I have decided to feature one celebrity each month whose style serves as an inspiration to me. Last month it was Lauren Conrad, and this month I want to feature the ever-seductive Eva Mendes. My boyfriend and I love her (no surprise there !) I really can't say what it is about Eva that I find so appealing, but the woman's got a killer body and she wears clothes very well. She looks feminine because she IS feminine. She's confident, radiant, and isn't afraid to show a little skin. *All photos were found using Google.*

I love her sultry eye makeup and golden hair.

Golden Globes, 2009. Styling courtesy of Rachel Zoe.

Yellow looks gorgeous on her bronzed skin. I am still obsessed with this color, and still having a hard time finding it in stores.

Sexy in a leopard shirt dress and big cocktail ring.

Let me know if you like the monthly style icon post. Who are your inspirations? Maybe I can feature them in up-coming posts!


  1. She really is stunning! I think you kind of resemble Eva...it's fitting that your boyfriend loves her ;)

  2. I love her too! She is also my husband's favorite. I did a post about her as well!! Great minds! You do resemble her, she is stunning.

  3. I like her too! She is so beautiful! :-)

  4. @ Deanna and Andi: You both are too sweet! I'll take the compliment, even though I only WISH I looked like Eva!

    @ Crystal: I know, she really is beautiful.

  5. i love her because she has woman's figure, you know what i mean? my style icon is reese witherspoon...i'm OBSESSED with her!


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