I unfortunately did not get to watch the 2010 Golden Globe Awards last night. No, I was too busy watching the San Diego Chargers get creamed by the New York Jets. Being that I live very close to San Diego, I was crushed ;(. However, the heavy beer drinking that followed the game helped a bit. I woke up early this morning and logged onto EOnline to catch up on the latest fashions that graced the red carpet. I must say, overall, I was not really impressed. In my opinion, many of today's brightest actresses looked a bit blah. Maybe it was the rain? There were only two that caught my eye, and I just wanted to share them with you in case you didn't get to see them last night.

Drew Barrymore looked divine once again. Here she is wearing Atelier Versace. Champagne silk never looked better.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. Yes, she normally wears black. But a thigh-high slit showing off those glowing gams? Anything but boring! I think she knows herself, and she wears what works for her body.

What starlets caught your attention from this years Globes? Here's hoping that the Oscars are more exciting!


  1. Well Drew is my favorite of all time period. But she sometimes ends up on worst dress lists at red carpet events. I was sooo happy last night when i saw her that awesome number. She got it head to toe. I agree most looked blah...some of my favorites....
    *LOVED Marian Colltilard, Penelope Cruz, emily blunt & heidi klum
    *Liked Amy Phoeler & Anna Kendrick
    *Rose Bryne(her dress wasnt my favorite but as a whole picture she got it right, loved the hair and makeup)
    * I wish that Lea Michele's dress would have been my wedding gown but in white.

    WOW I am writing a book. Sorrryy

  2. ****Oooo I forgot to add Emily Blunt! She did look stunning in Dolce!

  3. I love Jennifer Aniston. I like the dress but she should have done something with her Hair...

    Penelope Cruz looked Gorgeous.


  4. @clara711: I couldn't agree more! Her hair looked a little frizzy. She should have worn it up. Poor girl, just goes to show it happens to the best of us! I am totally blaming it on the rainy weather. It's going to rain the entire week here in SoCal.

  5. Ya Drew & Jennifer Aniston looked incredible. I too totally loved Emily Blunt's entire look last night including her hairstyle. I also must find out how to style my hair like Dianna Argon from Glee wore hers @ the globes. Great post! im so happy that awards season has begun!

  6. Both ladies look lovely, although i've never been a fan of Jen! I think it's because she dated John Mayer and I didn't...

    haha :)

    and I wouldn't mind at all if you did a similar spring time post!

    xo Caitlin

  7. love Jennifer Aniston dress...she looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Gosh, Jennifer looks great in this dress :)


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