A couple of weeks ago, a friend at school told me that Costco was selling CHI irons for 59 dollars! So of course, I had to take her word for it and check it out. Sure enough, I found my very own CHI for much less than the usual cost. I had been faithfully using a Remington straightener for about two years, and it worked all right. But it never got hot enough for my liking, and it seemed that as soon as I left the house my hair would get slightly wavy/frizzy again. My hairstylist uses a CHI to style my hair, and she has recommended I get one of my own for years now. I just never wanted to spend the money for some reason. I must confess that I am not a hair wizard. In fact, i'd probably rather do anything at any given time besides styling my hair. I am a "girly" girl, yet I never inherited the talent of properly doing my own hair. I usually just blow dry it...then straighten it...repeat! In the summer I let my waves run wild, but now that it is actually cold here in southern CA, I can't bear to leave the house with wet hair.
So needless to say, I love my new find! It definitely straightens much better than my old cheapie, and the style lasts. You can also curl your hair with it, but I have yet to attempt that. My dream is to one day own a GHD. That seems to be the "holy grail" hair tool for everyone on Youtube, and i so wish I could afford one of those babies! But I really am happy with my fab hair tool, and Costco's deals are unbeatable.

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  1. OMG! This is crazy! Some people have all the luck, lol. I just moved far out of range of any costco. Oh, well, guess I'll have to continue to save up for it. Don't worry too much about your hair routine, I do the exact same thing and surprisingly with a remington flat iron as well. Happy Friday!

  2. What a great deal! I wish there was a costco closer to me, but I guess this way it saves me money. lol.

    Too bad about the Burt's Bees spot treatment, i was really hoping it would be a winner.

  3. You lucky duck! I'll have to go to costco.

  4. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog.

    The hair straightener should last you for a while...I owned a Phillips one for years before I could afford to get a pink GHD IV styler this year.

    Loving it very much at the moment but I still don't know how to create curls on it. :)

  5. What a great deal! I have a bright pink ghd and I love it! I have never tried a Chi though. Do you know if they also had a Chi with a wider plate like 1 and a half or 2 inch? I haven't been to Costo in years! I might have to go check it out! :D

  6. Yeah I just wanted a one with wider plates that was cheaper than the ghd for when I'm in a hurry because my hair is getting long again so it's taking me longer to straighten it. I figure I can get it done quicker if it has wider plates to place more hair between. I just really hate how long it takes to do my hair but I do it so I don't look like crap! Haha! :-)

  7. They are seriously the best. You will never want to use any other brand of hot tool again. Its amazing that you got it for so cheap. I have three at home, which my husband says is alittle obsessive. But hey i have one for just me at home, one for when i travel, and one i only use on clients. My hope is to one day work "Farouk" the company who makes them as a sales rep.

    You should try the "chi straigh guard" It will protect your hair when using your chi and it smells FABULOUS!!! They used to only sell them at beauty supply stores but now you pick up some chi products at local stores (walmart)


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