On Friday, I had the pleasure of going to Los Angeles with my fashion class. The garment district is the largest in the USA, with blocks and blocks of fabric stores and vendors selling clothing and accessories for ridiculously low prices. I had never been, and I was extremely excited to tour the California Market Center. This is where designer showrooms sell their merchandise to buyers. Every last Friday of each month, these showrooms are open to the public. The sales are amazing! I saw so many women hauling off loot and stashing it in rolling suitcases. It was a bit crazy!

The California Market Center, Downtown L.A.

Santee Alley, blocks and blocks of...stuff! Can you see the MAC cosmetics sign? You have to beware of fake knockoffs here.

After walking around Santee Alley and The San Pedro Mart, my friends and I went back to the CMC. I DIED in one particular showroom. The jewelry displayed in the window shimmered and shined, and I had to get a couple pieces.

I have never heard of the designers before, and I think they are only available to store buyers, as well as to the public in certain high-end stores.
In looking at their website, I see that they are quite popular amongst celebs.

This necklace is gorgeous! I love the pretty rust color against the soft rose gold. The stones sparkle like mad

I also got another similar necklace in a rich, deep navy. This one is quite a bit longer than the other necklace. It will look great with just about everything, especially long tees and blazers.

Lastly, I got this beautiful druzy stone ring, and it looks perfect with the shorter rust colored necklace. This screams Fall to me.
I am enamored with this line! I'll have to go back next month and grab some more. This jewelry would make a great gift.

I was so impressed with my trip! Equally impressed with these pieces that I will undoubtedly wear to death.

Thank you to my teacher for the trip!
In November, we are heading to South Coast Plaza in the O.C., where she worked for years at Saks as a personal stylist. I go to SCP fairly often, but it will be so nice to see it in a different light.

♥ Noelle


I read a rave review on one of my go-to beauty blogs. If you don't follow Nouveau Cheap, you need to! She is the queen of the drugstore beauty world. I saw her swatches of Revlon's new colorburst lip butters and high-tailed it to Rite Aid to find the special display. Warning: These are hard to locate! I think they are permanent though, so I imagine more displays will make their way to various stores soon.

I only planned on getting one, so I carefully picked out a safe light baby pink color. I loved it so much, I went back and got three more! The quality is incredible! I love that they are essentially balms, but these aren't your average run-of-the-mill chapsticks. The pigmentation is outstanding, and the moisture feels so good. I am highly impressed.

The packaging is nice because you can see the actual color of the lipstick inside.

Sugar Frosting

Raspberry Pie

Sugar Plum

Red Velvet

Aren't they pretty? I would say that Sugar Plum is my favorite, followed by Red Velvet. These are a bit deeper in person, so keep that in mind. The swatches above are just one swipe! If you swipe more than once, be in for a surprise because the color is saturated and unbelievable.

I'm addicted...
Please go try one!

Did you girls get anything from the Sephora friends & family sale? It is ongoing until November 2nd. Get your unique 20% off code HERE

I ordered three things:

A favorite skincare product that I am almost out of. I think I have about five pads left.

I LOVE the Fresh Sugar lip treatment. Although I just finished raving about the Revlon lip butters, NOTHING makes my lips as soft and supple as this. The set is called Sugar Fix, and also includes a little pot of Sugar lip polish, something I've been dying to try.

Urban Decay 24/7 liners in the Naked set (5 travel size pencils in gorgeous neutral shades).

Did you place a F&F order? What did you get?!

♥ Noelle


White tee & jeans - Banana Republic, Tweed jacket - Halogen via Nordstrom (last year), Pumps - J Crew (Mona Suede), Chain necklace - LOFT, Watch - Michael Kors, Bag - Chanel jumbo flap, Nails - Revlon Starry Pink, Engagement ring

Start with dark jeans, a soft cotton tee, and a chunky chain necklace. Add a tweed jacket with some chain detail and a gorgeous quilted bag. Suede pumps complete this textured look.

I've been blow drying my hair and then using hot rollers to add some extra body and to accentuate the layers. I tried it all week, and despite the fact that I've been under the weather, I find that doing the hot rollers lets me go an extra day without needing to wash my tresses. Now I see what all the fuss is about! Less time spent washing and then doing my hair means I have more time to lay in bed :)

I hope you girls are taking care! 
♥ Noelle


In going through my closet the other day, I took note of just how many leopard print pieces I own. I was actually astonished. It's no secret that I love a good leopard print, but my goodness! I think I need an intervention.

