Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all celebrated with the ones you love and are having a great start to 2011. Isn't it so awkward to write the date? It's going to take me awhile to get used to!

I started this blog over a year ago to share my love of beauty products. It didn't morph into fashion as well as beauty until a few months later, when I realized that I love clothes and accessories just as much as I love lipstick and blush. But to kick off 2011, I have been wanting to share some skincare products that I am absolutely in love with. I have no problem recommending all three to each and every one of you!

First on my skincare must-have is the Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I first heard about this eye cream on YouTube, but I now know many other bloggers who swear by it as well. This doesn't contain any anti-aging components, none at least I am aware of. If you're interested in banishing fine lines and wrinkles, I suggest trying another product (or a dermatologist). What this product is great for is moisture. I put this on every morning before I do my undereye concealer, and it acts as the perfect base for smooth application. My undereye area has never looked brighter, or felt more supple. This retails for $25.50, but a little dab goes a long way.

The second product I'm obsessed with at the moment is another popular item here on blogger: The Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads by Philosophy. These pads contain lactic acid that "help exfoliate and smooth skin." I use one at night right before bedtime when my skin has been cleansed. I am still using Cetaphil cleanser which I also recommend. Once all traces of makeup are gone, I swipe a pad across my face, concentrating on areas where I have large pores and where I am prone to breakouts. This is usually my chin, forehead, and cheeks. I have used the Philosophy pads for almost a month and I can honestly atest that they are saving my skin. My pores look and feel tighter, and I haven't had a major breakout since I started incorporating them into my routine.

Ok, so I just received these as a gift from my best friend Katie. We celebrated NYE together and it was our chance to exchange Christmas presents. She went above and beyond what she should have (thank you!) but I am so happy she introduced me to these, purchased from Forever 21:
No joke girls, these are the nicest makeup remover wipes I've ever tried and I have tried several different brands, including Korres and MAC. They smell exactly like roses, are super moist, and remove all my eye makeup without any tugging or pulling. I am stocking up the next time I make a Forever 21 trip. Try them!

Have you already tried any of these products? Are you using something on your skin that I should look into?
♥ Noelle


  1. I'm going to have to try those pads. The pores on my cheeks are awful.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. RAW: Let me know how you like them if you do buy a jar!

  3. Shut up! F21 makeup remover pads? Goodness, I have probably tried everything in the world to remove my eye makeup, and haven't found anything that I love. I'm totally trying these asap. The mini peel sounds amazing too! Awesome post, Noelle! I love your product reviews.

  4. I am gonna try some of those pads...stay tuned!!

  5. sounds good , i would have to try those


  6. My favourite peeling is ground coffee with sourcream, it's amazing for skin ... if you like it, use it once a week!

  7. I've read a few reviews about those pads but have yet to buy them. One of these days :)

  8. Jessica: The wipes are only $2.80! It was one of the best gifts I got because up until I tried them, I was using the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes. I still like those too, but they are much more expensive. I'm happy you like my reviews ;)

    Ashley and laxfashion: I hope you do!

    moccaffee: Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of that before.

    Lilly: Let me know when you do!

  9. So glad you have found some products that work so well for you!
    I love those peel pads as you know and the eye cream sounds perfect, I love that it's a good base for concealer.

  10. I am going to go buy the philosophy product this weekend! thanks for the suggestions :) huge fan of your blog!

  11. noelle---so glad you love the peel pads---I know andi and I are obsessed! I can't even believe how great they are.

    happy 2011!

    i also love that eye cream---I use it at night only though because i really glop it on!

  12. thanks for the review :)

    i really want to try the peeling pads.

  13. I like the look of those make up wipes but I don't know if they're available in the Uk..
    lovely reviews :)

  14. Andi: I picked them up basically on your rec! As well as Veronika's too ;) I'm glad I listened to you girls because I am loving the pads. I just wish they were a tiny bit cheaper.

    potpiedumonde: Thank you, I'm happy you enjoy reading! Please let me know how you like them!

    V: Yes, I just commented to Andi that I purchased the pads because of your recommendations! I love the eye cream so much as well, thank you for mentioning it on your blog.

    Mikaela: You're very welcome =)

    R May A: Hmmmmm, they may not be if you don't have a Forever 21 near you. I'm sure ordering them online would be a pain, due to high shipping rates! I hope you find some you love too!

  15. Oh! I want to try the Kiehl's eye cream :)

  16. HOla..I finally am on the computer this week! I'm glad you liked your presents deary! I def. love mine! I have been majorly lagging on blogging lately, but hopefully I will do some this weekend! I want to get some of those wipes too! I had two sets in my hand and then put one back..now I'm mad at myself for doing that!

  17. I just ordered the Philosophy Pads and can't wait to try them based on yours and Veronika's recommendation! Thanks so much!


  18. great post love! I need to try those mini peels xo

  19. I use the Kiehl's stuff too, and it's wonderful! It's super-powered moisture with no greasy feeling. It absorbs really quickly too.


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