I'm still working on gathering photos and collecting my thoughts regarding my recent vacation. I'm sorry it's taking so long! I could just throw a bunch of pictures at you but I'd like it to be more thorough. In the meantime, I thought I'd share how I'm slowly transitioning to a Fall wardrobe. It's been really hot here this entire month, but that hasn't stopped me from pulling out the jeans I bought during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. I'd been dying to finally wear them! They fit like a glove, especially in the waist. The hidden band inside them is the key; they lay perfectly flat against your midsection creating the appearance of a totally flat tummy. Plus, they are incredibly soft and comfortable. If anyone is in need of a new denim brand to try that's still affordable, go for Wit & Wisdom. I have two pairs now and am looking into more as the weather begins to cool down.

The perfect transitional outfit for me will always consist of a great pair of dark denim, a pretty top, and metallic accessories.

Tops that tie in the front are still going strong in the trend department, and when I saw this striped version at a local boutique, I knew it would become a staple. During the Summer, my style is more flowy and slightly bohemian, but come Fall, I go for a more classic tailored look. 

I'm actually pretty happy with my Fall additions from last year. I'll continue to carry my Sezane shoulder bag, longline cardigans, and ballerina flats. 

However, there are definitely a few trends that I'm interested in for Fall 2018: 

1. Marigold everything: It's such an uplifting shade! I love it with a matte red lip.

2. Cap toe slingbacks: Chanel-inspired (or maybe the real thing) but they are so polished.

3. Hunter green bags: I've been dying for a rich jewel toned bag, and I've settled on green. 

4. Check blazers: Versatile and chic, a check or plaid blazer is the perfect topper. 

5. And yes, even sock boots have my attention this season! A little late to this but that's okay. 

Shop my picks below! See anything you like? What's on your radar this Fall? 


I'm still in the process of figuring out how I want to document my Tulum and Playa Del Carmen trip. It was such an incredible experience, and of course I want to do it justice. But for today, I wanted to write something meaningful to celebrate my 34th birthday.

Everyone always tells you about the fun things that happen on vacation but I want to talk about travel anxiety. I didn't realize the extent of mine. Every day I envy all of the women I see on social media,  jet-setting the globe while looking absolutely perfect in the process. They make it appear so easy!  Fortunately, I now know that travel (naturally) upends my entire routine and if I'm too stuck in my own head to recognize that, panic will ensue.  The fear will be there in the back of my mind, waiting to rear its ugly head; my determination to travel past the fear will be there too.

 Let me explain...

Katie and I had the best two days in Playa Del Carmen. I actually prefer it to Tulum, but more on that later. We stayed at the Thompson for two nights, and then headed to Tulum Saturday morning. All day Saturday I had an awful feeling in my stomach. Of course I couldn't tell if it was something I had eaten, too many margaritas from the night before, or nerves but I just went with it and we ended up having a great time. We went out that night to a big beach party at the Papaya Playa Project, Tulum's famous night spot.

The next day, I was a complete and total wreck and it wasn't a hangover. All I can say is, I had a full-blown panic attack and it did not subside for 24 hours. I stayed in our hotel room, pacing, shaking like a leaf, crying, and trying to slow my heart rate. I thought I was dying, I remember asking Katie if I should call a doctor. I felt terrible for her, who I don't think has ever seen me quite so bad before. She tried so hard to ease my mind, but anyone who suffers from anxiety/panic disorder knows, there isn't a single damn thing that anyone can do or say. I appreciated her comfort though. I thought she was going to get angry or frustrated by the situation, but instead she stayed with me even though I kept telling her to go do some sightseeing on her own. So there we were, in one of the most beautiful places we've ever seen, staring out the window of our hotel room.

I keep wondering, "why can't I fix this one thing in my life?" It's exhausting being this way, although I don't know anything different. It makes me angry, powerless in my quest to control my own mind and subsequently my own body. I didn't sleep a wink that night, but there was an upside to that - I watched the sunrise the next morning from our balcony. This warm feeling washed over me, and I started crying. This time not out of fear or worry, but out of gratitude.

