When I first started my blog, I was obsessed with posts about everyone's makeup collections. I can't believe I have never done one, but then again, I think my collection is rather small in comparison to most I've seen. I have decided to show you mine because for the first time, I'm extremely happy with what I own. I think I have a really good mix of brands and colors. Of course, I always want more when I'm out and about doing some shopping, but I do try to take inventory of what I have before I make a purchase.

This is a clear storage container from WalMart. It sits on a white wooden vanity I got from Target.

Top drawer - blushes, powders, concealer, and my foundation (I still use MUFE Mat Velvet +)

Second drawer - eyeliners, miscellaneous eyeshadows, and a mini UDPP.

Third/Last drawer - Lash curlers, mascara, and other miscellaneous things. Looking at this now, I think I need to organize it more efficiently! I see there is a lot of wasted space!

This is one of my vanity drawers and it holds my eyeshadows as well as my highlight powders

Lip products. The little leopard holder is from TJ Maxx

Makeup palettes. UD Naked is my most used.

Lastly, this drawer holds q tips, makeup removers, moisturizers, and my Sonia Kashuk blending sponge. It is the only way I apply my foundation.

If you have any questions on specific products, feel free to ask!

♥ Noelle


Grey tee - H&M, Skirt - F21, Sandals - Target, Necklace - LOFT, Ring - Franchescas, Nails - Chanel Riva

I know I must sound like a broken record, but it has been so incredibly hot in my hometown. The kind of hot that sucks the life out of you. The kind that makes you want to stick your head in the freezer and eat all the ice cream in it.

Luckily, there are swingy little skirts and soft cotton tees to keep me comfortable. I hate whining so I'm doing my best to enjoy it before I officially retire my sandals and switch permanently to ballet flats as my everyday shoe. It isn't easy but I'm trying! The beach tomorrow is beckoning...

Happy Friday!
♥ Noelle


The transition from Summer to Fall has left me in a bit of a funk. I can't stop dreaming of the beautiful clothing I want to wear, and I want to wear it all NOW. The problem is that it is scorching hot and so I'm rendered helpless in the name of fashion. Dressing has been uneventful lately in my world.

However, inspiration never seems to cease and there are a few things that I am currently in love with at the moment:

1) Going back to school! Not for my Master's, and not to further my studies in Psychology. Nope, I'm instead taking an intro to fashion class at the community college I used to attend before transferring to a four-year and getting my BA. I'm a schoolgirl again.

2) My great great grandmother's vintage opal ring that she left me after she passed. I was once afraid to let it see the light of day, but I've realized the best thing I can do is to wear it and think of her.

3) Yoga! I've never tried it before, but now am attempting to do it once a week at my gym. You should have seen my first class. I was heinous! Total unflexibility at it's best. But it did help me to relax and focus on breathing. I was extremely sore the next day too.

4) My new necklace and earring set from Jewelmint. It's my first go at a shopping subscription service, but I love this dainty piece so much and I couldn't resist. Who knows if and when I'll order again, but I'm very happy with it overall.

5) The anticipation of The Rachel Zoe project! It starts in two weeks!

What are your current loves?
~ Noelle


I wanted to love Butter London's nail polish. It is aptly named No More Waity Katie after the royal Kate Middleton. However, I don't love it. The color looks gorgeous in the bottle, a rich swirl of purple with tiny flecks of pure silver glitter. My problem is that it applies very sheerly. I normally don't mind that, but I guess I had really high hopes for this. The above picture shows the color on my nails after three thick coats. Maybe even four actually. I was expecting it to be much more dazzling, a showstopper. In my opinion, it's not. It is pretty, and I did wear it for about five days. However, I won't even tell you what a pain in the a** it was to remove, and I always take off my polish with 100% acetone. This one was tricky!

I don't necessarily regret the purchase, and I am sure it will get more love in the winter months. I'm not yet finished with my bright corals, ocean blues, and neon pinks.

But I just can't in good faith recommend it to you readers. I think there are far better purples out there.
 Do any of you own this? How do you like it?


Three fabulous Fall pieces I can cross off my list. I don't know about you, but I am very organized when it comes to what I "need" to have in my closet each season. I take an inventory of what I already own, and most importantly, what I'm missing. I prioritize and zone in on key items that will go with everything I have so that I don't waste money. I tend to splurge a bit on classics, and then save on trendy things.

I wanted cognac colored boots last Fall, but never got around to purchasing any. At Nordstrom's Anniversary sale last month, I got my chance and for half the price they are now.

When I went in to check out Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection, I left with a perfectly pleated skirt, cut for petites. The sophistication of it is gorgeous, and although I don't have the chance to wear such items to work, I plan on wearing it when I'm off the clock. A great, super soft white tee will be wonderful with jeans and underneath blazers.

Check, check, check!

Still coveting?
I don't buy shoes very often, so although these are pricey (for me anyway), they will be mine!

What's on your Fall list?


Top & Necklace - Target, Jeans - BR petite skinny, Heels - BP Nordstrom (old), Leather gray bag (used as clutch) - BCBG, Ring - F21, Nails - Butter London No More Waity Katie (review to come!)

