On Saturday, I co-hosted a Christmas party with my best friend at her apartment in San Diego. We wanted it to be fairly casual but also festive! When we arrived at their place, her husband surprised us by dressing up as Santa. She went all out with tons of shimmering lights, candles, a beautiful tree, and a naughty elf that kept sneaking up to her bar cart every few minutes. We exchanged white elephant gifts and laughed the night away. Honestly it was so much fun. The holidays can be pretty hard on us emotionally. We both get the holiday blues for different reasons...but celebrating together helps. I'm hoping it can become a tradition, something to really look forward to each year.

In planning my outfit, I knew we were going to be inside most of the time so I just wanted to be comfortable yet also look put-together. I guess that's always my style philosophy! I love this Leith dress so much in gray that I had to have it in black as well. I threw on my burgundy jacket, a little leopard, and I was good to go. 

Have you gone to any parties yet this season? What did you wear?! 


With all the special events and festivities surrounding the holiday season, it's usually around this time each year that I get really excited about makeup again. If there's ever an excuse to play around with shimmer, glitter, and bold red lips, it is now! I'm fairly natural on a daily basis - I stick to the basics (a little drop of foundation, some under eye concealer) and I don't take longer than a few minutes to get ready. But when it's time to get dolled up, there are a few key products I use to get holiday glam.

Adding some subtle sparkle - I go a little crazy with highlight, but a beautiful sheen along the cheekbones, in the inner corners of the eyes, and down the nose looks just right for the season. Depending on your skin tone you may prefer champagne, gold, or a bronze highlight but this pink and gold hue is my current favorite. 

Go for a bolder lip - A dark red or berry lip color is high maintenance but SO glamorous in photos! I say go for it at least once this season! 

Get glowing skin - Now that the weather has turned cold, I'm doing everything I can to avoid dry, dull skin. Mixing in some luminous foundation with my regular matte foundation instantly creates a lit-from-within glow without going overboard.

Lots of lashes - This has been my go-to mascara for quite some time and I love the fullness it gives my stubby lashes. Actually, I should mention here that I'm getting lash extensions right before Christmas! Until then, a couple coats of lash paradise it is.

L'Oreal Lash Paradise 

Are you going to any parties this weekend? I'm heading to San Diego to co-host one with Katie so I'll be putting these products to use! Getting glam beforehand is the best part!


Hey ladies, happy December! The holiday season is in full swing and I can't believe the year is nearly over!

I spent most of the weekend getting decorations out but amidst all the running around town, I was able to put an outfit to the test. These faux leather leggings are completely out of my comfort zone. In fact, leggings in general have been somewhat of a mystery to me. Yes they are much more comfortable than wearing regular pants or jeans, but unless I'm going to the gym or lounging around the house, I've never really considered them a suitable option for me. You guys know by now that I'm a pretty modest dresser, and I like to leave most everything to the imagination! Basically, I don't like wearing leggings as pants, and that leaves me feeling a bit limited in the styling department. But hey, you only live once and fashion should be fun so I plopped down the cash during Black Friday and ordered my own pair to try...I have some thoughts...

1. They make your rear look lifted, and we could all use that! Most of mine was covered by the tunic, but I felt confident nonetheless.

2. The waistband comes up pretty high on my stomach, which means it sucks everything in. There's enough stretch that it doesn't feel too tight or uncomfortable though, just very smooth and forgiving.

3. I wish these came in shorter lengths, because they are incredibly long on my 5'2 frame. They tucked into my new suede ankle boots nicely at first, but as you can see, that didn't last! I think I'll try them with taller boots or even flats next time.

4. I don't mind that they are long because they fit fabulously everywhere else. I did go up one size for reference.

5. They look like leather, but they definitely don't feel like leather. I consider that a plus.

Do you like wearing leggings? What's your favorite way to style them? I'd love some more ideas!


I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend! How did yours go?

We went camping by the beach for four days and it was pure bliss. Nate's family was out of town so we postponed our gathering. Instead of turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, we had In-n-Out! I must've gained five pounds with all the burgers and Mexican food we indulged in, and yet round two is this Saturday so I'm reeling myself in until then!

Anyway, it was probably the best non-traditional Thanksgiving I've ever had. Waking up to the sun shining on the water and listening to the waves crashing while drinking my morning coffee and walking the dog - as I said, PURE BLISS. We seriously have dreams about selling all of our stuff and living out of an RV for a year. I know that sounds a little crazy, especially for a girl who loves clothes but I swear some days that's all I want!

Speaking of clothes, I hope you guys aren't tired of seeing my growing moto jacket collection. I can't stop reaching for them, usually when I don't know what else to wear. In my defense, Nate does work in the motorsports field so I'd like to think I'm just doing my part to represent 😉

Wearing // Old Navy moto jacket, Wit & Wisdom jeans , Zara pumps & cami (old), Sezane bag (unavailable), Gorjana coin necklace

But do you want to know the best part of camping during the holidays? No stress! Instead of pushing sales on social media (or being tempted by them myself) I instead focused on my family. 

*I did do some online shopping, but I stuck to a list I made earlier in the month and now I'm just waiting for my packages to arrive. I ordered a pair of toffee colored ankle boots, an olive sweater dress, and those faux leather Spanx leggings that everyone has. They didn't work for my best friend (I won't repeat what she said since I make it a point not to use that language on this blog), but I'm giving them a go! If everything fits nicely, you'll see them here very soon*

Did you do any holiday sale shopping this year, or are you tired of it already?!