For the Golden Globes last weekend, I posted a couple pictures of actresses that looked lovely. Well, this past Saturday night were the SAG Awards, and I couldn't help but take note of all the beautiful, bright colors that swayed down the red carpet. This got me thinking that I need more vibrant pieces in my closet, things that will transition my neutral wardrobe right into Spring. I want gorgeous, saturated, notice-me color in the upcoming months. I'm not normally comfortable with notice-me anything, but maybe it's time that changed ;)

Diane Kruger in mustard yellow Jason Wu.

Anna Kendrick in fabulous fuschia. I'm not sure who the designer is...

My personal fave: Lea Michele in Catherine Malandrino. ~sigh~

Aren't these dresses to die for? And it's all about the dramatic color. I don't think these would be as note-worthy in black. But mustard? Fuschia? Emerald? Candy colored confections dancing around in my head. I can't wait for Spring and warmer weather! Bring it on.


  1. Wow, I love Diane Kruger's dress! The cut and fit is just amazing. I wouldn't choose yellow for myself, but she looks beautiful in it.

    Color-wise, Lea Michele's dress is my fave. Teal is one of my favorite colors in general. *^_^*

  2. I just LOVE colors. Especially these. I feel a sudden urge to bust out in some fuscia...

  3. Lea Michele looked beautiful!

    I always wear neutrals too but I bought a mustard yellow top a few weeks ago and haven't worn it. I like the top and the color but I don't think the color looks good on me! I thought it looked good in the dressing room but not when I got home. I put a black cardi over it but then I felt like I looked like a bee...haha! This will be my excuse to buy something to go with it to make it work! ;-)

  4. Love the colors esp the teal one on Lea

  5. Those were definitely three of my favorites from the SAGs! Those dresses are just to die for and what makes them so amazing is definitely the color!!!

  6. I agree, the Catherine Malandrino is the absolute best one! So pretty! Looking forward to spring myself!! =) Hope you're having a great day!

  7. What beautiful, saturated colors. Diane Kruger looks AMAZING.


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