I was obsessing over ColourCraft for months, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on the collection. Needless to say, I was not dissapointed. I bought two mineralize skinfinishes, a blush, and a lovely lipgloss. The MSF's in general are quite shimmery, but not overly glittery as they have been in past releases. I got one in Porcelain Pink, which will serve as a good highlighter, since it is very light in color and leaves behind a pinky shimmer. I also got triple fusion, which has three shimmer strips that I have already used as eyeshadow! Both of these MSF's don't have great color payoff, but I personally prefer a light shimmer and wash of color than something super bold. As for the blush, I only picked up improvise, a beautiful coral-peach that is unlike anything I own.It has gold shimmer with white veining.Very pretty for summer! Lastly, I bought Ecclectic Edge lipglass, a very wearable purply-pink color. It looks sort of scary in the tube, but it really isn't. I mostly wear nudes on my lips, but this will be perfect for nights out! And as I said before, it's actually really wearable. The color payoff is good, but not extreme. I love my purchases and highly recommend checking them out at your local MAC counter!


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