"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." 

It's the last day of May which means it's time for my monthly edit. I could tell you how fast time flies, how I can't believe another month has come and gone, blah blah blah. Instead, I'll simply say that May was emotionally draining for me and I'm glad that it's over. I'm not entirely sure what the deal was, but my mood was just off and no matter how hard I tried to get out from underneath the clouds, I couldn't shake the feeling. It happens. Sometimes you need to embrace the blues, as long as you know that they won't last forever.

May is mental health awareness month, and I took more time than normal to reflect, talk with friends, read, and write down the things I'm grateful for. These are all things I should be doing on a regular basis, but like most people, I get complacent. I've learned that it's actually in times when I feel the worst and am at my most vulnerable that real growth occurs. The word gratitude has been popping up constantly in my head, especially when I turn on the news and see what real tragedy is and just how difficult circumstances are for so many people. Simply acknowledging all the good in my life has alleviated some of the negative feelings, and I'm hoping that June is much better mentally.

Anyway, onto some frivolous news (which is why you're here): This month, I went back and forth between jeans and jackets to dresses and kimonos. The weather was bi-polar so my outfit choices were as well. One thing I was very excited about though was my new Madewell tote. I've carried it for a few days now and I couldn't be happier with it!

Watching: Momentum Generation, a documentary that came out last year about a group of America's surfers in the 90's. I grew up watching some of these guys like Kelly Slater and Rob Machado. Even if you aren't into surfing, this documentary is moving and powerful. It will inspire you.

Looking forward to: Our road trip with friends is at the end of June leading into July. We've planned this for months. We are traveling through Utah and staying outside of Bryce Canyon, eventually ending in Wyoming. Lots of stops along the way! The open road with friends is JUST what I've been craving.

Things I liked in May:
I'm really impressed with all of the new beauty items I bought this month! I'm doing a complete round-up and review next week. The only problem is, I want more...

I got the chance to meet my friend's baby boy this past Saturday and he's so sweet. My friend and her family moved to Long Beach a couple years ago and I don't get to visit with her as often.

Things I didn't like in May:
Elephant poaching: I follow a journalist on Twitter, Yashar Ali. His passion for elephants and bringing awareness to their endangered status around the world is amazing, but many of his articles and tweets break my heart. "The Government of Botswana is covering up a significant elephant poaching outbreak because they don't want it to impact tourism." Botswana is lifting its ban on elephant hunting. Many countries are following suit.

Nettie's paw: Our dog has skin allergies related to the climate here, and her front right paw has been red, itchy, and swollen. We thought it was an allergy flareup. We took her to the vet three times before they finally found a foxtail lodged in her poor little paw. She's on antibiotics and she'll be fine, but we are much more careful with where we walk her now and no more going off-leash on hikes.

How was your month? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Happy last week of May! I hope you all enjoyed the long memorial day weekend and are feeling grateful, recharged, and excited for the beginning of Summer. We had a pretty lazy three days, but I was able to spend some time with girlfriends and that's always good for the soul. We also watched motocross, went to a winery, did some cleaning around the house, and of course took some blog photos.

Wearing // 

It rained most of the weekend but Saturday was gorgeous! It was sunny and in the mid 70's so naturally I wanted to be outside all day. I reached for a long floral kimono from Sole Society to layer on top of a basic bodycon dress. I'm a huge kimono fan, as they look so feminine over form fitting dresses, shorts, or jeans. As long as the rest of your outfit is streamlined, a flowing kimono is a fabulous way to add dimension and movement. I've purchased a handful the last few Summers, but this print is by far my favorite. I love the blues, greens, and pinks against the white background. It really looks and feels effortless. More styling ideas here and here.

Another thing I quickly want to mention is my new lilac bag. I don't buy handbags very often, maybe one or two per year but I'm always looking for one that's moderately priced, fairly durable, and versatile. This one by Madewell fit the bill. It is such a practical little tote and I can't emphasize that enough! It can be carried by the handles, over one shoulder, or worn crossbody style. If you're in the market for a pretty Summer bag, I highly recommend one of the lighter colors but it also comes in black and cognac as well.

How do you feel about kimonos? I see them everywhere!

