I am loving bright, fun colors for my nails this summer. I usually gravitate towards light pink nails or nude polish, mainly because I can't stand chipping! And darker polishes can be a little tricky to apply. A steady hand is needed! But I bought this nail polish from Victoria's Secret when they were having their big semi-annual sale. It's called "cocktail" and it was only a dollar!It is a stand-out coral shade with flecks of gold shimmer mixed in. I am really happy about the consistency and staying power of it. I have had it on for five days now, and it still looks fresh - no chipping, no streaking! Coral is such a great color for summer, especially on tan skin. I plan on wearing this polish a lot! What colors are you wearing on your nails?

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  1. Cute ring! Right now I have on Sephora by OPI in Run With It. :-)


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