I had been waiting in eager anticipation to see Black Swan until Monday night. I don't typically recommend movies to people because everyone has different tastes. I can tell that some won't like this one due to some pretty graphic scenes that made the boyfriend and I blush (at least, I could feel myself blushing in the dark theatre). But I like psycho-sexual, creepy, what-the-hell-is-going-on thrillers. It fulfills some sort of curiosity in me. The fact that I studied Psychology and actually enjoyed reading Freud helps further this little 'ol fact about yours truly. So do I recommend it? I do! I loved every minute of it, and am contemplating seeing it again.

The film has already been nominated for four Golden Globes, including best actress for Natalie Portman. She gives the performance of her career. I didn't take my eyes off her the entire movie. She was captivating and beautiful.

I'm really into ballerina buns right now.

Boyfriend's favorite actresses, together in one movie =)

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Have you seen Black Swan? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
♥ Noelle


  1. I loved it! From one psychology girl to another. hehe. :)

  2. I just watched this last night and also posted my 2 cents about it! hehe.
    I really liked it, for it's unique aspect - you definitely will never see another movie like it!
    It was a fleeting piece of art on the screen, I was so enthralled thoughout. I usually like a bit more of a complicated and layered plot, but the performances were next to none. Do you like Aronofsky's other films too? I find the general feel of them pretty similar..

  3. I can't wait to watch this! Having been a ballerina before, I am curious to find out what this movie is really about.

  4. I haven't seen it yet but am planning on it. Didn't realize Mila Kunis is in the movie as well.

  5. I just watched it on Sunday and thought it was so interesting! It really leaves you thinking about what really happened and what didn't. Natalie's performance was definitely the best of her career, she was phenomenal

  6. I can't wait to see this! I love thrillers. I showed my H the sex scene (it was leaked online) and I'm pretty sure I could convince him to go watch a ballerina movie with me now ;) lol, blushing is right!!!

  7. I couldn't agree more! I've already seen it twice. Natalie Portman was amazing in it.

  8. Justine: =)

    Kim: Yes, I have seen one other Aronofsky film, Requiem for a Dream. I definitely see similarities between the two films. Requiem gave me nightmares for quite awhile! Not because it was scary, but because it was raw and painful to watch. The characters have stayed with me, and that's how I feel about Black Swan. It's one of those pieces that sticks with you.

    Livia: It isn't happy, that's for sure! If you see it, I'd love to hear your take since you have experience in that world.

    Lilly: Let me know how you like it! Yes, Mila is in it and my bf loves her ;)

    Miss k: Wasn't she incredible? I hope she wins some awards!

    Andi: Oh my Gawd Andi! I haven't ever seen so much...sexuality in a movie! At least nothing that comes to mind. Totally blushworthy, especially in a crowded theatre where you could hear a pin drop ;)

  9. Meghan: Well good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a bit obsessed! I'm sure some will disagree, as hype tends to create weird expectations. But I loved it!

  10. I'm dying to see this movie...just haven't found the time to. Ha! Natalie and Mila are also my two favorite actresses! :)

    <3, natasha

  11. Natasha: Go see it! If you love Mila and Natalie, this one's a must see =)

  12. Noelle!! What did you get for XMAS? I hope you had a good one! I will see you in less than a week to ring in NYE 2011! I hope we both have a really good year! Love you!

  13. I can't wait to watch this, thanks for the review!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. Katie: I will share a couple favorites in a moment here ;) I can't wait to see you!

    Marie: Let me know how you like it if and when you see it!


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