Besides being a sucker for lipgloss, I am really into blush. There's no reason, I just love it! I rarely ever stray from the peachy-pink tones, although I have been curious to try maybe a more plum color for fall/winter. I just love how a quick swipe of blush can add warmth and radiance to the entire face. I feel naked without it! So here are my top 5. I am happy to report that they are all by different brands.

Jane blush in Soft Mink...love this natural pink.

MAC mineralized blush in Improvise...beautiful coral shade from Color Craft Collection

Recent fave, NYX blush in Angel. A true soft pink with no hint of peach!

Too Faced blush in Papa Don't Peach. Cute name for this true peach color.

For my fifth choice, I cheated and picked two! These blush samples from Lumiere cosmetics are amazing. The one on the left is Ditto O that I raved about in my Lumiere review. The one on the right is called Violacious and it's a pretty purple-pink.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the look (and name!) of Papa don't Peach, it's the colour I always lean towards. I have Peachykeen by MAC, which at first glance looks quite similar. Have you tried that one out?

  2. hey i love blushes too. I can skip everything in my makeup routine when im in a hurry except for blush. I love putting blush. It simply adds life to my face.

    The too faced, "papa dont peach" is just a cute name and the color looks really nice too.

  3. thank you girls!
    marce: i haven't tried peachykeen yet, but i'll def look into it!


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