Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I was awarded by one of the sweetest bloggers around, Emily, of I am seriously baffled by the fact that anyone reads what I have to say EVER, let alone on a frequent basis. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but it is also really personal. The decision to start my own beauty/fashion/frivilous blog took a long time, but I am so happy that I made the leap into blogger-land. Thank you Emily for this award, and thank you to all of my lovely readers. You all put a smile on my face, and even though I have never met any of you, I still feel like I have some new-found friends. I wish I could pass this award on to everyone, because I would ;) But the rules are 10, so here they are:

~Crystal of She was one of my first readers! I love her reviews on products, they are always honest and in-depth.
~Lynn of Ok, so I kind of stalk her blog! I mean that in the most innocent and normal way possible ;) Her blog has a bit of everything, and I especially love her fashion posts.
~Christina of This beautiful red-head lives across the Atlantic. I am so jealous of the shopping opportunities in the UK.
~Natalie of, I recently discovered Natalie's blog, and I am already in love with her outfit postings. It gives me some great inspiration. If you love fashion, definitely follow her!
~Kate of Kate just started her blog a few months ago, and I always want to support new beauty bloggers. So far, she has done three posts about skincare, and Lord knows I could use some help with that.
~Chloe of Ok, this girl is AMAZING! I cannot get enough of Chloe. Her writing is brilliant, and her taste in clothes is equally incredible. Every outfit of the day she wears, I want! She is funny, witty, and just plain cool.
~Leann of Again, another recently discovered blog. LeeAnn is an actual makeup artist, so her tips are really helpful.
~Feline of This girl is an engineering student, and a very stylish one at that!
~Eve of I can't get enough of her hauls and makeup looks.
~Muhsine of She is one of the most popular beauty bloggers out there, and there is definitely a reason why. She was the first blogger that I ever followed, and will continue to faithfully follow. You girls all must follow too, right?!


  1. awww thank you soooo much! I love your blog too :) everything about it, really. THANK YOU!!!

  2. just in case you didn't see my response to your comment- thanks!! super sweet of you- your blog's great as well :)

    also I'm going to have to check out all the blogs on this list that I don't already read... thanks for posting the list!

  3. Thank you so much! I'm a frequent reader of your blog too! ;-)

  4. Congrats on yr award! I have an award for u in my blog too :)

  5. Thank you, its really nice of you :D I always read your blog :) Congrats on your award, you deserve it :) XxX


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