Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweatshirt - Angl (very similar)
Skirt - J Crew
Pumps - Nine West
Earrings - Anthropologie (similar by Sonya Renee)

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to style the pieces I already have in my closet. People Style Watch is probably my favorite magazine to gather inspiration from. I purchased an adorable grey sweatshirt/top with lace about a month ago. I orginally bought it just to lounge around the house in, but as soon as I tried it with jeans, I figured it was decent enough to wear on the weekends when it's a bit chilly. I had no clue what else to pair it with until I saw the above page in the April issue of Style Watch. Hello! How cute do these girls look? I especially loved Olivia and Dree Hemingway's take, and decided I'd re-create something similar over the weekend. Cute, comfortable, and a great way to spice up a little sweatshirt. 

♥ Noelle


  1. Love this! So fun and unexpected :)


  2. I do love this sweatshirt, it's really cute.

  3. Always enjoy your posts especially since I'm pretty sure we live in the same neck of the woods - "IE Wine Country". You need to hit up Leonesse winery restaurant if you've never been!! Awesome!

    1. Yes I do :) That's awesome that you live around here! My fiance's parents are wine club members at Leonesse, so I go there every so often with them. We do love our wine :)

  4. I am ALL ABOUT the fitted, slightly dressed-up sweatshirt. I love my sequined J. Crew one!
    xo Josie

  5. Your are workin' that sweatshirt! :)

  6. I love how you styled this sweater! You and Olivia Palermo are making me want a grey sweater like now! :-)

  7. Thank you girls, I never thought I'd buy another sweatshirt in my life! They just remind me too much of high school and college. But this is a great way to wear one. The lace on the front also dresses things up, and you know I love lace ;)

  8. you look super cute..


  9. Such a gorgeous combo! I loved that feature in Stylewatch too - especially the way Anne Hathaway paired hers with a tweed jacket!


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