I typically don't mind (too much) being a homebody, but there's something about Summertime, those months between June - September that make me want to get the hell outta town. It seems I am not alone in this vacay anticipation. I know many of you are also planning a Summer getaway. In about three weeks, the boyfriend and I are heading to New York City for three short days, followed by five days in Ohio to meet his fam ;) I have never been to either state, and he's never been to NYC. We are beyond ecstatic about our trip, especially New York! I have wanted to go there since I was a kid. We want to see the usual suspects:

And For Me:

5th Avenue

So, I need some tips, tricks, advice! Many of you have already been there. So what else do you suggest as far as must-see or must-do? Remember, we only have three days! We've already decided we won't be doing much relaxing. I want to go to as many places as possible. And I can't forget about the packing. I hate packing! It is inevitable that I will forget something I desperately need. I am planning on dressing polished but casual during the dayime, and dressier at night. Hopefully the weather will be nice, as I honestly don't have a clue what to expect from New York in the beginning of June. Fortunately, all of these pre-vacation jitters don't stop my excitement ♥
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  1. Bring flip flops or flats that you don't mind getting dirty-- that city is suuuuuuper dirty and your shoes will get black with dirt, seriously. Bring cash for cabs. And in June, it'll probably be pretty dern hot, so make sure you have some shorts and layers you can take off when you're outside. (sometimes because the buildings are so big, no wind or air circulation gets to the streets so it can be stifling.) I can't really tell you any places per se because there are SO many, but just have fun and be prepared to walk a ton! :) Have fun, gal!

  2. I'm going to NYC in 4 weeks! I'm having a delima on what to pack as well!! But I am SO excited :D

  3. I live in NY. It was colder and rainy all week, but nice and sunny today. Early June can be anything as well. I wouldn't say super hot, but it should be warm. Bring short sleeves with some cardigans. Definitely bring comfortable shoes to walk around, but I honestly would not do flip flops (I think they are not comfortable for pounding the pavement all day).

    Definitely see a Broadway show, a comedy show at the Comedy Cellar in the village and have dinner anywhere in the village (it's young and fun!) I would suggest going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art - I love art and that museum is incredible! Check out Central Park for a nice walk!

    I am so excited for you! Have tons of fun!

  4. Layer your clothing and wear comfy flats!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. How awesome! I love NYC!
    I would suggest having a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity (call to make a rez, yes-even for ice cream!), also love the Met, a Broadway show, walking through Central Park. I absolutely love Tao for dinner.
    Have so much fun, cannot wait to see pics!

  6. Justine: I bet it's dirty! The only big cities I've been to are San Diego and San Fran, and I never wear nice shoes to trudge around in unless i'm prepared to throw them away after getting covered in dust and dirt. Thanks for the tips!

    Deanna: Aww, I wish we were going at the same time! I would want to meet up or something...but at least we're both in the same mindset about going ;)

    A: Well since you are the expert (being that you live there), I'll definitely heed your advice about the shoes! I will wear ballet flats mostly. No flip-flops until Ohio ;) Flip-flops scream California.

    Marie: I think layering will be key. Tanks and cardis are sounding appropriate.

    Andi: Reservations for ice cream, lol. It might be worth it though! In fact, we made a list of restaurants we want to eat in, and Serendipity is on that list. Thanks Andi, I'll definitely do my best to be a picture whore ;) I know i'll post a haul when I get back!

  7. Haha, I bet that you're going to do some damage shopping in NYC girl! :)I've never been to NYC but I have friends that live there :) from what they say it's wicked hot in the summer so i would pack cool clothes!

  8. Caitlin: You bet i'm going to shop! I know i want to buy something from Tiffany's, probably the silver ball studs that I have been wanting for a long time. I have a pair from Nordstrom that resemble them, but there's nothing like the real thing :)

  9. I just got back from New York and want to go back there now! Serendipity 3 and Cafe Lalo are MUSTS for dessert, and Stand makes legitimately the best burger I've ever eaten. Washington Square park is crazy-gorgeous as well!
    xxoo Josie

  10. I have never been but have a great time girly! Hope we get to see some pics when you get back! :D

  11. Josie: I was watching a show on the Food Network the other day and they mentioned Stand. The food looked soooo good!

    Crystal: I will do my best to take as many pictures as possible! I'm sure I'm going to go pic-crazy ;)

  12. I've only been to nyc once but I loved it!! I'm sure you'll have an amazing time! Congrats on graduating!!!

  13. Emily: Thank you! I'm very excited about the trip.


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