When I was in high school, I used to change my purse every week. Sometimes every day! I look back at some of my fashion faux pas from those angsty teen years and laugh. I can't believe some of the purses I carried. They were all teeny-tiny and of course matched my outfits perfectly, color and all. Yuck. I'm happy I got rid of all of them a couple years ago when I was sifting through my closet and realized that so much of my old wardrobe needed to go. These days, I don't really switch bags very often. Occasionally yes, especially if I feel like I'm neglecting one but generally I carry the same one. All of my bags are neutral in color and so they can all interchange and mesh effortlessly with everything I wear. If you read this little blog AT ALL, you know that one of my goals in life is to own a Chanel. Silly goal to have according to some of my male friends, but this coming from guys who are coveting toy helicopters. Hmmmmm. Right. Since I can't yet afford a Chanel, I have tried desperately to not purchase anymore hand bags. Save up for a really amazing one! I was doing so well Readers (minus the Mulberry for Target bag, which my mom has stolen from me. I let her keep it). Then I walked into Zara yesterday and spied this:

I love her. Soft AND quilted AND Charcoal? I had to.

The best part is that it's completely practical. There are pockets everywhere to hold all of my things.

I've already made the switch. My Michael Kors and H&M bags are retiring for a bit.

On another note, I also walked into Anthro yesterday and became deliriously happy with the scent of voluspa candles wafting everywhere. I recently started following Anthroholic's Blog as well as a few other girls who have inspired me to jump on the Anthro bandwagon whole-heartedly. Don't get me wrong, I've always liked Anthropologie but it was never that accessible to me. Now a bunch of new stores have cropped up around me so I have no more excuses not to go.

I walked out with two more grey pieces. Hey, grey is the IT color of the season is it not?

I got this in a Size S. I've seen tons of other bloggers in this, and I knew I had to have it. Looks great with jeans!

I know. It's a hoodie. But this looks so cute on! The ruffle down the front is adorable. Plus, I don't own a single hoodie anymore and I needed one for work. Ha, that makes me smile. The fact that I need a hoodie to wear to work is hilarious to me =)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday! One of my good friends is getting married tomorrow and I'm so happy for her! I'll have pictures up hopefully on Sunday before I have to go to work...
♥ Noelle


  1. The bag is such a beauty! Glad you purchased it. I'm liking Anthro's most recent new arrivals. And yes, I love the way they decorated the store :).

  2. That bag is PERFECT for you, I am so happy you found one so similiar to the Chanel. I also have not been a huge fan of Anthropologie because we don't have one where I live and I am scared to buy online due to not being familiar with the sizing there. Maybe one will open up soon!


  3. Hi! :) I'm hosting my very first giveaway. If you are interested in entering, feel free to check out my blog for details. Good luck to you!



  4. Cute new bag! I'm still saving for my Chanel bag and I have a waaays to go...hahaha Love the hoodie, too!

  5. Sydney: When I was in there yesterday, the employees were decorating the store with Christmas decorations. I can't believe the Holidays are almost here!

    Ashley: I hope one opens up soon! I agree, I don't feel comfortable ordering online unless I know what the sizing is like. So far, Anthro seems pretty TTS in my opinion.

    Michelle: A giveaway!

    Dye-A-Graham: Thank you. I'm still saving too! I really am so I should stop shopping so much =)

  6. Great find on that bag, it's really, really nice!
    I love that hoodie, it's such an elegant twist on a grey hoodie!

  7. I love anthro! Watch - you will be obsessed soon!
    Great buys!

  8. i need that bag! love love love!

  9. Saving for a drool-worthy bag can be sooo hard, especially when there are so many other cute bags that catch your eye in the mean-time. Good luck with the saving, you'll love a "real" Chanel!

  10. Noelle, that bag is gorgeous! I'm going to sneak out to Zara this weekend to check it out. Hope you don't mind ;)

    Have a FABULOUS weekend!

    <3, natasha @ twenty-something blog

  11. Hi!:D I think the bag is a great buy, it has a classic design and I am loving the pockets.:D

    I like the Clad Hoodie, the ruffles got me.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. So glad you got the Volante tee from anthro its one of my fave pieces too. Its so funny that you say you just started shopping anthro because so did i. hahaha!! Love the bag...im loving grey for fall too.


  13. i love your hauls especially the first top and the bag.. =)

  14. the bag is gorgeous and so are you! :) followed your blog. :)

  15. I loveee gray! And adore those pieces

  16. That bag is gorgeous! I really need a new bag! I'm lusting after a Marc Jacobs one, but I am a poor college student LOL. & those peices from antrho are to die for! I don't usually wear hoodies, but I would so wear that one xo

  17. Super cute buys! I love grey. Most of my winter wardrobe is grey or black :)


  18. OMG I swear the other day I got rid of all my purses and bags that I never use. I have too many that was just eating dust lol. I used to change my purses a lot too...its soo funny.

  19. I always find changing bags every day is such a hassle! You have to pull all your things out, put them back etc etc. But good on you!

    I think that bag is a great alternative to a Chanel. Hope you had a lovely weekend x


  20. Thank you so much for commenting girls. It was a fun shopping trip and I am happy you enjoyed reading ♥

  21. Uh oh Noelle! You drank the Anthro Kool-aid! hahah! LOVE Anthro and that beautiful new bag of yours!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  22. Vivian: I know, I'm hooked now! I keep reading other Anthro blogs and wanting more to fill my tiny closet ;)

  23. Noelle-I think we need to make a trip to anthro together! LIKE ASAP! :) Love that shirt...

  24. Katie: We should! I have no problem with that!


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