Tulum Sunrise, 9/3/2018

I listened to way too many people who discouraged me from going to Mexico. I let their experiences shape mine, and I think all of that negative talk got the best of me. I was definitely out of my comfort zone, and of course that triggers anxiety. Although I spoke Spanish as a child, I sadly let the language slip by in my teens and it's been hard to pick it back up. That's one of my biggest regrets in life. But since practicing while in Mexico where many of our interactions were only in Spanish, it's coming back a bit. My mom is only speaking with me in Spanish now. I want to get in touch with my roots. I want to be stronger, more capable. I'm proud of my Mom for getting out of her comfort zone and coming to this country with nothing but the clothes on her back, working her way through Los Angeles, and obtaining her citizenship. I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been, a tiny 4 foot 11 woman who barely spoke English. I thought of all of these things watching that Tulum sunrise, and the anxiety and all of my physical symptoms went away.

I was also so so grateful for my friend Katie.

We ended up having a gorgeous day in Tulum, and the travel anxiety vanished as quickly as it came.

I've decided that I can focus on the one day out of our trip that was a disaster, but instead I'm choosing to focus on the four days that were magical.

I had to write this. I apologize for its length! I just wanted to keep it real. Not every travel moment is Instagram-worthy. Actually, the moments in which we truly live and grow aren't. Let's all keep that in mind as we follow social media stars around the world, okay? I certainly will.

The magical days in Mexico will be up next week, and I hope you'll stop by again.

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I'm back from Mexico and finally back to blogging after a little hiatus. I had such a wonderful trip and I can't wait to share all the photos and details with you in my next posts! But until then, I dressed up in this royal blue dress a few nights before Nate and I both left the country. {In case you missed it, I took a yearly vacation with my best friend while Nate went to Beijing for a fun work project}.

Beauty // Becca glow gloss in Camellia (my new favorite!)

I specifically bought this with my vacation in mind. I don't normally buy something solely for a special occasion, but in this case, I really wanted a vibrant outfit for a night out in Tulum. I easily could have pulled something from my closet but this time I decided to splurge. Don't worry, I've already worn it three times and it won't end up collecting dust! It can be worn off the shoulder, off one shoulder, or worn on the shoulders making it more versatile than I previously thought. All of the tassels and ruffles create a beautiful cascade effect when I walk. And really, if I haven't already told you, my goal in life is to look perfectly windswept wherever I go.

Revolve is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites to shop. Some of their designs are definitely geared towards a younger crowd, but the House of Harlow line has a good mix. I also own this pleated pink skirt by HOH and it fits like a glove. 

So what have I missed?! I always feel so disjointed when I take a blogging break! I need to play catch-up this week. Nate came home for the weekend (long story) but he's headed back to China again and won't be home - I think - until the end of the month. 

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I leave on my trip to Tulum late next week, and naturally I wanted to share what I'm packing. Below is everything I'm bringing, minus a couple bathing suits and athleisure for any hikes or more rigorous exploring. We are going for 5 days, so packing light is key. I'm not much of a traveler, but when I go away for less than a week, I make sure to bring items that can easily be mixed and matched. It's essentially a mini capsule collection where I won't have to think too much! I didn't realize it until putting this collage together, but lighter neutrals, blues, and greens seems to be the general theme for my tropical wardrobe - light, and hopefully airy!

Keep in mind that Tulum is typically really hot (I think 80 degrees is the annual average), and we are going in the dead of Summer. I have family that live in Guadalajara, but my last visit to Mexico was ages ago so I've been reading up on travel blogs.
What I'm packing for Tulum:
  • Two denim shorts
  • Two pairs of sandals, one pair of flat espadrilles
  • Two kimonos
  • Two dresses, one that's a bit dressier and one that's casual
  • Two camisoles
  • Three tops/tees
  • One bathing suit coverup
  • Two bathing suits
  • Pjs
  • One "workout" outfit
  • One crossbody bag
  • One tote for the beach/pool
  • One hat
  • I *may* add my pink mini skirt

A side note on the crossbody bag: I returned this one that I got during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. It felt a little cheap to me unfortunately, and the color was also unexpected. I ended up getting this nylon crossbody from Target of all places, and I'm really happy with it so far. However, two reviews on the website say that the strap broke! I'll report back...

 Most of these pieces are basics, and I find that they are the easiest to pack in a small carry-on suitcase. I'm bringing minimal beauty products as well, mostly sunscreen! We plan on taking some fun outfit pictures while we're there so I'll of course share any once I get back. In the meantime, you can see more details of my Tulum wardrobe below. I'll be back next week with an outfit post 💗 

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