Butter London "Disco Biscuit" & O.P.I. "Pedal Faster Suzy"

Wearing O.P.I.

RichRocksNYC smoky pear earrings

 I love treating myself to little treasures when I need a good pick-me-up. As much as I love shopping for bigger items like clothes and handbags, there's nothing quite as sweet as small trinkets that will undoubtedy brighten my day. The nail polishes I just picked up are feminine and shimmery. I usually gravitate towards cream finishes, but lately I've been loving shimmer, glitter, and lots of shine. The earrings I ordered from RichRocksNYC are beautiful. I lost a somewhat similar pair in Vegas over my birthday, and I've been looking for a replacement ever since. Although these aren't as inexpensive as those were (they were F21), these have that same light-catching appeal.

♥ Noelle


Tank - Ellen Tracy via Marshalls, Blazer - Frenchi via Nordstrom, Jeggings - BR, Heels - Zara (old), Necklace - J.Crew, Rings - YSL and F21, Lipstick - Mac Dish it Up, Nails - Orly Fancy Fuschia

I'm fully embracing the neon trend, and by fully embracing it, I mean by way of this little lemon lime tank I got for $12 at Marshalls. See, I love trends just as much the next fashion-loving girl but I am also fully aware that my true aesthetic leans more classic. I will never make the mistake I used to when I foolishly bought super trendy items for a lot more money. A few short wears later  and I would be over something faster then you could say palazzo pants! Trapeze pants? Whatever. This bright tank fills my neon void. And once I tire of it (or we all tire of it), I won't feel so guilty when I put it into a donation pile. Paired carefully with other little pops of bright color, I think this is fun and fresh for Spring.

 ♥ Noelle


Every so often, I get a craving. A really good, strong one. I try to talk myself out of it, but the feeling overtakes me, and before I know it, I'm pulling up to the mall parking lot. Handbag over the shoulder, keys in hand, I head into Macy's and make a beeline for the M.A.C. counter. This recent trip consisted of eyeshadows and lip products, the best kind of makeup shopping in my opinion. At least the most enjoyable.

Innocence Beware and Dish it Up came out with the most recent collection. The first is a creamy pink/nude, the latter a gorgeous pinky plum. Innocence Beware has a creamsheen finish, while Dish it Up is a lustre. Both are opaque.

I was curious to try a plushglass that I kept hearing so much about.

Besides the cutesy name, Fashion Fanatic is a delicious shade of baby pink. It looks gorgeous layered on top of Innocence Beware, and that is the combination I have favored most lately. It feels minty, which I like. I've never been much of a lip plumping fan, as they sit uncomfortably on my lips. I become panicked seconds later, wondering why anyone would deliberately PAY to feel as if they've poured a bottle of hot sauce on their mouth.
No worries here. This one only tingles slightly.

I showed my new eyeshadows last week, but here they are with the rest of my palette. For reference -
 Top Row: Naked Lunch, Dazzlelight, Woodwinked, Soba, Sable
Middle Row: Twinks, Sketch, Copperplate, Jest, Grain
Bottom Row: Phloof

I still have four coveted slots left! What other shades must I get? Do share in the comments!

Obviously I'm a neutral girl. Just in case you had any doubts :)

♥ Noelle


Sequin skirt - Zara, Tee - Banana Republic, Blazer - Nordstrom (old), Pumps - Anne Michelle, Necklace - Express, Gold heart ring - Boutique (old),  Bag - Chanel

{We live to make each other laugh}

 Happy 6th anniversary, love :)

♥ Noelle


I see this type of post on several of my favorite blogs, so I decided to try it for myself. I chronicled last week by taking one or two photos every day.


I wore a nude lace cardigan from F21, accompanied by a rose gold and marcasite bracelet from TJ-Maxx. I love the way the bracelet layered over the sleeve of my cardigan.


Winter mani - Essie's marshmellow with a glittery polish by Revlon called Stunning on one nail


While putting my makeup on for the day, I stopped and smiled at this picture frame that sits on my vanity. My best friend is getting married too, and I'm her maid of honor :)


I picked up three eyeshadows from M.A.C to put into my palette - Jest, Grain, and Phloof. Shimmery and eye brightening. Perfect anytime.


My fiance bought me this rolling clothes rack when I moved in. I've always wanted one. These are the outfits that are patiently waiting to be worn.


We went to Supercross in San Diego and the races were amazing! It was cold and rainy but my adrenaline kept my mind off it.


The Nixon watch I bought my fiance for his 30th birthday. He's never worn a watch before, but he loves this and it looks great on him!

Pretty exciting week, huh? ;)
♥ Noelle


Skirt - Old Navy, Leopard blouse - F21, Black cardi - Nordstrom, Pumps - Nine West, Bag - Chanel, Earrings - Juicy Couture, Bracelet - J. Crew

We celebrated Valentine's day last night due to work schedules. We went out to dinner at our favorite pizzeria.

