I was browsing the internet and came across this ultra-lux Chanel bag. I am determined to have my own one day. I adore the leather quilted versions as well. Even a small bag would do! One day...sigh...


  1. OMG Me too! One day we shall own a Chanel bag of our very own! :-D

  2. My favorites that I have used are MAC Studio Finish and a Rimmel one called Recover Concealer. I was using MAC Select Moisturecover before Boi-ing and didn't really like that one either. I'm just going to go back to Studio Finish and the Rimmel one because I really like them. :-)

    A hula girl sounds fun! I'm not sure yet what I want to be. Any suggestions?! :-)

    PS~ If you can still get ahold of the Sponge I would love it if you can send one. I checked a couple other Targets and they didn't have them either. I can pay you with paypal. :-)


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