Rose gold has become such a popular trend! Everywhere I go, this pretty shade of blush lures me in. I find rose gold to be ultra flattering on every skin tone, and it's a refreshing change from your standard white or yellow. I don't currently have anything in this girly color, but here are some pieces that I am loving.

I apologize for the very short post. I have been sick with a sinus infection for a few days now and my energy isn't all there. I hope you all are healthy, happy, and having a great week!
♥ Noelle


  1. i really like the watch! i hope you feel better!

    <3, Mimi

  2. I hope you feel better!

    I love the watch, I've been wanting a gold/rose gold MK watch for a while now. Really liking the ring too :)

  3. Mimi: Thank you dear. I have medicine to help the process along now!

    Lilly: I love that ring! I've seen it in person and the color is just beautiful. I think I might have to get it the next time I shop ;) As for the MK watches...I think they are classic and pretty in every style/color. You can't go wrong with one of Michael's watches.

  4. we love MK watches!
    Izzy And Maria

  5. I'm not really into gold too much (the yellow kind) but I love this rose gold!!! Gorgeous!

  6. Feel better love!
    I also LOVE rose gold, big shocker there:)
    I would love the Cartier trinity ring with yellow, white and rose.
    Rose seems so feminine and just pretty to me.

  7. Glamtimee: Yes indeed!

    Lindsay: It's so funny because I didn't used to be either. I thought it looked dated. I completely disagree now and really love yellow and rose gold. I love it all!

    Andi: Thank you sweetie. That cartier ring sounds gorg! Rose gold is so feminine, probably why we love it so ;)

  8. Love the saddle ring! It's good to see that there are more rose gold options out there...they seem hard to come by!

    Hope you're feeling better! xo

  9. totally agree! loving rose gold as well xo

  10. It really is! I am wanting a rose gold watch for spring/summer!

  11. Ooooh no! I hope you feel better soon! I'll be doing my Get Better Dance over here and sending good vibes your way. I've noticed a lot of rose gold lately, too -- and I want ALL of the earrings you posted!

  12. rose gold is my faveeee. its just perfection. btw, i really enjoyed reading your posts. be back soon! xo

  13. Those first earrings and that Michael Kors watch... I die!
    xo Josie

  14. gorgeous pieces :)
    loving those earrings!! x

  15. Natasha: LOVE that saddle ring for sure!

    Andee and Katie: Rose gold all around ;)

    Amy: Aww, thank you sweetie! I can just picture you doing a little dance =)

    Cryskay: Thank you, that's a very nice compliment!

    Josie: Right?! Me too!

    R May A: Yes, the earrings are not only pretty but also versatile and budget friendly. Can't go wrong!

  16. I love the watch, and I like silver better. That watch may just change my mind.


  17. I love rose gold- it's a little vintagey. I even have a little on my wedding ring. Gorgeous.

  18. I wasn't really fan of rose gold, but pretty much seeing it every where now, it is growing on me. I love MK watch. I hope you get well soon.



  19. Ace Journalist: Lol, that's how I am too =) I gravitate towards silver all the time, even though I really like yellow and rose gold now.

    Melissa: It is vintage feeling, and I love that!

    Sarmin: Thank you ♥


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