M.A.C. 's To The Beach Collection is out! I have never, ever been this excited about swirly powders and glimmery glosses before. I know you all will see tons and tons of swatches and reviews, but I just wanted to post a few pictures of what I got. Words aren't really necessary in this case.

Splashing on top, Easy Lounger on the bottom

Marine Life Powder
*** I will say this much, if you want one of these pretty pretty powders, get on it! This is probably one of MAC's most coveted products in a long time, and for good reason. It is gorgeous! When swatched, it is a bright coral-red. I don't have a single thing like it. ***

I also ordered Hipness blush online, so I am still anxiously awaiting its arrival next week. I don't really do makeup looks, mainly because my camera isn't sufficient enough, but expect a look using these products very soon!

Did you pick anything up yet? Are you planning on indulging too?
♥ Noelle


  1. Wow! Very pretty! I love the design on the powder---it's almost too pretty to use!

  2. that pink gloss is precious! i love the powder but I can't justify it because i never use my mac mineralize skin finish in porcelain pink

  3. Nicole: I agree! My plan is to lightly, ever so lightly dip my brush into it...maybe even around the seahorse? It's a very pigmented powder, so a little goes a long way!

    Veronika: I have porcelain pink too and I hardly use mine either. This powder isn't a high light though. I'm not at all sure why MAC called it that because it is so pigmented! It's really a blush.

  4. So excited to see your FOTDs! I got the Marine Life also and the Sand & Sun e/s. Can't wait to play with them!

  5. This look fabulous. Universally flattering and beachy. Can't beat that.


  6. I need to get the highlight powder! It looks so pretty! :)

  7. I am glad that you like that collection, I am surely trying those lipglosses!

  8. I got the Marine Life powder (which is gorgeous), Lazy Days lipstick (new fave, and I'm giving one away in my giveaway!), Sun Rush lustre drops and Float on By eye kohl. It came out a few weeks ago in the UK, and I've been wearing them loads ever since.


  9. Andi: Thank you, I hope my camera captures the look. My lighting settings are terrible! I am getting a new camera for my birthday (hopefully!)

    Kayla: I totally agree. This collection has something for every skin tone, hair color, eye color, you name it!

    Crystal: I hope you got one already! You need it girl, I'm telling you! It is so beautiful. I've worn it non-stop on my cheeks since Thursday night :)

    Froso: The lipglosses are all very pretty and Summery. So easy to wear too, no thinking involved!

    Missy Ellie UK: Great purchases! I had been dying waiting for this collection.

  10. AHHH lucky you!! I JUST ordered Lazy Day and the other beach lipstick (can't remember the exact name) and can't wait to get them. You're so lucky you have the highlighter .. I couldn't find it anywhere on the canadian website.. :( .. It's so beautiful.

  11. Everything that you got is lovely! You're super lucky for getting the Marine Highlight powder, I know a lot of girls would kill to get it lol :) I saved and saved for this collection, and by the time it came out I wasn't lemming anything anymore! Errg, I hate when that happens :/ I really wanted Marine Life to be an actual highlight and not a blush! Ahh well, now I have a bunch of money saved to by stuff i've been wanting from the perm. line i guess :)I might still get Hipness blush though... i'm thinking about it. (As if I have an option, my MAC counter is probably all sold out by now lol)

  12. ohhh I so did not see this on MOnday when I went! I need some of this...lol

  13. Hi, great blog!

    Please have a look at mine too, I am having a great GIVEAWAY at the moment.

    Hope to see you soon.

  14. Caitlin: I hate when that happens too! Fortunately, I was not dissapointed :)

    April: I think it came out on Thursday, so that's probably why you didn't see it on Monday.

    Eri: Thank you!

  15. That blush is so pretty that I wouldn't want to use it!

  16. ManoloChooLou: I am using it, but sparingly! It IS almost too pretty to use!


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