Except i know when i'll be back again! Next weekend to be exact. The boyfriend and I are headed for NYC tomorrow morning, followed by a stay in Ohio to meet the future fam ;) I'm so excited to get away for a bit. The only thing that's going to be difficult is that I won't be able to blog while I'm gone, nor will I be able to read your blogs either unless I can sneak away and use the internet somewhere. Torture, sheer torture! At least I get emails sent to my phone. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I survived without you girls feeding my addiction to bloggy goodness. But I know when I get back i'll have a solid day's worth of reading and catching up to do, as well as a few fun posts from my trip. Have a great week and a half everyone!
Packing is also torture for me. I hate it.

I've barely started.

This makeup traveler is a life saver because it has a lot of compartments and it rolls up. My boyfriend thinks i'm a freak.

These lip products are coming with me in my purse! Along with my jewelry, camera, and any other "important" items. I like to have those things with me in case my giant suitcase gets lost in transit.

♥ Noelle


  1. Have fun on your trip! I love the Sonia Kashuk makeup travel bag. It's so colorful!

  2. Love the title btw, I love that song! I wish I could go to NYC- just a few more years. :) Have fun! I got a cute little makeup bag that has '*Lipstick*Beauty*Glamour*' stiched into it. I only use a few things on a daily basis so it's perfect for vacations.

  3. Have a great time on your trip, be safe! XOXO

  4. Aww have fun on your trip! I'll miss your blog posts for sure :) I love how you take your lipgloss along with 'other important items' like your jewelry and camera, haha! Sounds like me :)

  5. Hope you have a great time in NYC! Take lots of pictures! : )

  6. Oh, have SO MUCH Fun!! Please try to take some pics for us :)
    We'll miss you!

  7. have fun!!! and if you havent aldready check the musical Wicked out when you get there...its AMAZING!!!

    Also dont forget even though you may have some items in a clear bag if the item is lquid and over a certain # of ounces you still have to put it in a ziplock bag. (I didnt know that and they took my MAC foundation!!!)

    anyhoo, have a safe trip!

  8. i have one of those zip up travel makeup cases and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for travel and I even use it for jewelry :) have a great trip!

  9. Everyone: Thank you so much girls, I'll miss you! Talk to you all soon ;)

  10. Have fun on your trip! We are your newest follower. I am a last minute packer too, I know how you feel. Looks like you are packing some good stuff though :)

  11. Have fun! I dread packing for my trip to NYC next week. I love your roll-up makeup bag though...I may have to get one of those!

  12. Have fun on your trip here! Plenty to do


  13. I leave for vacay soon and I am already dreading how much I will have in backlog between Tivo, Email, and my blogs. It will be a whole day for sure---if not more. I love that makeup bag, where is it from?

  14. I so need that makeup organizer! I hope you have a fantastic trip and good luck with the future family -- I'm sure that they'll love you as much as we all do!
    xxoo Josie

  15. oh have fun!! someday i'll get to NYC! where at in Ohio? that's where i'm at now.
    well enjoy your travels!

  16. Have fun!:D As for the migraines, Coca Cola helps!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  17. Hehe..I hate packing too! That makeup traveler is so cool! I need one.

    Have loads of fun in NYC! :)



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