Before I start my review of Lumiere Cosmetics, I want to quickly mention that I contacted a Lumiere representative via their website and asked for some samples so that I could review them on my blog. I have seen many positive reviews and I thought, What better way to test out the products than asking for samples and reviewing them? So here are my honest thoughts and opinions:

Lumiere sent me two eye pigment samples. One is a matte, white shadow called "Vanilla Bean" and the second is "Soft Brown." Soft brown has a subtle shimmer, but it looks more matte than it does shimmery. Vanilla Bean is the perfect highlighter. It looks like it may come across chalky in the jar, but it actually isn't chalky at all on the skin. These are both soft, blendable pigments that will complement any skin or eye color. I have used them about six or seven times now, and I am very impressed with them. They last all day with no visible signs of creasing or fading. I did use UDPP as a base. I always use a primer though, so I can't say how these shadows would wear without one.

I also received a blush sample in "Ditto O." I adore this peachy-pink color! It is comparable to a loose powder version of NARS orgasm blush. I own the NARS blush and when I swatched them both on my hand, I really was amazed at how similar they are. I find the Lumiere blush even more beautiful and vibrant then orgasm. It's the same color, minus the glittery fall-out that NARS is sort of known for. The Lumiere website describes that Ditto O will complement any skin tone, and I would have to agree. I love this blush so much that I plan on purchasing a full size jar of it in the future.

Lastly, I received three different foundations. I believe these are comparable to Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. Now, I personally am not a fan of mineral foundations because I am addicted to my Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup. So I can't really give a fair review of these. I think they blend easily into the skin, and are good for someone who wants lighter coverage. For someone like myself who prefers heavier coverage, you might not necessarily like a product like this.


Pros: The website is easy to navigate, and the color swatches are EXTREMELY helpful! The powders are all very blendable. They sort of sink into the skin instead of just sitting on top and making pores look big. I find the pigments are pretty used dry, but they look even more intense when used wet. The prices are inexpensive as compared to other mineral makeup lines.

Cons: The tendency of loose powders to get everywhere! You have to be careful not to spill!

The Verdict: I am very impressed with Lumiere. I actually just placed an order for more eye pigments and blush! If you like mineral products, you will love this company!

If you have any more questions about Lumiere, please feel free to ask! Or, check out their website at http://lumierecosmetics.com/


  1. You can never lose with the "Peachy-Pink"!

  2. I'm doing better, thank you!

    These look pretty! Great review! :-)

  3. yea i know, i have a friend who has a kodak and she hates it, so im gonna stay away from that brand. thanks for the comment


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