Lately, I have been craving softly colored nail polish. Don't get me wrong, I still love my dark purples, wines, and greys. In fact, I am currently wearing O.P.I.'s "Lincoln Park at Midnight" which is a beautiful slightly shimmery dark purple...the cousin of the infamous "Lincoln Park After Dark." There's just something so undeniably sultry about dark nails that I have grown to really appreciate. There used to be a time where I only wore pale pinks and nudes. That was it. Well I am happy to say that I have ventured over to the dark side, and it couldn't be better! Except, I'm kind of growing tired of staring down at dark nails, made even darker in contrast to my pale skin. I think I'm just sick of Winter in general! I want warm sun, bronzey makeup, and a tan! Oh, and I also want to start moving away from the darkside and into the light. I am hoping these three Essie nail polishes will help move things along. They were buy two, get one free at Trade Secret. One is called Luscious Lips, which is a very sheer peachy-pink. The second is called Neo-whimsical and it is such a pretty lilac color with just a hint of pink. The third is actually my favorite. It is called Van D'Go and it is the prettiest true peach polish I have ever seen.

Left to Right: Luscious Lips, Neo-Whimsical, Van D'Go. I know the first and third look the same but they are actually very different. Van D'Go is much more peach and also more opaque in person while Luscious Lips is very sheer and is more pink in comparison.

I plan on doing NOTD posts with these pretties, so stay tuned!
♥ Noelle


  1. Gorgeous, Noelle! I'm loving all of those colors. I just recently tried Essie, and I'm loving the formulation.

  2. These are so gorgeous...so spring-y. I like the first n third.

  3. I am SO sick of winter too! I'm ready to be tan again!!

  4. Can u please tell me whether essie nailpolishes are long-stay or they chip easily? Thanks!

  5. I have been wanting to get Van D'Go since seeing the Essie ads in a ton of magazines. All those shades are amazing & I'm sure that they will look great on you.

  6. They look adorable ^^


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