Hey everyone,
Is it Monday already?! Where do the weekends go? I thought I would have time to do a review yesterday, but alas I was gone all weekend and didn't have access to my own laptop. I want to share my thoughts on L'oreal's Magic Perfecting Base. When I saw Linda Evangelista modeling the ads, I had to give this a try!

Here are the claims on the back of the box:
~Get the perfect skin texture, instantly and all day.
~Smoothes lines
~Hides pores (big selling point for me, as I have quite large pores on my cheeks)
~Banishes imperfections
~The silky, lightweight formula glides onto skin, leaving it velvety-smooth to the touch
~The result-a unified matte finish that's flawless
~suitable for all skin types
~Derm tested

My Thoughts: I actually didn't have very high hopes for this primer, mainly because I have tried a few here and there and just haven't seen a real need for using one anyway. Before trying this particular product, I had just finished using the Korres Vitamin E Primer. I liked that one a lot, but still wasn't convinced that a face primer is really necessary. I think that just using a good moisturizer and waiting a few minutes to let it sink in before applying foundation is enough. However, this primer feels much different than anything else I have tried. It has a mousse-like consistency, which I really like. It almost feels like my HD powder from Makeup Forever. It has that same smooth feel. I do notice that my pores appear less noticeable as soon as I apply it. Instant gratification! My foundation glides on evenly. The primer appears light pink when you first apply it to the skin but then blends right in and becomes translucent, so I think any skin tone could wear it. My skin feels pretty matte all day, but I think applying setting powder is the real reason why, and not just because I am wearing this. Is it a miracle product? No, but I do think it stacks up to the more high-end brands I have tried including Korres, Prescriptives, and Smashbox. In fact, I will re-purchase this over any of those! There is only one thing I don't care for - the little jar. I have to dig my finger in there to get any product out, and it's just really cumbersome. I wish it came in a tube instead. That's my only complaint.

It blends in to a clear finish.

I do recommend the L'oreal Base if you are in need of a new face primer. Otherwise, I would just skip primer altogether and just stick with a good moisturizer!


  1. I wish I've read your post few hours ago, before I ordered the Korres Quercetin & Oak Age-reversing Primer from Sephora. :) I do like it a lot (not that I’ve tried many before) but not the price so much, its $33 (guessing this one is cheaper?). After reading your post I think I'm still going to give it a try anyway. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. i saw it but i have too many primers that i hardly use. great post

  3. Lilly: Don't worry, Korres is a great brand in general...one of my favorites actually! The L'oreal primer is around 12 dollars. A bit steep for a drugstore brand, but still a lot less than any of the others I have tried.

    Eve: Thanks! I know, face primers aren't necessary, I swear!

  4. Wow, really good to know! Thanks for the great review!
    I like primers, so I most likely will check this out. Thanks gorgeous!

  5. Andi: If you like primers than I suggest you try this! Let me know if you do, and how you like it.

  6. awesome review. I tried a sample of it from a coupon and i like how it felt ^_^

    also, i agree with what you said, a good moisturizer is enough but you know us beauty junkies, we just gotta have a primer just because...lol

  7. I have tried to love so many primers and they just don't work for me. My skin looks so much better without them!

  8. I'm like you. I think primers arent necessary but they do inteerest me.

    Speaking of Korres...have you tried their mascara? I got the Sephora mascara set and the Korres one just somehow fell into my most used/favorite of the whole set in the kit.

  9. thanks for the review! Let us know how you like it about a week or two from now? I'd love to know if you still like it as much or if it caused any reactions, etc. Thanks!!

  10. ***Just to mention***: I have used this product for almost two months now, and pretty consistently too ;)

  11. Thanks for the review on this product!!
    Hope you have a good week=)

  12. Veronika: Well at least you know primers aren't your thing ;) No need to bother!

    Kimber doll: Thanks hun, you too!

  13. I've tried this, and everything you've said is soo true :p
    I think its ok, but i moisturiser works just as well :)
    (love your blog by the way =])

  14. Thanks for this review...I've been eyeing this product in the store for a few weeks now!

    Also, I meant to comment back last week about my blog layout. You said you want to change yours but don't know how...I'm not very good with HTML and stuff like that so I just googled "3 column blogger layout" and found many sites with directions on how to tweak the HTML code to do it (if that's something you wanted to do), and then I just changed the background and text colors in the settings tab. I saved a picture I got from shabbyblogs.com and added stuff to it with Photoshop :)

  15. @ R May A: Thank you so much, i'm happy you enjoy what I write ;)
    Deanna: Ok, i'll have to give it a try sometime!

  16. I love this product for what it does and it's price!.It's really similar to the Clarins Base and is half the price. Good review! xo T


  17. TiffanyMonet: Yes, I think it's a great product and the fact that it's less expensive than many other brands out there is a definite plus!


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