I am turning 25 this year! Aaaaahhhhh! I can't believe I have been on this planet that long! I know I shouldn't complain though, because I am actually really looking forward to getting a bit older...a bit older, a bit wiser? I certainly hope that's the case! Anyway, even though my birthday isn't until September 12th, I have been thinking about my wishlist a lot lately. I am trying to keep the shopping to a minimum until then. I have been going crazy the past few months, and it is time to slow down. You know how sometimes shopping can seem monotonous and slightly tedious? I know it has lost it's excitement for me, and the reason is because I have been doing it far too much lately. A break is much needed! So in the meantime, I will dream of the things I want for my 25th. I hope this doesn't seem too self-indulgent, but this is just a wishlist. I will probably end up buying these things for myself. so here it is:

~ Satellite Dreams e/s
~ Shell creme color base
~ 217 & 239 brushes

~ Nars blush in Albatross
~ Philosophy perfume in Unconditional Love (great name!)
~ Boing concealer by Benefit

From Coastal Scents:
~ The warm 88 pallate

From NYXcosmetics.com
~ NYX Body bronzer

How cute is the packaging?!! I love Hawaii, and these bronzers all are named after a Hawaiian island...i might have to get more than one ;)

What are you lusting after at the moment?


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