Purple is one of my favorite colors to wear. I think it really commands attention in a room, and I believe it is known as a "power" color. Not that I like to command attention in a room. I'm more or less the girl in the corner, happily reveling in my wallflower status. But purple is beautiful, and especially the really rich, saturated kind. This ruffly top from target is more of a magenta/plum hue (although in this lighting, it leans more pink than it truly is). Hey, it's still purple to me. Paired with a complimentary blue beaded necklace and Butter London's ode to Prince William's love, and I was ready for a night out with the girls.

If you have any pictures of yourself wearing the royal hue, send it over to Amy. She is hosting purple week on her blog :)



For about three years, I have religiously used Urban Decay's Primer Potion to ensure that my eyeshadow stays put throughout the day. There is no greater beauty blunder than slick eyeshadow creasing! Not a good look on anyone. The primer potion has never let me down. Even when it was only sold in a tube, with a little wand that didn't quite allow for the most effective product application. I was thrilled when Urban Decay released their professional sized tube. No wand applicator, just a ton of product. Great deal right?!

It was a happy romance, until I started having issues with the product drying out on me. I never had that with the previous primer potion in that little genie tube. Getting any product out in this form was a struggle.

I lost the battle and the pro size tube won. It ripped at the seam and the entire thing basically burst.

I was so upset. What to do, what to do? Buy a new one? Chalk it up to the California heat in my bedroom? Maybe that caused it. Go back to the original version? Do they even sell it that way anymore?

I had to act fast, as I wanted to save as much product as possible. I improvised and used a tiny jar that used to hold khaki colored pigment. Problem solved!

But I'm still angry, because it's a waste of money no matter how you look at it.
What should I do girls? I think this will hold me over for awhile, and I do like the convenience of a jar. But I am loyal, and I think I might buy another tube when this runs out. Hmmmm...



Dress - Target, Flats - Tory Burch Revas, Watch - Michael Kors, Earrings - Pearl studs, Lipstick - Revlon Colorburst in Fuschia

Clutch - Aldo

Target never fails me. I stopped in trying to kill some time during a work break and left with this adorable black and white number (it comes in other prints as well). The best part? It has pockets! Oh, and it also came with a snazzy little belt. Nice. The perfect dress to throw on over your head and go, no thinking required. There are a multitude of ways I will wear it, but my favorite for daytime is with flats. The bright mustard clutch makes it more fun.



I was so excited to see Rachel on the cover of InStyle's Makeover issue for Fall. I really was, I think I actually squealed when I peeked inside my mailbox. It's no secret that I love her style. Nevermind the fact that she's a brunette and pint-sized. Yes, I am biased as I love to see what fellow petite girls are wearing. A natural Commraderie I feel with my shorter than average sisters. I can't help it! Years of being mistaken for a 12 year old are to blame.

It's a great issue, and I read it cover to cover, marking pages of certain looks/trends that I want to include in my own style for Fall. One thing that I loved about Ms. Bilson's article was this little known fact: "I know this sounds terribly shallow, but I've been mapping out my outfits for the next day every day since I was little." She goes on to say, "I have a very busy mind - there's constant chitter-chatter up there - but what I'm wearing the next day? That's definitely something that's always been in my head before I go to sleep at night." I can certainly relate to this! Can you?

~ Noelle


Thank you to Ella for informing us that H&M has a new colorful necklace like their turquoise version, popularized by so many bloggers this Summer. The red is equally as gorgeous. I bought it last weekend and promptly wore it as soon as I got home. I think it pairs nicely with my rose cardigan, no?

 I still prefer the turquoise, but since cherry red is going to be a major trend for Fall, I'm happy to have both!

They had TONS at my H&M, so visit your local store if you want to snag one too :)


 Tank - F21, Jeans - Banana Republic, Bow sandals - Michael Kors @ DSW, Watch - Michael Kors, Turquoise bead bracelet - Etsy (LadyBuddhaDesigns), Green stone necklace - F21

The best part of living in California during the Summertime is that I can feel completely free to wear flip flops and tanks no matter where I go. Of course, I typically only dress down when I have nothing to do, but I love that care-free style. I've always said I'm a beach girl at heart, and this will probably be the case forever. I think a pretty floral tank, a white watch, and cute sandals are the best way to relax while still looking appropriate. Mojitos anyone? Or maybe a pedicure?


Let's be honest: Finding the perfect nude lipstick can be tricky. Most I've come across in the past have been failures. Too light, too peach, too pink, too brown, too chalky. I've been looking for something that enhances my natural lip color. My lips, only better.

L'Oreal Fairest Nude
With flash

Natural light

It's much hyped about on YouTube, and now I know why. It really is the most beautiful, natural looking lipstick I've ever seen. I really like the mauve undertone, as it brings out my lips while still looking understated and soft.

My gripe is the scent, very old fashioned if you get my drift. In fact, my mother used to wear nothing but L'oreal lipstick when I was growing up, and I distinctly remember the smell while I traced it around my little 6 year old lips.
However, I digress. I happily overlook the scent because I have found my perfect nude.

Have you found yours?