Hey everyone, I just want to do a quick post. I have been so busy lately! Not enough time to blog ;( Anyways, I want to share 3 essential pairs of shoes that I think every girl should have in her wardrobe for Fall. This is just my opinion of course!

1) A great pair of pumps. Whether they are stilettos, suede, leather, neutral colored, or printed, you can't go wrong with a great pair of classic pumps! Wear them with jeans, dresses, EVERYTHING!

2) Flats. I wear these to school a lot during the colder months. I love them because they are cute, yet also practical. I have a pair in black and also red, but my leopard steve maddens are my favorite. They really dress up an outfit. Go for a fun, flirty print and others will definitely notice!

3) Lastly, I think we can all agree that killer boots are a must have. I recently got this pair of black, suede, scrunchy boots. They are flat too, which I have noticed a lot of lately in stores. And I don't know how well you can see from the picture below, but they also have bows on either side. I think fun, feminine details add interest to any shoe.

What types of shoes have you been living in lately? Heels, boots, flip-flops? lol, I'll always be a beach girl at heart ;)


  1. Nice post, this reminds me that I need to update my fall shoe stash! I've still been wearing flip-flops! :) But I also love boots and flats!

  2. I find flat pumps a bit hard to wear, but maybe I just havent found the right pair yet! Boots are a must for winter! :)

  3. I love those pumps! I usually always wear flats but lately I have been wearing my pumps a lot! :-)


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