I'll be back on Friday with my monthly edit 💋

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I started this series back in February as a way to share the things I add to my closet throughout the year. You'll notice that Spring is my favorite season to shop, with the promise of Summer just around the corner. These are all items that I have purchased since February 22nd, when my first volume was posted. Some of these I've already worn, and some I haven't because it's still too cold. I've included exact links in case you want to view each individual item. If you have any questions, let me know!

North Star Layering Necklace: My friend has a similar celestial necklace I admire, so naturally this caught my eye. I love that it's all one piece! I plan on wearing it with my bathing suits for some daytime sparkle at the beach.

Madewell Mini Transport Tote: I purchased a similar Madewell tote during last year's Nordstrom anniversary sale, but I was disappointed with the color and I didn't care for the perforated leather. Back it went. This tote however is beautiful! The soft lilac color is unique, and the size is ideal. I'm glad I gave Madewell bags a second chance.

Steven Greek Sandals: I already have a pair in white from last Spring, and I enjoy them so much that I got another in cognac. Comfortable, chic, and versatile. They are pretty narrow so if you have wide feet, I recommend sizing up.

Target Leopard Print Bikini Top: Target has long been my go-to for bathing suits, and this leopard print bikini top will mix in nicely with a black bottom I already own. Separates definitely work best for most women!

Sole Society Floral Kimono:  I live in kimonos during the Summer heat. The print on this one by Sole Society will be so pretty with just a simple white tee and jeans.

LOFT Camisoles: Camisoles are great for layering underneath kimonos, cardigans, and jackets. I needed to replenish mine so I bought two from a LOFT sale - one is black and white striped, and the other is a cream color with a scalloped neckline. I got both in my normal petite size.

Ann Taylor Dress: I've already featured my new favorite dress. I think it would be amazing for baby showers, graduations, the office, church, dinners, birthday parties...where isn't it appropriate?!

Ooh La Luxe Lace Tie Top: Tie-front tees are still going strong this year, and this white lace top will be a fun weekend basic I'm sure I'll wear on repeat.

Old Navy High-Rise Elevate Leggings:  I got these for half off, and I absolutely want another! These are the best compression leggings I've tried. They really hold you in and are great for jogging and walking the pup. I went up one size.

What have you been shopping for lately? Are there any trends you're loving? 


I got my Sephora Spring sale order last week, and I wanted to quickly share my initial impressions of each product. Honestly, nothing excites me more than a good Sephora haul! All of the products I bought have been making the rounds within the beauty community, and I naturally had to try them for myself.

Ouai Treatment Masque:  I discovered this brand through my FabFitFun Spring box when Ouai's leave-in conditioner was included. I raved about that product so much that I decided to try this deep conditioning treatment masque. I've used it twice so far and am really impressed with how thick, rich, and luxurious it feels in my hair. It has left my ends so soft, and the wonderful scent has lingered in my hair until I washed it again.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Setting Powder: Not sure if anyone knows this, but I'm a huge Rihanna fan. This is the first product I'm trying from her Fenty Beauty line, and so far I'm completely sold! I got this in the translucent "lavender" shade and it set my makeup beautifully The true test will come once I take photos wearing it, but I have high hopes.

Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector:  I got this in the light to medium shade. It seems as though every year my under eye area gets darker and darker. I've tried so many different brighteners but this one is thicker. The color is perfect for my skin tone, and it does make me look more awake.

These were added to my order because I had some points to take advantage of. I've been using the Urban Decay All-Nighter spray for years, and I seriously cannot be without it. Since we're going on a road trip next month, I figured a travel size would be ideal to take with me.
The Drunk Elephant C-Tango multivitamin eye cream will also be packed. This is my first time trying a product from the brand, but so far I really love using this eye cream in the morning before applying my under eye concealer and corrector. It lightens up the entire area around my eyes.

I'll touch on these products again once I've really had the chance to use them.

Blogging Q&A

A few weeks ago, My friend Gina over at On The Daily Express tagged me and a few other ladies to answer some questions about blogging. I remember when I first began Beautygirl24, tagging, sharing, and awarding other bloggers within the beauty and fashion community was really popular and I miss that sense of camaraderie. It's been awhile since I've even thought about some of these questions so I hope you enjoy my answers! Please feel free to share your experiences with me as well, even if you don't have a blog but are a blog reader.

