I am slightly new to MAC, although I have picked up an eyeshadow here or a lipgloss there over the years. But it wasn't until a few months ago that my little obsession started. I missed out on the starflash collection last year but I was able to give the shadows a try with MAC's newest collection. When I swatched them at the counter I was immediately impressed! The texture of these are unlike any other eyeshadow I have ever used. They feel so incredibly buttery, almost like cream shadows rather than powder. The color payoff is great as well, and coupled with my UDPP, they stay on all day long without any creasing whatsoever. And I have oily lids, so staying power is sometimes tricky for me. I wish all of MAC's shadows had the same consistency. These are my new favorite, and I have been wearing them almost every day since I bought them a couple weeks ago. I purchased Smoke and Diamonds, Glamour Check!, Style Snob, and Grand entrance. They all are such versatile colors, and they compliment each other nicely. I am tempted to go back tomorrow to get Fashion Groupie(a vibrant purple) but it is very similar to Satellite Dreams and that one has been on my birthday list forever! So we shall see...

*Smoke and Diamonds* Silvery/Grayish Taupe

*Glamour Check!* Reddish Brown

*Style Snob* Plummy Taupe

*Grand Entrance* Creamy/Off-White

WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT OF MAC...I am doing Project Back To MAC! I have five items that I am trying desperately to use up, and I know you need six. Unfortunately my beloved Cremesheen lipglass in Fashion Scoop is on that list. But I have backups, woo-hoo! I am the type of person that keeps my makeup for years, so this project is somewhat difficult for me. But for sanitary reasons, and also because I want more space for new products I am going to do my best with this. I am also going to lay off the next couple of collections...MAC comes out with one every week it seems! There are a few items from their permanent line that I'd like instead. Plus, I want to branch off and explore other brands. Wish me luck!

*From left to right: Fashion Scoop, Kitty Couture dazzleglass, All That Glitters shadow, Blankety l/s, cherish l/s. I need one more item to use up!*

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  1. Hi! You have a nice haul :) I found the starflash colorss for me to be a little less pigmented than their usual collections, but hopefully they'll work for you! :)


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