I must confess: You would think that a girl that loves cosmetics and fashion would undoubtedly love decorating and home furnishings. They all resemble each other and go hand in hand right? Unfortunately, when it comes to decorating I am sort of clueless. Not that I don't know what colors and fabrics look good together, but I think my problem lies in the fact that I am indifferent about it all. I would rather adorn my own body than adorn my bedroom. My boyfriend and I are saving to buy our own condo, and I am hoping (almost certain) that when the time comes, I will be more willing and more interested in making our little house a home.

There is one thing that I do look for when buying little treasures for my house, and that's price and originality. I like things that look vintage, one of a kind, and that don't cost very much money. Because let's face it, I'd rather buy a lamp that costs less then twenty dollars and put the rest of my money away for a fabulous bag ;)

I bought these vintage looking shoe boxes at TJ-Maxx for two dollars! I was just browsing, looking for a pretty jewelry box but stumbled upon these pretties instead. I already put two pairs of shoes in them and they look so great in my closet. I wouldn't recommend using these for all shoes. I like shoe racks or clear containers to keep them orderly and neat. But a couple of these to house my special pairs = perfect! The other box was also found at TJ-Maxx. I put my favorite scarves in it.

  These little trinkets were on a sale cart at Pier One Imports. I liked the little box that resembles an old book. I am still on the hunt for the perfect looking jewelry box to store my nicer peices in, but this will do for now. I used it for my Chanel earrings and my giant YSL Arty. The baby pink eiffel tower figurine is actually a piggy bank! I am keeping it on my vanity, just as a reminder that I must visit Paris one day ;)

How do you like to store your jewelry, shoes...anything really? I would appreciate any tips! Any jewelry box ideas or places I should look? Remember, I want something vintage inspired and also one that isn't too large! Thank you girls.
♥ Noelle


  1. I used to have a nice set up for my stash, but since moving I keep the basics on the top of my dresser and everything else in a bag in the closet, not exactly ideal.

    I have a problem with home decoration too. I love looking for inspiration, but when it comes to my own space I very much have a "I'll only be here for a year so why bother" mentality. Which is so wrong. It would be much better if I'd put some effort into it.

    PS Your new bag from Aldo is gorge. After reading your post I happened to be near an Aldo that same day and I went in hoping to find one similar but sadly my store didn't have a good selection. Maybe next time!

  2. noelle---I use a white tray from west elm for my jewelry (rectangle shape) and I use a west elm jewelry box for the rest of it :) It's clean and simple, I love the modern lines.

  3. Oh I am probably the opposite end of the spectrum I can't get enough home decor, everytime I move I feel the urge to redecorate. At least I will say when I do that I donate all old items. I actually have a jewelry armoir that I really like, I got it at JcPenney but they are pretty common, the reason I got it was it was the only thing I could find to store necklaces without getting them tangled. I have a walk in closet so I keep it in there, it has space to organize all my jewelry, I don't have a ton of jewelry but if I get more I have room for it and its perfect for the necklaces. I also use the extra drawers to store sunglasses and other small accesories.

  4. Emily: I share that same mentality Emily! I figure that since I am planning on moving within the next year or so, why bother to reaarange or put so much energy into redecorating? I just like to simplify as often as I can and that's all I'm really trying to do right now. I want to simplify my entire life!
    I'm sorry you didn't find the Aldo bag. Hopefully next time =)

    V: Thank you for the tip. You always offer the best advice!

    Jennifer: That sounds great, I bet the armoir holds everything you could possibly need. I'll have to keep that in mind. My space right now is just so limited! I can't wait to move ;)

  5. you're not alone, i am not very good at decorating either! i have a vision in my head about how i want a room to look, but i can't quite make that vision a reality. :/

    <3, Mimi

  6. When my husband and I bought our first house, we went crazy decorating it! Every extra cent we had was spent before it was even earned. LOL! We're back to living in an apartment, and definitely miss being able to control what color the walls are and things like that.

    I use a tiny glass dish to hold the jewelry I wear daily. You can find lots of vintage and pretty multipurpose containers on Etsy. I also use a small ceramic box my Mom picked up for me in Alaska to store my precious stone jewelry. Sadly, the rest of my stuff is either in a shoebox, or hung up on a couple nails in our closet. (Ghetto, I know! I have a platinum diamond necklace hanging off a NAIL. Shame on me!)


  7. Cute! I bet once you have your own place you will want to decorate it more...I always think of all the fab parties that I can have to show it all off..although, as you know..I haven't really had any...well you know how I store my jewelry..I like using the white bathroom cabinet so it shows it all, but it is small enough to keep organized..well have fun hunting for something!

  8. I have this jewelry box:


    and I absolutely love it! I think it looks vintage and classic.


  9. Thank you for the tips and ideas girls! I think using little dishes or bowls to store rings is a great option!

    Natasha: It's beautiful! I love it!

  10. I like that piggy bank...so cute. You should definitely go to Paris. It was amazing. I hope to go in March while in Italy. Crossing my fingers..

  11. Aww, I'm sure that when you finally move into a place that's really all yours, you'll love decorating it! I had a blast decorating my apartment, even though I'm not very good at it, haha! The shoe boxes are really cute! My shoes are all over the place right now, unfortunately. Sigh. All of my jewelry is messily piled up in a nice porcelain plate on my nightstand. It looks great, but it's not the most convenient, haha! One storage thing that I *do* have under control, though, is my baking goods -- I keep them all stored in clear glass containers with a swish of chalkboard paint on the front, where I wrote what is inside them. I have one for all-purpose flour, bread flour, sugar, light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, etc, etc... It looks really great!

  12. Nina: I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    Amy: Organization can be so difficult! Thank you for the advice dear =)

  13. I just purchased a jewelry rack from Macy's a few weeks ago. I am in love with it! It holds my bracelets, necklaces and even some watches. I keep my "real" jewelry in a Things Remembered box that an ex-boyfriend gifted me a few years ago.

    <3, natasha

  14. I love the pink effiel tower! I enjoy looking at beautiful home decor, but it's not really my thing and I'm just happy when the house is clean :)


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