Nothing too exciting, but let's take a peek!

This purse is so roomy. I love the caramel color too, very cute for summer. I actually bought it at Old Navy for twenty dollars!

I love the hot pink lining:

Here is my purple wallet from Forever 21, a pair of earrings that I wear a lot, a couple of gold bracelets, and my keys.

I love to read, and Burned is my newest novel for summer. I also carry my checkbook and a movie stub from seeing "Funny People" this past weekend with my boyfriend. I used to collect all the stubs from our date nights, but there were just too many to save so I have since stopped doing that.

Here is my makeup bag from MAC's Graphic Garden collection. I love the print! Although the white rose bag from the other brush set was a bit cuter in my opinion ;) I also have a body spray from V.S. and their moisture salve that I raved about in a previous blog.

Here are the contents of my makeup bag...can you tell I have a love affair with MAC Lippies?


  1. you have a cute purse and wallet. very cool!

  2. I love the lining of that purse! That wallet is cute too! Great stuff! I love to see whats in peoples bags. :-)

  3. glossaddict218/15/09, 10:58 AM

    If you look in my purse, it's 90% lip products! I have a problem. Cute wallet!


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