Just a handful of things in my collection

Head to toe:

Just a touch:

Rachel Zoe says that it takes courage to wear leopard. I guess I agree with that to a certain extent, but then again, I consider myself to be pretty shy.

Who knows?!

On another unrelated note, I am enjoying my jumbo flap with full gusto. I am very careful about what I put in it, for fear of pens leaking, lipgloss spilling, or dirty change floating around. Paranoid much? Absolutely, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But I am loving it!

Makeup bag (Tory Burch), Wallet (Rebecca Minkoff), HTC phone, Keys.

Although I have room in my bag to store more things, I find that this is all I need. I carry everything in my cheapie totes and other bags from H&M and Aldo, but I stay streamlined with my Chanel. Funny how that works.

♥ Noelle


Summer makeup is unabashedly minimalistic. Throw on some bronzer and pink gloss and you're good to go. As easy as this is, by the end of Summer I'm tired of minimalism. I want glamour. What better way to pump up the volume than with dramatic Fall makeup.

Some looks to try:

 Smoky shadow and lots of liner and mascara. Sexy and alluring - perfect for Fall.

A colorful eye and next to nothing cheeks and lips.

 Defined cheeks. I love deep tawny's, mauves, and berries this time of year. It's difficult to put my pretty corals away, but Fall calls for something more dramatic.

And my personal favorite:

Dark red and wine lips. So pretty!

{images c/o Allure and Google}

Do you wear a bit more makeup in the colder months? What are you dying to try this season?
♥ Noelle


Jolt convertable cape - Nordstrom, Skinny "jeggings" - Banana Republic, Leopard flats - Steve Madden, Watch - Michael Kors, Nails - Essie Chinchilly

I love the cape trend happening in fashion right now. I think they are chic, as well as practical. However, they are usually pretty spendy and I didn't want to drop a lot of cash on one. This one from Nordstrom was reasonably priced, and the quality is amazing. It's perfect for cold nights. Another great thing about this one in particular is that it is convertable. I technically am wearing it as a coat here. If you unbutton the panels inside the arms, it transforms into the actual cape. Love! Two in one! The cinching at the waist prevents it from looking too oversized, although the silouette is still something I'm getting used to. Either way, the thick cozy fabric and large buttons were adorable enough for me to take the plunge on a cape. Next time, I'll wear it with heels. And when it finally gets cold here, I'll wear it with boots :)

♥ Noelle


Mac's limited edition MSF in Lightscapade is gorgeous! I missed out on Moon River mineralized blush a long time ago, and this reminds me of that. It is very finely milled, and when swirled with a big fluffy brush, it goes on smoothly. I love that it creates a sheen on the skin and not a glittery, chunky mess. When the light catches it just right, the effect is like candlelight. If you can find one and are in need of a subtle highlight powder, I highly suggest grabbing it.

♥ Noelle


leopard blouse - F21, black blazer with ruched sleeves - BP Nordstrom, skinny black jeans - Banana Republic, suede pumps - Anne Michelle, ring - YSL lapis arty, necklace - Jewelmint, bag - Chanel

I'm finding that little black pants are just as versatile as the little black dress. Yes, this is a lot of black and I normally don't don so much of it at once. But with some leopard print peeking out from my blazer and a tiny hint of lapis from my ring, I felt that these details were enough for a night out on the town.

♥ Noelle


O.P.I's glitter galore polish in Crown Me Already!

As usual, my camera doesn't capture how reflective it truly is.

The polish caught my eyes one day while browsing Ulta. I'm not generally a huge fan of glitter, mostly because it is so difficult to remove. I'm sure this one will be no different, but I love the sparkle factor and I couldn't resist. Perfect for the upcoming holiday festivities, don't be surprised if this is on my fingers for New Years Eve. Okay, I'm getting a little ahead of myself, aren't I?

♥ Noelle


Cream rose printed crop top - F21, Nude cami (underneath) - F21, Grey pleated skirt - Banana Republic, Pumps - Nordstrom Rack - Necklace - F21, Bag - Chanel classic flap, Earrings (unseen) - Sonya Renee

If I were to put together an "ideal" outfit, meaning a look that epitomizes everything that I love about fashion, this look would be it. Fall slowly forces me to kick off my beach girl sandals and breezy tanks in favor of feminine pleats and sophisticated pumps. I carefully prop my bag onto my shoulder, and I am instantly transported to a different feeling, one in which I stand up taller and walk with more purpose. I feel like a new person in these pretty clothes. Isn't that what fashion should do?

 ♥ Noelle