In keeping with my current need for anything non-wintery, I just wanted to share some pictures of Ms. Conrad. She has been wearing a lot of the citrus color lately, and I am loving it! It's a breath of fresh air.

She looks like an old-Hollywood glamour girl.

I'll just wear what she's wearing please.

It's no secret that I love Lauren Conrad. Forget Laguna Beach and The Hills, this girl has style. She's just naturally pretty. And I want to raid her closet. And I want her clothes. I still love my neutrals, but I think from now on, i'll follow her lead and keep an eye out for yellow.

***By the way girls, I hope you don't mind me doing a lot of fashion posts lately. I still love my makeup, but I have been following various fashion bloggers, and I can't get enough. I find myself buying more clothes (and shoes) and buying less beauty products. But I still love both! And I want to continue blogging about both! Variety really is the spice of life. If that's ok with you ;) ***


  1. Loving the fashion posts. I actually wish I wrote more about fashion on my blog as it is my first love, but I find clothes pictures so much harder to take!

  2. I don't mind! =) LOVE LC! She's so pretty! Did you know she's spoke's person for Mark? She's got a perfume called Sophistique, it's one of my favorites!!!!

  3. LC is so pretty and yellow always looks amazing on her!

    Thnx so much for sweet comments hun!




  4. I think Lauren has such a boring personality to star on a reality show but her fashion sense it totally something!

  5. hey sweetie i tagged you


  6. I really want her coat!

  7. I love her!
    I'm ordering Mark makeup soon! (mostly b/c she reps it!)
    Thanks for the great post!

  8. I love reading posts like these(:
    Lauren Conrad truly is my fashion inspiration, i love all her outfits xx

  9. Love the coat, it's fantastic! Girl can pull off bright colours, that's for sure!


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