Happy May Readers!
I love the month of May. It's generally a beautiful time here in Southern California. It's cool enough where you can still get away with wearing a cardigan and jeans, but warm enough to also really enjoy flowy little dresses (or in my case, shorts and my Nordies romper). I am super busy this week with finals, but I did some shopping this past weekend. I went out with the intention of buying school project supplies, as well as some birthday goodies for two of my friends. Mission accomplished! Birthday presents for them, early graduation presents for me! I have a feeling I am going to be using the grad thing as an excuse to shop for myself all month long. And why not? It only took me a few years ;)

I went to Ulta and bought three more Essie polishes. They were buy two, get one free. I don't know what it is about Essie but I can't stop buying more bottles. I don't particularly care for the formula: watery, streaky, and quite sheer. But I just love the color selection. I bought Splash of Grenadine, a gorgeous purple pink. I am wearing it on my toes right now and it looks amazing! I only had to apply two coats. I also was lucky enough to finally grab a bottle of Mint Candy Apple. It debuted in the Winter, but it was always sold out.
Mint Candy Apple, Splash of Grenadine

I had a tough time deciding what color to get for "free" until I reached towards the back of the shelf and saw this perfect coral color. And with a name like Shop Til I Drop, I just couldn't resist.

After Ulta, I stopped at Target to hunt down some Cynthia Vincent wedges. Well, I know those are long gone and I have officially given up looking for them but I am really happy that I found these cute gladiator sandals in my size, 6 1/2. I wore these to class today and they are so comfortable! I wore them with skinny jeans and a flowy top. I wanted to take an outfit picture but just didn't have enough patience.
I am going to keep the adorable yellow box. I love how the soles are a bronze color. They look nice in the sun.

I haven't really been buying much makeup lately, especially MAC because I am saving up for the Beach Collection at the end of this month. But as I was walking through Macy's, I decided I needed this after all.
Instant Chic Blush. I am also wearing this on my cheeks today and it's really natural and buildable. I am obsessed with coral!

How's the weather where you live lately? Are you as excited for Summer as I am?


  1. Hey! I just got Instant Chic and I am so in love with it! I even blogged about it today!
    Great haul!

  2. have you tried the splash of grenadine yet? I really like it in the bottle but I can't decide if I want to buy it. that coral color is really nice too.

    You have tiny feet, I'm jealous, u must clean up at sales when they only have the teensy and huge sizes left! I have those sandals in the yellow and they are soo comfy- I was super happy with the purchase.

  3. Splash of Grenadine looks really pretty! And so are those sandals! You're a US 6 1/2? I'm a size 6 too! :) I'd love to get that blush when it's out. I can't wait! x

  4. Id love to see what Instant Chic looks like on.

  5. I have finals all week too... I should actually be studying right now lol. But I keep taking little breaks to get on the computer, heh. I want those two essie colors so badly! I was so sad last week I went to Ulta and the little Essie Resort Collection display was completely empty! Oh well, hopefull they'll restock soon, those are seriously the perfect summer colors :)

  6. Catanya: Yes, I saw and commented on your blog!
    Natalie: Def get Splash of Grenadine!
    Livia: You wear a size 6? I like having small feet ;)
    Niki: The next time I do an outfit post, i'll be sure to wear the blush! Which won't be a problem considering I'll be wearing it a lot.
    Caitlin: Good luck with finals! I think that Ulta will continue to re-stock so no worries. You'll get them!

  7. Love all of the fun Spring colors!
    Shop til you drop looks like the perfect peachy coral.
    I can't wait for To The Beach to come out :)

  8. Andi: I know, I am so excited for it! I hope it doesn't dissapoint because if it does I am boycotting MAC collections for awhile ;)

  9. MAC beach collection? OH NO!it's over for me...bronzed skin and pretty baby pink cheeks are my go-to year-round look!I may have to check out that collection.

    Mint Candy Apple is one of my fave colors :)

  10. your corals are great. I love that polish.

  11. I have those flats in yellow and I love them! I can't wait for the beach collection either! I just want it for the packaging!

  12. I just ordered Instant Chic and a few things from To The Beach (it released earlier in the UK), can't wait for them to arrive! Gorgeous flats!

    I am excited for summer, we won't get the good weather but at least it will be lighter and hopefully a little bit warmer!

    Ellie x

  13. Veronika: Isn't Summer makeup so pretty? Fresh and glowy is my fave ;)
    April: Thanks Doll
    A: ooo you got the yellow ones? I am envious! I am just happy I was able to snag a black pair ;)
    Missy Ellie UK: You already have the beach collection out there? Oh, please do let me know how you like everything! I will have to keep in touch with you!

  14. You are one lucky girl for snagging those Cynthia Vincent sandals! I had no such luck at my local Target. :)

    Love the Shop Til You Drop polish too. gorgeous.

    Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

  15. the red bungalow: Thank you! Target needs to accomodate more of their customers by selling more products from the Designer lines imo ;)

  16. Ooo I love those Essie colors! Perfect for spring/summer :) And I wish I had gotten to check out CV for Target sooner - everyone seems to love their purchases!

  17. I love that ring sooo much!

  18. These shoes are really chic, as they do on facebook - "like". I don't know if it's coincidental or not, but lately sporting goods are beginning to look awesome. one way or another I'll keep buying them out :)


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