Sunday, January 31, 2010

For the past week or so, I have been pondering what my makeup will look like for Cupid's Day. I know, I know. I agree it is a bit of a manufactured holiday. Hallmark thrives on pink and red candy-colored hearts and semi-cheesy phrases of "I Love You" and "Soulmate" written across endless cardboard cards. I for one used to loathe Valentine's day. I detested it. But that was before I met the boyfriend and discovered that maybe I actually like candy-colored hearts and semi-cheesy phrases. I really do. The fact that we celebrate our anniversary on V-Day also helps. We can't exactly remember if Feb. 14th is actually our anniversary, but we did meet on a blind date around that time. I was a scared 18 year old, he was an experienced older man of about 21 ;) Then we broke up, then we got back together a couple of long, painful years later. And once we ran back to each other, we knew it was for good this time. This year marks our four years back together, and I couldn't be happier. So anyway, now that I have officially bored everyone with my sappy little tale, I just wanted to share a couple of makeup looks that I found on-line and am contemplating wearing for the love day. One is classic and beautiful, the other is more fun and girly.

Penelope Cruz wearing neutral eyes and the classic red lip.

The latest ad for Smashbox Cosmetics. She has purple liner, pink cheeks, and pink lips.

I really love them both. I'll probably end up doing Penelope's look because it will better suit the Rodarte dress I am planning on wearing. ( I hope the boy doesn't read this!) But even if I do, I am going to wear the Smashbox look sometime soon! It looks great for Spring.
What makeup look are you doing for Valentines? Happy Sunday ♥


  1. Peneolpe always looks amazing, and I would agree that her look is a little more valentiney. (is that even a word?) lol

    be sure to do a post on how your look turns out!

  2. Thats really sweet about you and your hunnie. :) I'm still contemplating what to wear on Valentines.. although the bf and I are celebrating it later because that day marks the death anniversary of his mum :( So sad.

  3. I love that look penelope is doing there, its so classy while still being a bit racy- it will look great on you!

  4. We're also celebrating our anniversary on V-day. The 23rd is the ann. of the day we started dating-ish, but hubby is on call that day. It will actually be my b-day, v-day, d-day celebration!! lol

    Go for the penelope look! I can just see you with those red lips!

  5. wooow..Penelope Cruz is pretty..
    so natural and simple but sweet..


  6. Thank you everyone, I will do penelope's look for sure!

  7. Oh I love the look Penelope is wearing! It's going to look hot on you girly!

    I usually wear bright fuchsia pink lips and a neutral eye. I want to do something different this year though, we'll see what I come up with. :-)

  8. Aww...happy to hear u got back together...i love breakup n makeup stories. I really really like the Smashbox look. But i'm sure u'll look gorgeous in both

  9. I love both looks; either would suit your hair and skin tone! I hope you two enjoy your Valentine's Day!

    Thank you for sharing your love story with us!



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