Friday, August 17, 2012

As much as I love Summer, as soon as August hits, I'm scouring the September issues of my favorite fashion magazines and slowly beginning to add pieces to incorporate into my Fall wardrobe. I have most of the basics already covered - jeans, cardigans, and boots. I use these essentials and build upon them to add more interest.

My M.O. is usually the same: Polish and lady-like. Then I choose a few trendy pieces that speak to my overall aesthetic, and that also suit my body type and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it doesn't start cooling down here until November so I'll have to wait a very long time before I can put away the shorts and sandals. Humph.

Here are some looks I'm loving for this year:

Polka Dots



Rich Jewel Tones

{Still Loving...}

Brights - Still big for Fall!

Mint - a color that is appropriate year-round

 photos above c/o Pinterest

I am so excited about dressing for Fall that I went on Polyvore for the first time in TWO years! Well hello there! I forgot I even had an account. Silly me. Here are some more ideas:

Fall Trends I'm Trying

Fall Trends I'm Trying by beautygirl24 featuring clutch handbags

What Fall trends are YOU looking forward to wearing?

♥ Noelle


  1. I know what you mean. I'm so ready to pull out my scarves and boots but then I remember that I live in Florida and the weather won't start getting cool until mid December :-/

  2. I'm so excited for Fall. It's by far my favourite season! Fashion really has come along way, I am loving all these looks!

  3. I can't wait for Fall!! And I love the that second look.

  4. i loooove fall, def over being hot and sticky with summer

  5. Definitely polka dots and lace are my faves!


  6. great choices!! so looking forward to fall!! xo

  7. I can't wait for fall weather! Love those pieces for fall!

  8. I agree with Tara, I really need some lace this season! And maybe a few more polka dots...


  9. I'm OBSESSED with the jewel tones for fall, always have and always will love the rich colors of autumn. Burgandy, gold, teal, ahhh I love them all! I am super excited the colored denim trend will be sticking around for the fall!


  10. Love your trend picks! Lace and Mint are my top fav ;) Xo, tasha

  11. Love this post! I'm absolutely loving the polka dot trend, it's my favorite. I love the idea of the peplum, but haven't found time to actually try it out. I'm also loving bright colors.

  12. i love all of these! especially lace, jewel tones, and bright colors! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  13. Thank you for all the great feedback girls. I know we are all waiting patiently for Fall to arrive! Some waiting longer than others ;)

  14. i can't wait to wear ALL of these!! especially more dots -- and all white in cozy sweaters xo

  15. heart your list! i'm completely with you!! lace, polka dots, peplum love it ALL!!!!!

  16. I love love all those trends!

    Though I know I can never rock mint! Lace + polka dots for me please!
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  17. I'm definitely looking foward to lace and rich colors like plum and forest green. Satchel bags and in camel and black hues! And more statement necklaces

  18. me is probably the biggest worshipper of all things striped (almost misspelled it with double D, not that it wouldn't be true as well LOL) :)


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