I normally lust after beautiful clothes and shoes, but recently I have formed a little wishlist of some beauty products that I have to have! Most of them are of the "higher end" variety, and thus why I am lusting and not buying. Hopefully one by one, I can check these off my list. Or wait for my birthday next month (are you reading this Boyfriend?)
Rajasthan eyeshadow duo

Sephora Exclusive lipglosses (in Albatross and Luxor)
~Photos courtesy of Temptalia~

Viktor & Rolf:

Flowerbomb: La Vie En Rose. It's a bit more citrus than the original.

By Terry: Baume de Rose

Phyto: Hydrating botanical cream and Restructuring masque

They all look so luxurious. 

Oh, and I was reading my latest edition of InStyle last night and I came across this quote from Marc Jacobs, design genius. Interviewer: Do you feel you have an atypical vision of beauty? MJ: "Well, what one finds beautiful is subjective, and happily, so skin deep. I like imperfections. I'm just wired that way. It's how I see myself, I guess. Age doesn't matter. What matters more are people who are interested in the variety of life and exploring the life outside their comfort zone. People like Sofia Coppola are representative of this spirit. She is a mom, a daughter, and an artist. She has a special eye, a unique voice, and the curiosity to explore. Couple that with an unconventional physical appeal and what comes through is style - real style, as opposed to someone who is conventionally beautiful and radiates perfection. When you aren't handed the pass of physical beauty, you have to mine other talents, and sometimes that makes you more interesting." In a world filled with plastic surgery, youth obsession, and celeb wannabe's, his point of view is so refreshing. Just a thought to leave you with Readers, since I just compiled a "beauty" wishlist.
♥ Noelle


  1. I like this wishlist, I might get the original Flowerbomb.:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Marie: Isn't it such a beautiful scent? I have a little rollerball perfume of the original Flowerbomb and I use it daily. La Vie En Rose just wears and settles better on my skin, which is why I want that version. Both are expensive!

  3. Love Marc Jacobs, he's just so cool! Love everything on your list, mine keeps getting longer, lol. Oh, and I sniffed that perfume at Sephora this weekend, it smells so nice!

  4. thestartsteam: The lists are never-ending, I feel your pain! I'm happy you like the perfume as well =)

  5. Those Nars goodies look so good =)

  6. nice picks ,, i like the glosses also =)

  7. Miss Kimmy and Princess Feef: Thanks ladies!


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