Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just as I begin to go mad, shopping for new additions to my Fall wardrobe each year, I tend to also re-evaluate my beauty collection and the mad dash for new makeup ensues. I have no real excuse for this apparent frenzy, but so it goes like this every October, and especially in November. Are you the same way? I can't be the only crazy!
Anyway, after falling in love with my Dior Addict lipstick in "New Look" last week, I went back for one more that caught my eye. It's called "Diablotine". It's described on Sephora's website as " a sheer muted poppy red" but I think it has more peach undertones then it leads you to believe. It's one of those that you can slap on your lips rather hastily, no mirror required. This is a nice change from the pigmented reds I tend to favor because it's less work to apply.

Here is the first Dior Addict lipstick in New Look for comparison:
It's definitely more of a true red, as opposed to Diablotine.

Both were photographed in my bathroom using natural light, no flash.

Now let's talk about eyebrows, shall we? It's a touchy subject for me, as I have been trying desperately for about three years to correct the damage done to them by myself and others. So a little back history on them: I had very thick, somewhat unruly brows as a kid. In fact, I was often teased because of them. I was so self-conscious, that I couldn't wait to thin them out and that's exactly what I did one night in middle school. I think I was about thirteen. It was a disaster! I tweezed too much, made them completely uneven, and still wasn't satisfied so I started going to random salons to get them waxed and that was an even bigger mistake because they became so thin. I never filled them in either, so they just looked sparse. I finally found someone to trust them to, and she has really done her best to whip them into better shape. I only touch them about three times per year, and am hands off in between. I know they won't ever grow the way I'd like them to, but I can at least get some extra growth. I use Urban Decay's brow box in "Brown Sugar" to lightly fill them in, then use a spoolie to blend in the powder. Have any of you ladies tried latisse? I know it's meant for lash growth, but my esthetician recommended I use on my brows. I've been to afraid to try it, but would love any feedback you may have if you've had experience with it.

Trust me, they aren't anything to brag about, but they've come a long way! I'm too embarrassed to show you any "before" pictures, but here they are now.

I probably won't post again until Monday, which I realize is the norm these days for this blog. My goal is to begin posting three times per week again, but don't hold me to it just yet! Nate and I are heading out on a California road trip of sorts, and we leave tomorrow morning. As I mentioned before, we are heading towards San Francisco but are stopping along the way, with an emphasis on coastal towns. We have both been to S.F. separately, never together, and it has been a long time. We have no plans really. We don't even have a hotel booked for Thursday or Friday night because we are attempting to be spontaneous and adventurous. Ha, even just writing that makes me laugh because he and I can be two of the most Type A and high-strung people I have ever met. Once we do get to San Francisco, we will have a hotel waiting for us, thank goodness. The rest is a mystery. I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited to travel in our car and just fly by the seat of our pants so to speak. Wish me luck! I'll tell you all about it next week :)


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    1. Thanks Tara! Have you ever been to California?

  2. You know, I haven't really changed up my makeup or tried new products in years but this fall I have finally been feeling like switching up my lipsticks for darker colors. So you aren't the only one getting the bug! And wow to your spontaneous road trip! I hope it goes well and is full of fun and exciting memories!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

    1. I love dark lips year-round but they look more appropriate in the colder months don't they? I highly recommend the Dior addict lipsticks! They are my favorite right now! And thank you regarding our trip - I'll take pictures and post them next week ;)

  3. hat will be so fun! We did that the year we got married and drove to Carmel, Monterrey and went to the aquarium and then to Half Moon Bay but we stopped short of SF. I want to go to SF because I have friend who lives up there now and I want to check out Napa/Sonoma and compare it our wineries down here. oh ya and I am totally getting more daring on my lipstick selection! Have fun and be careful!!

    1. Fun! We want to stop at half moon bay! Right now we are in paso Robles. Then we are heading down to SLO and Hearst castle, but planning on staying in Monterey. Tomorrow SF! Thank you for the well wishes :)


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