Now that Summertime is officially upon us, I wanted to show you a list of things that every girl should have in her arsenal. I'm sure you have seen these types of articles in every women's magazine. "Summer Survival Guide" or "Get Ready for Summer." Well, here's my list:

1) A bathing suit. Not just any bathing suit. A bathing suit that actually fits properly! No one wants to be spilliing out of her top when she's trying to take a dip in the ocean. This part of Summer is always tricky. I don't know a single girl who enjoys the process of trying on a million different suits. But that's really what you have to do in order to see what works and what doesn't on your body. There are so many brands at varying price points that a cute, well fitting suit shouldn't be too hard to find.

These by Victorias Secret are colorful and girly without exposing too much.

2) Now that you have the perfect suit, it's time to go play in the sun! Just don't forget to wear sunscreen. I admit, I love getting a nice tan. When I was in high school, I never wore sunscreen which I now realize was a huge mistake. But it's never too late to correct past bad behaviors so I slather on the stuff generously and often. I personally love CopperTones Oil Free Sunscreen because it rubs into the skin quickly and I don't have to worry about it clogging my pores and causing a break out. And, even though I consistently wear sunscreen, I still manage to pull off a nice Summer glow. If you spend enough time in the sun, even wearing tons of sun protection, you will still get a bit of color. The rest you can fake with...

3) Bronzer! Bronzer is your best friend this time of year. I like to stick with matte bronzer on my face, although I like to use one with shimmer on my cheekbones for some added radiance. On the rest of my body, I have been using L'oreal's Sublime Bronze Tinted Gel for instant glowy gratification. The best part is that it washes right off in the shower. Otherwise, a good self tanner does the same job, but it lasts.

4) Easy makeup and hair are the best parts of Summer in my opinion, at least in terms of getting ready. I usually switch over to my Korres tinted moisturizer and cream products such as blush. I love dewy makeup in the Summer. A single shimmery shadow, a little bit of liner, and some water proof mascara and I'm out the door. Also, don't be afraid to use a fun, bright lipgloss. Corals are really popular this year, but pinks are always pretty too. For something more subtle, a good nude lip complements golden skin. Just don't forget SPF! As for hair, I like to put down the blow dryer and straightener as much as possible, especially on days off. I use a little bit of wave spray or texturizer to amp up my natural waves. Just do whatever feels easiest to you.

5) Bright Nail Polish. The only time of the year I feel like I can really get away with just about any color. Take your pick!

6) Lastly, Summer dressing should be effortless and fun as well. I live in dresses and sandals. There are so many options out there that it's easy to find things within your budget.

Go for color! I still wear black too, but color feels fresher (and literally cooler).

I know my list could go on and on because this is my favorite time of the year! I also want to mention hats and sunglasses, two very important Summer items. Other than that, what are your essentials?


  1. Great post :) my summer essentials are pretty much the same as yours, I've been loving wearing hardly any makeup lately. I haven't been wearing any foundation, only cheek tint, mascara, and some lip blam. Gotta love summer!

  2. Thanks Caitlin ♥ I wish Summer was year-round!

  3. How's does the L'oreal one day tinted gel apply? Not streaky I hope, I've been contemplating on getting it.

  4. Krystyles: I really like it! It's definitely a gel so it applies pretty smoothly. Sometimes it clumps up a little bit, especially around the knees and ankles but I mix in some regular lotion with it and it works great. That's how I normally use it, with lotion. It's very subtle though so if you're looking for full coverage or something that's going to give a lot of color than I would skip it and go for a regular self-tanner instead. I like it because it just gives a nice sheen to my dry legs ;)

  5. I am so with you on the minimal makeup! I never thought I'd be that way, but I have been lately!

    It's too bad we were in NYC a few days apart! It would've been fun to meet up for a quick SoHo shipping spree LOL I'll be posting pics and such tomorrow :)

  6. Thanks Noelle! I think I'll try that method to mix with lotion especially around my knees and ankles cause it never applies right around those areas.

  7. Deanna: I know, that would have been so fun to meet up! I seriously can't wait for your post! I'm going to be gone most of this weekend but I'll be sure to check it out when I get home ;)

    Krystyles: Let me know how you like it if you end up getting it!

  8. My summer must haves are pretty much the same with you except that I love floral summer dresses! I am just so into flowers=) and of course sunscreen because i am so scared to have my skin burned! Fab post!

  9. Great tips darling! I'm going to try that L'oreal tinted gel! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. **pats my shoulder**

    From this list I am doing summer right :)

    I have soo been eyeing that 2nd VS swimsuit. It is just so cute.

  11. TheGhettoGirls: I love florals for Summer too! Anything that's sort of bohemian and colorful is so pretty right now.

    Dancinginchiffon: Good, I hope you like it! Remember to mix some lotion with it and it will go on like a dream ;)

    April: Lol, I'm sure you are!

  12. I used the Loreal bronzer last year. It's time to get another bottle :).

    I gave you an award on my blog. Hope you will check it out.

  13. PetiteGorgeous: Thank you! I will blog about the award within the next day or two ;)


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