1. How did you first get into blogging?
I started my blog around 2009 during my last year in college. I was 24 and completely obsessed with beauty blogs and the YouTube beauty community. I didn't really have any hobbies at the time, and I just wanted to feel involved in something so I signed up with blogger. I had no intentions, no plans. It was pretty haphazard actually. This was long before Instagram, the big social media boom, and monetization platforms. I think RewardStyle was in its infancy. I felt zero pressure to make any money with my blog because it didn't occur to me that I could. Otherwise, I would have taken it more seriously! I was even embarrassed to tell friends and family about it, so I kept it under wraps for years. It was my little secret, my tiny corner of the internet where I could write about the things I loved.

2. What has been the best strategy that has worked well for you to get more blog traffic?
In the beginning, getting traffic to my blog was surprisingly easy! I think because it was such an open, like-minded community, and blogs were incredibly popular. I consumed, I read, I commented on SO many blogs and others did the same. It was fun! People were genuinely interested in building a community together. The tent was huge, and the attitude was "the more, the merrier." There was something very special about it and I'm happy that I began blogging when I did. Now the community feels fractured, and the truth is, a lot of people no longer care about blogs. Everyone wants instant gratification from platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Attention spans are waning. I'll freely admit that my traffic has slowed a ton over the last three years. I'm not consistent enough. If you're really wanting traffic, consistent posting/scheduling is key. I also recommend linking up with other bloggers and being an active participant in the community.

3. How do you motivate yourself to keep your blog going and who is your go-to for fashion inspiration?
I keep blogging because I love writing about style and beauty products, and I need this creative outlet in my life. Blogging the way I have over the years, this feels like a journal and it's fun to keep a record of how I've changed (and haven't changed) over time. It's hard to believe I've been at this for 10 years; sometimes I wonder if my time has passed but I'm not ready to stop. This space keeps me sane, and I love connecting with you. I'll do it until it no longer serves me. That sounds so selfish but it's always been true. That's the beauty of it for me though. I don't have a manager or PR firm backing me, no assistants, and most importantly, no ego. I can only imagine the pressure that full-time bloggers experience. My go-to fashion inspiration still remains the people I see on the street, other bloggers, women I admire whom I want to emulate. Inspiration is everywhere.

4. How would you describe your personal style?
I gravitate towards classic pieces with feminine silhouettes. Because I live in California, I also love casual basics with a bohemian touch. Classic + feminine + bohemian are the words I'd use to describe my aesthetic. Oh, and simplicity is best!

5. What's one thing you wish you understood sooner about blogging?
I'm going to contradict myself here, but I DO wish that I had taken blogging more seriously from the very beginning. I distinctly remember when RewardStyle accepted me into their affiliate program. I was driving to my job one day, in a total hurry, and my account manager at the time called me and wanted to talk. She wanted to help me grow my account, but I sort of blew it all off because Hell, I had just graduated from college with a degree - blogging was just this silly thing I did for fun, it wasn't something I thought to really explore. I missed out on some really interesting opportunities, I turned down collaborations. I regret doing that, not because of the possibility of making more money, but because I missed out on learning and meeting new people. I didn't even try. And now those opportunities are few and far between.

6. Share a favorite blogging memory:
Meeting Gina for the first time at a RewardStyle event! She introduced herself to me and I just immediately connected with her. I'm an introvert with increasingly terrible social anxiety, so her kindness was very much appreciated.

7. Give some unsolicited advice to the blogging community/bloggers in general:
This applies mostly to social media influencers but also bloggers: Please, please, please stop being rude to your followers and readers, quit blocking people and deleting comments. Not everyone is going to kiss your ass on every post, not everyone is going to like every single thing you wear or promote. And that's okay! There can be differences of opinion, there can be healthy conversations. I feel like most influencers just want to be showered with praise, and that leads to inflated egos. Do you want to help others and be involved in a community, or do you just want compliments and clicks from strangers? If this is your job, then do it and do it without constant complaining about engagement and algorithms. I refuse to give anyone my money if they display a sense of entitlement. You aren't saving a life, you're offering a product that I can easily find myself. You don't need to talk down to people either. If you're struggling to turn your brand into a business, keep at it and follow your dreams because I'm rooting for you. I really am. But if it's causing you so much stress that you are losing perspective, then maybe you should look for a job/side job with more stable income.

