly, I think we can all agree that killer boots are a must have. I recently got this pair of black, suede, scrunchy boots. They are flat too, which I have noticed a lot of lately in stores. And I don't know how well you can see from the picture below, but they also have bows on either side. I think fun, feminine details add interest to any shoe.

What types of shoes have you been living in lately? Heels, boots, flip-flops? lol, I'll always be a beach girl at heart ;)


Hey girls, I have a small haul to share with you. I went shopping with my mom earlier today, mainly because I had a birthday present to buy for my boyfriend's sister. But of course, I bought a few things for myself as well ;)

I stopped at the MAC counter at Nordstrom to check out the new holiday collection. As you know from past postings, I was super excited to get two cremesheen glasses: Ever So Rich, a pale lilac and Boy Bait, a beige-nude. I know a lot of beauty bloggers don't particularly like the cremesheens because they are very sheer, but that is exactly the same reason why I adore them! I didn't get anything else from the collection, mainly because nothing looked unique. I think it's a great collection for those who are new to MAC because the eye and face kits are great deals. The collection is also perfect for gift giving. I think I might go back next week and take a second look, but I am more than happy with my cremesheens!

After MAC, I decided to take a look in Sephora. I wanted to buy more nail polishes, and this set of three immediately caught my eye. It came with A True Romantic, Domestic Goddess, and Metro Chic ( my new favorite for fall).

My other purchases were kind of random. I got a new body spray at Victorias Secret in Heavenly Enchanted. It is a very warm scent that reminds me of berries and apple pie...and maybe a hint of musky vanilla?
Right next door to VS is an H&M, and I bought a beautiful bracelet that has opal and creme colored stones. I can't wait to wear it!

On the way home from the mall, my mom wanted to stop at Wal-Mart, so while she looked in the housewares section ;), I looked at the cosmetics and hair care. I spotted a new mascara by Loreal that is an imitation of the Givenchy mascara. The one with a tiny spikey ball on the end of the wand? I have heard many mixed reviews of that mascara, but I have always wanted to try it out for myself. I can't wait to see how the Loreal version works. I will do a review for you girls once I have used it a few times.
I also bought the Aussie 3-minute miracle sydney smooth conditioner. I have the other "moist" conditioner, but I have never tried "Sydney Smooth."

~Overall, it was a really fun shopping trip! I have yet to use any of it, but if you have any questions or comments, let me know~


Last week, I blogged about having found a good dupe of O.P.I.'s "Mod About You." I thought that I had discovered a similar polish by Sally Hansen in the color "Pardon My French." Well...how wrong I was! Crystal from http://www.lipglossgossip.com/ told me to check out a website called head2toebeauty.com so I did. Unfortunately, they didn't have Mod About You in stock, but it led me to another website called Lotusnailsupply.com where they did have it in stock! So being that I have been desperate to buy it, I did! It arrived five days after I placed the order. And honestly, I love it! It really is the perfect milky, pink color with just a hint of purple. It is also incredibly opaque. One coat is all it takes. Although the Sally Hansen Pardon My French is a pretty color, it is definitely NOT a dupe for the O.P.I. like I thought. Sorry girls, I made a little mistake on that one ;)

~The only thing I wish O.P.I. would change are their brushes. They are too wide for my taste, kind of makes the application messy. I wish they were more narrow like the Sephora by O.P.I. brushes~


Besides being a sucker for lipgloss, I am really into blush. There's no reason, I just love it! I rarely ever stray from the peachy-pink tones, although I have been curious to try maybe a more plum color for fall/winter. I just love how a quick swipe of blush can add warmth and radiance to the entire face. I feel naked without it! So here are my top 5. I am happy to report that they are all by different brands.

Jane blush in Soft Mink...love this natural pink.

MAC mineralized blush in Improvise...beautiful coral shade from Color Craft Collection

Recent fave, NYX blush in Angel. A true soft pink with no hint of peach!

Too Faced blush in Papa Don't Peach. Cute name for this true peach color.

For my fifth choice, I cheated and picked two! These blush samples from Lumiere cosmetics are amazing. The one on the left is Ditto O that I raved about in my Lumiere review. The one on the right is called Violacious and it's a pretty purple-pink.

Thanks for reading!


I have been searching high and low for O.P.I. nail polish in "Mod about you." It is just the most feminine milky pink color. I love the look of nudish nails any time of the year. You never have to worry about it clashing with an outfit you are wearing, because it looks great with anything!
So my friend let me borrow a Sally Hansen polish in "Pardon my french." It is very similar to the O.P.I. color! I have to give it back to her this weekend, but I think I'll stop by CVS sometime and buy a bottle of my own.

However, I still want the real thing! If anyone knows where I can find "Mod about you", please leave me a comment and let me know!


M.A.C. is having free shipping with any purchase on their website now through October 24th. With the new holiday collection releasing October 15th, I'm sure many of you (and myself) will find free shipping useful! I have a pretty good list going! Are any of you as excited as I am about Magic, Mirth, and Mischief?
~happy shopping~


Before I start my review of Lumiere Cosmetics, I want to quickly mention that I contacted a Lumiere representative via their website and asked for some samples so that I could review them on my blog. I have seen many positive reviews and I thought, What better way to test out the products than asking for samples and reviewing them? So here are my honest thoughts and opinions:

Lumiere sent me two eye pigment samples. One is a matte, white shadow called "Vanilla Bean" and the second is "Soft Brown." Soft brown has a subtle shimmer, but it looks more matte than it does shimmery. Vanilla Bean is the perfect highlighter. It looks like it may come across chalky in the jar, but it actually isn't chalky at all on the skin. These are both soft, blendable pigments that will complement any skin or eye color. I have used them about six or seven times now, and I am very impressed with them. They last all day with no visible signs of creasing or fading. I did use UDPP as a base. I always use a primer though, so I can't say how these shadows would wear without one.

I also received a blush sample in "Ditto O." I adore this peachy-pink color! It is comparable to a loose powder version of NARS orgasm blush. I own the NARS blush and when I swatched them both on my hand, I really was amazed at how similar they are. I find the Lumiere blush even more beautiful and vibrant then orgasm. It's the same color, minus the glittery fall-out that NARS is sort of known for. The Lumiere website describes that Ditto O will complement any skin tone, and I would have to agree. I love this blush so much that I plan on purchasing a full size jar of it in the future.

Lastly, I received three different foundations. I believe these are comparable to Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. Now, I personally am not a fan of mineral foundations because I am addicted to my Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup. So I can't really give a fair review of these. I think they blend easily into the skin, and are good for someone who wants lighter coverage. For someone like myself who prefers heavier coverage, you might not necessarily like a product like this.


Pros: The website is easy to navigate, and the color swatches are EXTREMELY helpful! The powders are all very blendable. They sort of sink into the skin instead of just sitting on top and making pores look big. I find the pigments are pretty used dry, but they look even more intense when used wet. The prices are inexpensive as compared to other mineral makeup lines.

Cons: The tendency of loose powders to get everywhere! You have to be careful not to spill!

The Verdict: I am very impressed with Lumiere. I actually just placed an order for more eye pigments and blush! If you like mineral products, you will love this company!

If you have any more questions about Lumiere, please feel free to ask! Or, check out their website at http://lumierecosmetics.com/