I woke up early this morning, just to make a mad dash for my laptop so that I could order this from Target:

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
Except...it has already been narrowed down to size 1 or size 7, and that's it. What?! How is it possible that i'm not the only nut who wakes up early to stalk a website? It just debuted this morning! And how is it that all the other sizes in that dress are already sold out? I would go to my Target and just look at it in-store, but the nearest location that is selling his line is 45 minutes away, and I want to wait until after class tomorrow since it is close to school. By the way, the dress is made of 100% nylon. Hmmmmm, not sure about that either. Nylon, isn't that raincoat material? There was a negative review or two on the website about it. I guess it looks much prettier on-line (evil computers) than it does in person. So, maybe I'll go to Target tomorrow and be just as throughly disappointed. Which wouldn't be a bad thing. My wallet might thank me ;)

P.S. The Oscars are on tonight! That means lots of fashion talk. I'll have my favorites posted sometime tomorrow afternoon.


  1. (regarding your comment in my blog) I agree with you! Bows are so girly and pretty! Feminine!

    P.D I can't wait for all the post Oscar fashion talk.

  2. Can't wait to do an Oscar post!
    Veronika just bought that black JPG for Target dress-you can see IRL pics of it on her blog. She had to size way up so that may help you if only odd sizes are left. GL!

  3. just saw this post! it is such a gorgeous dress! Just remember I had to get a 9 and i'm a size 4 dress. I would go up a size or two from your normal size in this one since it's more form-fitting. My best friend who wears a size 0 or 00 tried on a 3 and it was really tight. We could zip it up, but it was TIGHT.

  4. These collections are becoming so hyped that you have to score the pieces you want online at midnight.

  5. not going to lie...i totally forgot that this collection came out today! oops!

  6. @ Catanya and Andi: Stay tuned! I have my picks! Maybe they're the same as yours ;)

    @ Poster Girl: I know, it's really getting crazy! I feel like all the hype isn't really worth it. I think the Designer/Target collaborations are a cool idea, but I feel like the availability should be greater, and the collections should last longer so more people get a chance to purchase something.

    @ Tam Pham: I would have forgotten too, except I went to Target.com on Thurs and there was an ad for JPG in the women's clothing section.

  7. The same thing happened to me! The one thing I wanted was already sold out in pretty much every size and I was pretty disappointed this the collection over all. Oh well, I'm hoping Zac Posen's will be better and that I remember to check online earlier!


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