 The V-Day outfit was as festive as I've ever been. This bright pink pleated skirt was on sale at Old Navy for $10 dollars and I couldn't pass it up. It was the very last one, and (nearly) in my size. I should take it in a tad to make it perfect, but it works for now. It certainly is a colorful gem in my sea of black and grey skirts. Although the color is a little outside of my comfort zone, I'm a sucker for pleats and the A-line shape, as it helps conceal a little extra junk in the trunk! This time of year is really special to my fiance and I because it's our anniversary. I can't wait to continue the celebration this weekend. I swear we treat our anniversary like a birthday :)

I wish you girls a happy V Day! Thank you so much for reading!
♥ Noelle


Plaid ruffle coat - Nordstrom (old), Infinity scarf - Express, Grey leggings - Hue, Cognac boots - BP Nordstrom, Bag - BCBG (old)

This is the only "major" coat that I own, and those of you living in colder climates are probably laughing right now. I love coats! They are the epitome of polish and sophistication. But when you live in an area that barely sees even a drop of snow, then you don't get the chance to wear one very often. It does get really cold here at night, so a coat like this one is perfect to keep the chills at bay.

♥ Noelle


Ever since purchasing the popular "Danielle" earrings last year in bright turquoise, I have been eyeing the "Tela" ring in green. I actually planned on ordering it for my birthday way back in September, but I was waiting for it to go on sale. Well, luckily it did! LINK!

I love stone jewelry because it's an effortless way to incorporate color into my look, particularly on days when I want to stick to neutrals. Emerald green is one of my favorite colors, and the Kendra Scott Tela ring is absolutely stunning in person. It's a large statement piece set against gold. For reference, I ordered a size 6 and it fits well on my middle and pointer fingers.

It's big, readers! Well at least on my small hands. I was at first taken aback by it's enormity, especially when my fiance laughed and replied, "Oh My God!" when he saw it. But I love it! The color is beautiful and it is well made. Hey, I wanted a statement ring and I got it.  I suspect you'll be seeing this a lot in the future :)

Happy Friday!
♥ Noelle


I was running very low on my Viktor & Rolf perfume, so I kept sniffing around the counters at Nordstrom to see what my next scent would be. I had heard wonderful things about the new Prada perfume, so I decided to see, or smell rather, what all the fuss was about. I'm not usually one to go for a widely popular perfume. I think fragrance is very personal, as it smells differently on everyone according to body chemistry, hormones, etc. But Prada's Candy needed to be tried. And the bottom line is that it is love.

I must say that the cute box drew me in. There was a giant display at the Nordstrom I went to. Just boxes upon boxes with little pink bows everywhere.

It's very difficult for me to truly describe the way it smells, but I will say that it is a grown up, sweet scent. Here are the notes, as described by Prada:
 Top: regressive notes of joyful carefreeness, explosion of caramel.

                                 Mid: powdery notes of sophistication, cocktail of musks.

                                Base: vanilla notes of sensuality, benzoin overdose

It is warm, but not overly so. I could see myself enjoying this year round, and not just in the colder months. It just dries down so well on my skin! The initial spritz is gorgeous, but I love the way it fades even more. It's so soft. I think that's why I love it. It isn't sickly sweet. It's just a very feminine and pretty scent, if that makes sense. Beauty in a bottle!

What fragrance are you wearing lately?
♥ Noelle


 Floral Tank - H&M, Cardigan - Halogen via Nordstrom, Jeggings - BR, Flats - Tory Burch, Bag - Kate Spade, Earrings - Kendra Scott "Danielle", Bracelet - J. Crew, Stone Ring - H&M, Sunglasses - F21, Nails - Chanel Graphite

The best part about this Winter has been that it looks like Spring! It seems we no longer have to stick to the dark hues typically seen this time of year. We can push through and instead don colorful shades of pink, orange, yellow, and green. It's extremely refreshing, isn't it? I'm sure the unseasonably warm weather most of us have experienced has something to do with it too. I just worry that by the time Summer hits, I'll be over saturated colors and longing for the moody tones of Fall. We are a fickle bunch, aren't we?

♥ Noelle


Blazer and tee - H&M, Black skinny jeans - Banana Republic, Peep toe pumps - BP Nordstrom (old), Audrey necklace - ShopRuche (old), Rings - Engagement and F21, Bag - Chanel

If you are petite and looking for a great blazer, I highly recommend H&M. I found this pale blush and miniature polka dotted number and was surprised at how well it fit. The sleeves were rolled up, a look I dare not interfere with. I'm sure if I rolled them back down, the length would be too long. But otherwise, this was just one of many blazers that looked petite friendly. I was unsure about the zippers on the pockets, and just thinking about my reservation makes me smile - This is as "edgy" as I get (along with my $1.50 pyramid ring!)

♥ Noelle


If you have been reading my blog for any period of time, then you know I live in my jeans. I love how easy they are, and their versatility is unlike any other item in my wardrobe. I guess Hollywood celebs agree, as I see a lot of them in jeans as well. A soft scarf, ballet flats or pumps, oversized sunnies, and a gorgeous handbag complete the look and take it from super casual to polished in no time flat.

photos courtesy of The Vogue Diaries & Google

Do you wear jeans as frequently as I do?
♥ Noelle