Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and while the general consensus this year seems to be one of indifference, I'm actually looking forward to it!

Nevermind that I'm 34 and married 5 years.

Or that it sorta feels like a made-up holiday.

I still enjoy any excuse for Nate to bring me flowers, even if it's mandated by the greeting card industry.

This is what I'll be wearing tomorrow, whatever we do! Usually we go out for dinner and drinks, and this cozy blush sweater will be perfect. I ordered it from Revolve last weekend and immediately fell in love with the color.

I know I've told this story before, but I met Nate in 2003 when I was 18 and he was 21. We had a mutual friend that set us up to go on a blind date. It was supposed to be on Valentine's Day, but I postponed the date because I had prior plans with my girlfriends. Looking back, I can't help but admire my chutzpah. I mean I no longer know some of those girls because we parted ways after graduation...but I was in no hurry to ditch my friends for a guy.

We instead went out a couple nights later and it was like at first sight. We continued seeing each other for a few months, broke up for a couple years, then reconnected again, and the rest is history. This is probably why I enjoy Valentine's Day, as it brings me right back to 18 and all those fun, crazy emotions of first love. Luckily for me, my first love became my forever love - and now I'm blushing, so I'll stop there.

Do you celebrate at all? Either way, Happy Valentine's to you 💗

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As I get older, I approach style very differently than I used to. I used to dress mostly to please others, and to convey an image of who I wanted to be. Now that I'm in my thirties, I dress mostly to please myself, and to convey an image of who I am presently. In other words, what you see is what you get. And that makes getting dressed everyday so much more enjoyable.

Whatever your style may be, there are certain classic pieces that look amazing on everyone and are sure to save you time and effort. Consider them the building blocks of a practical, thoughtful, and yes even chic wardrobe. 

Key Pieces For Building A Classic Wardrobe

Neutral-colored soft trench coat: A soft trench coat is obviously less structured than a traditional trench coat, but it still looks just as polished. The one I'm wearing is a few years old from Macy's, but brands like Express and Asos have had versions every year. I find the draping of these coats extremely flattering.

Stripe t-shirt or top: Who doesn't own at least one striped top? Put it to use as often as possible!

Perfectly lived-in denim: There's nothing like your favorite pair of perfectly soft, slouchy, lived-in jeans. It doesn't matter the brand, as long as they fit like a glove. These are my most-worn pair of Old Navy rockstar jeans, and I wear them weekly. The lighter wash and (very slight) distressing make for an instant classic pair.

Red bag: Red is such a power color, and a great leather crossbody bag can take you from day to night and from the office to happy hour. It really adds instant polish to any look.

Pointy-toe flats: Not everyone likes flats, and not everybody finds them comfortable, but I've been a pointy-toe flats girl since Stacy London championed them on "What Not To Wear" about a decade ago. They're great for lengthening your legs when you're not into heels.

Wear all of these pieces together, add a current trend to break up the look, or mix them in with your other wardrobe favorites. Classic doesn't have to = boring!

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"Style should be seasonless"

I've decided to begin a new monthly blog series where I share my favorite beauty, fashion, or lifestyle picks for that specific month - anything that stands out! This month I've focused more on beauty treatments, and I freshened up my hair color as well. I know I have zero room to complain about the weather, but it's been one of the coldest Winters I can remember here and getting dressed every morning has been challenging. Not because "I don't have a thing to wear" but because my only objective at the moment is keeping warm. True style should be seasonless, but that's easier said than done! 

The January Edit:
L'Oreal Rouge Signature Lasting Matte Liquid Lipsticks in "I Rule" and "I Create." I was sent these courtesy of Influenster and I can't get enough of these two shades. I Rule is the perfect dark nude that doesn't wash my pale skin out. I Create is my comfort zone shade, a beautiful rosy mauve. Both apply like a stain and last for hours. I just add a lip balm on top for moisture and the combination is perfect for Winter. 

My hair stylist (whom I adore and consider a friend) brightened up my balayage and I just love the outcome. She understands what I want - low maintenance, shiny, and natural looking color.

Things I loved in January: 
I started following this funny animal account on Twitter.
Began planning our road trip to Wyoming in the Summer.
Got together with my blogging bestie for her birthday.
I wore these white slingbacks almost daily. 

Things I didn't love in January:
Nettie got surgery on her left hind leg. She's fine but the whole process is exhausting.
I didn't want to get dressed this month. My daily look consisted of denim and a pullover sweater or cardigan.
All kinds of crazy clickbait, whether it was a blogger's post that had nothing to do with the title, or headlines that were inaccurate.

So tell me, what would your January edit look like? Any major highs or lows?


If there's one item that I've been absolutely living in lately, it's this plush-knit cardigan. I've had it for awhile, and even wore it on the blog over my favorite fitted dress. Now that it's Winter and layering is a must, I reach for it weekly. What I love about cardigans is that they are universally flattering on every body type, they can be worn both to the office or while lounging, and they are just so simple to style. I personally favor longer, open cardigans with a looser fit but...these can also drown out my figure i.e. my waist. This is where a belt comes in.

I had completely forgotten what a great styling tool a belt can be, particularly if you have a curvy lower body. In order to accentuate those curves I added a wrap-style leather belt, and cinched it in at the smallest part of my natural waist. Styling note: I think in order for this to work best, an oversized cardigan is key. It gives my denim outfit some dimension and interest, and the effect makes me feel so feminine. Do you ladies wear belts frequently? I hope I've convinced you to give this style strategy a try!

Just a quick life update: our dog went into surgery on Monday and although she's uncomfortable and in some pain, she's recovering just fine. It's her second ACL surgery and I'm amazed by her toughness and strength. I could learn from that.

Monday also happened to be my friend Gina's birthday, and I had such a great time celebrating her over the weekend along with our husbands. We always have fun on our date nights. Gina and I blab about clothes and blogging, while the guys blab about pretty much everything else!

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