~I am not buying anything until after Christmas, but this pair of Steve Madden shoes are HOT! Enough to speed up my heart rate and make me feel faint. You can find them on the website under the "booties" category. They come in other colors as well, and they are currently on sale. Oh how I wish I could snag a pair. Be strong Noelle! ~


  1. Those are FIERCE!!! I love 'em! Stay strong! haha

  2. Oh wow...I think Steve Madden closed down in Australia or else I will step in to take a look!

    Beautiful shoes!!!

  3. Omg...these look soo fabulous. I need them tooo... :p

  4. These are gorgeous!!!!!!! I recently picked up the Steve Madden booties in the cuddless style, and i adore them (even though they are a little painful to walk long distances in- what we will sacrifice for fashion.) Anyway, here's to treating yourself to these beautiful shoes post Christmas!


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