I have been obsessively keeping up with my fashion magazines as of late, and while browsing Barnes & Noble's vast selection of In Style, Glamour, and People, I have come up with a list of trends that we will all be seeing in stores this Fall. Here are my favorites:

* Ruffles - I am most excited about this, because I love the femininity of ruffles
* Bold color - Red, purple, even neon pink! Not sure if I can pull off the last one
* Lace - On everything from cardigans, dresses, and even accessories
* Vintage inspired jewelry - Fashion always looks to the past
* Animal print - I recently bought a leopard print cardigan
* Platform shoes - Much easier to walk in without toppling over!

These are just a few key pieces that I noticed in all of the magazines. Of course, i always say "Wear what makes you happy." Or, pick and choose from the trends that you like and are the most comfortable in.

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  1. So looking forward to the Fall season to wear the beautiful new looks!!

    I have something for you in my blog!


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