For the past few months, I have been getting horrible, horrible migraines. The kind where every sound and light becomes agonizing. I chalked it up to stress or even that time of the month for awhile. I mean, it happens right ladies? Until it started happening a lot at work and then I realized it was my eyes. I have suffered (yes, suffered) from astigmatism for about five years and my old glasses just weren't cutting it anymore. I kept wondering why the heck the world looked so blurry all the time. I think I was in denial. I've had perfect vision my entire life and I couldn't bear the thought of needing glasses at the ripe old age of twenty-something ;) But I sort of got used to seeing everything through a fog. Squinting became the norm. Then came the headaches, then came another realization: wait, are those frown lines developing on my forehead? From trying to actually see clearly? Oh no! That did it! My boss sent me to an optomatrist last week and I just received my new specs...Micheal Kors of course! What CAN'T that tan man do?

I personally like the bright yellow cheetah case ;)

I'm just not so sure if I like the glasses on me. I'm going to wear them at work and while I'm driving. I guess when I'm watching TV too. But all the time? I just can't. Call me vain, call me silly. But I just can't wear them ALL THE TIME. The doc told me I can get lasik to correct it, since it's really only my right eye that's a mess. The other eye can actually be corrected just by wearing the glasses. I don't really undertstand that but I'll take his word for it.

I can put my hair up and go for the naughty secretary. Otherwise, these babies will stay in their pretty yellow case as often as possible! And then I'll get the lasik ;)

So, on to the two awards ;) I was given one by my friend Crystal and one by petitegorgeous. I have been following Crystal's blog ever since I first started mine, and I love her to death. If you want great beauty product reviews from a girl who really knows her stuff, then please check her out! I recently just discovered petitegorgeous (sorry, I don't know her actual name!) and I LOVE her blog! She's a great writer, as well as a polished dresser. Thank you so much girls for the awards.

I always sometimes break the rules when I get awards, so I am going to award six bloggers who I think really deserve these too:

If I could list everyone, I would. My blogger list is a mile long!
♥ Noelle


  1. Hi Sweet Noelle, THANK YOU for the blog award! Made my day :-)!

    To answer your question, I got those Sam Edelman ages ago at Neiman Marcus Last Call. Is there one by you? I see variations of that shoe every now and then there! Good luck!

    Happy 4th!

  2. Tam: There is a Neiman's about an hour from where I live. Not too bad! I'll have to look there.

  3. agree...glasses are hot. I have to wear glasses since almost 10 years! Most of the times I wear contacts, but I got a new pair 2 days ago and I LOVE them!

  4. Aww girly you are SO SWEET! You know I love you too! :D

    I'm sure you look great in your glasses! I have worn glasses since I was like 5, lol! I have really bad astigmatism too but I have been thinking about getting Lasik recenty because it's really hard to put on eye makeup. Is that bad that my only reason for wanting Lasik is to improve the ease of my makeup application!?! :D

    Love the pair you picked out and the case is super cute! :)

  5. You're very welcome for the award :).

    Can you wear contacts? I've been wearing contacts for few years now, and I've been thinking about the lasik option. I've a very low threshold for pain...

  6. Hi dear! would love to see a pic of you wearing the new glasses!!




    PS. Check out my DIOR Compact giveaway!

  7. Cute glasses!! Can't wait to see pictures of you wearing them!! xoxo

  8. Everyone: Yes, I also think that girls with glasses are hot! I really do! My friend wears glasses and she looks so cute in them. I'm just not personally used to seeing them on myself. I do prefer my face without them, so I might also get contacts. We shall see! But thanks for all your comments, you girls are awesome. I will do my best to post a picture of myself in them, but first I have to work up the nerve!


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