I could go on but I'll stop. Thank you so much for reading here, today and every day that you come by. I don't thank you enough! I'd love to hear any and all thoughts on blogging, social media, and this community.

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Although May is one of my favorite months, I often find myself at a loss in terms of what to wear. We have experienced a lot of grey days complete with some rain, and I've actually been keeping a jacket in my car just in case I get caught in a passing storm. I guess that's to be expected in Spring, and I do really enjoy the mix of warm and cold days. Getting dressed for it? Not so easy!

I've had this roll-sleeve top from Lush for a few months and it's probably the most comfortable one I own. It looks great with leggings and skinnier denim because of the long length. It also is ideal for hiding a food baby! I'm a bit on the fence with the jeans I'm wearing here. You know I love my Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans. I went into the store last week to buy a new pair of their elevated leggings for the gym, and these were hanging on a rack by themselves. They are the short length that I normally buy, but they are a size up from what I go for and they stretch out a ton. They were only 12 dollars and I've worn them twice already, but I think I'm going to designate them as my "lazy Sunday" jeans. They just don't look or feel fitted enough for my taste, but they are super comfortable and again, great for a casual weekend when we are just running errands and hanging out at home.

Do you have certain jeans that you only wear on the weekend? What are some of your favorite brands? I really want to try Madewell.

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I wrote a similar post on my everyday jewelry last year, but I wanted to update it because I've added to my collection since. Specifically, there are two necklaces that I absolutely love wearing and I wanted to share them with you in detail.

My current jewelry philosophy is all about simplicity, pieces that you can wear alone or layered and that offer just the right amount of sparkle. It's that little twinkle peeking out from a basic white tee, that shine of gold across the fingers. Jewelry is the ultimate way to tie a look together and elevate your daily outfits. My goal is to always look polished but effortless. The pieces below in some combination are what I reach for - sometimes I wear one or two, sometimes I wear them all at once.  I'm including exact links too!

Bar Studs: I've had my ears pierced since I was baby but I rarely wear earrings. My earlobes are sensitive, so I usually have to wear real gold or earrings with hypoallergenic posts. When I do wear them, I reach for these gold bar studs. They are comfortable (I've even slept with them on) and weightless! They're the perfect everyday earring and look so sweet no matter what other jewelry I decide on pairing them with. They also look more current and more unique than a basic gold or diamond stud.

Stacking Gold Band: Some people stack bracelets, I like to stack rings. A thin gold band is a great addition when you're wearing more than one ring because it doesn't compete for attention. I like wearing mine on my pointer finger.

Raw Herkimer Diamond Ring: I love gemstone jewelry. During the Winter I go for labradorite and pearls; during the Summer I prefer moonstone, turquoise, and opal. The great thing about this herkimer diamond ring is that it goes with everything!

Coin Necklace: Coin necklaces have been trendy for the better part of two years, and I'm completely on board with them. Whatever your style, they look chic on everybody. Mine is by Gorjana and it's called the sunburst coin necklace. It has a tiny opal in the center that reflects light beautifully. I wear it all.the.time. I let it be the focal point of my jewelry look because it's such a pretty piece. It's completely adjustable as well, so I like moving the length up and down depending on the top I'm wearing.

Gold Choker or "Mini" Necklace: Chokers or mini necklaces are the perfect layering piece. This one has a lot of movement so when the discs catch the light just so, it's sparkle city! It's the perfect base for a delicate necklace look.

My rule of thumb for choosing what jewelry to wear is to begin with one piece that you want to focus on, and then let the other pieces act in accordance to compliment it. Sometimes I think people overdo it with a ring on each finger, 3 or 4 necklaces, stacks of bracelets. I mean it's a little much right? Like a little girl playing dress-up in her mother's closet. Pick a couple rings, 1 or 2 necklaces, the gold bar studs, maybe a simple beaded bracelet or gold cuff. It looks effortless, but also intentional.

What are some of your favorite pieces of jewelry? Is there a brand you love? Have a great weekend, I'll see you back here soon 💗