I have a quick question girls: How do you label your pictures with your blogger name on them? I am assuming this is so others cannot use or post your pictures elsewhere, without your consent. Do you think it is necessary? I am still new to this blog world, so there is a lot I have yet to figure out. I am not very computer savvy as it is ;) So any advice or tips would be great! Thanks


  1. Hey I upload mine into a simple picture editor (I think you can use paint in microsoft word.. and just click to add txt to the photos.

    I do it because one of my blogger family had her photos stolen and passed off as someone elses work.

    Another had her photos added to a circular email (which she received at some point).

    It depends how precious you are about your photos or work.

    Hope that helps

    Emma :)

  2. I do the same! I actually downloaded this:


    It's super easy!

    I'm actually pretty lazy and normally forget to mark them though XD

  3. well there are many things you could do, an easy way is if you have photobucket, you can edit the picture and add the text onto the pix, same goes for if you have yahoo beta email, on the left side bar there is a little link that says edit photo and you upload and also add text, also if you have Microsoft paint or photoshop. all are free except for the photoshop, hope it helps!

  4. i always water mark my photos especially the personal ones like my face shots or photos of my bf and I. The Internet is crazy and people can just copy your photos anytime.

    I use picasa or photobucket. Its pretty easy and you can customize the fonts, sizes, color and etc.

  5. I also water mark ones of myself. I don't generally worry about pictures of products because I could care less if someone uses them. I don't really put the water mark over my face or anything like some people do, I feel like that takes away from the picture. I use Microsoft Paint to add the words since I crop my pictures there too. (Clearly I'm not tech savvy either)

    Once you get used to doing it it really doesn't take much time at all.

  6. Thank you so much for the tips girls. I think i'll start marking pictures of myself for sure. The product photos i'm kind of with Emily on that one. Hopefully I can figure all this out!


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