I always go alone. And although I enjoy the "me" time it provides, having a partner in crime in the dressing room would most definitely be helpful. Should I size up or size down? Does this color suit me? And the most obnoxious question in the world to tumble out of a woman's mouth, " Does this make me look fat?" Hey, it's an important question, one I can't really answer on my own. So I normally end up putting items on hold while I mull them over. Lately, and as part of my New Year's Resolution, I am only going home with things I love or need in my closet. I took a little trip to Forever 21 today, camera ready to take some dressing room shots.  I love seeing these posts on other blogs. However, there was only one problem: I forgot to charge my camera and I only got one picture of a dress I was trying on before it died! I was so disappointed! I think I actually cursed. With the loud music blaring throughout the store, nobody heard. I think.

This dotted number DID NOT come home with me. Cute, but way too baggy on top and I felt it was incredibly unflattering.

Then..........Camera died. But I was just getting started! Hmmmmmmm.

However, I found the dress that did come home with me on the website.

Love the pockets, the tiny cream polka dots against the black background, and the full lining. It's been very chilly here, but I can't wait to wear this with a skinny belt, cardigan, and my new heels.

While reading Veronika's Blog, I noticed that many girls were recommending Nine West's Ambitious Pumps. I've been searching for platforms, and the hunt continues. I tried several pretty pairs on,  But they were all either far too tall for me or out of my price range. But then these caught my eye and I remembered the raves they received on her blog. They aren't platforms, but they are gorgeous and extremely comfortable. I would say the heel height is about three inches which is perfect. I love the classic look and  shiny patent is beautiful if done correctly.  

So overall, my attempt at taking you with me to shop was a giant fail. I love the idea, so my next attempt will be better. I promise.

Thank you for reading,
♥ Noelle


  1. We are two people one soul! LOL As we discussed earlier I too had a successful trip to Forever 21 today on my lunch break! You are the only person I actually enjoy shopping with! Cute dress and shoes! Hopefully I'll see u Sunday! ;)

  2. Katie: Ditto! I know, when you sent me that text I actually chuckled. I did some Forever 21 shopping too I thought to myself =) I hope to see you soon!

  3. Congrats on the Ambitious heels purchase! They are my favorite pair of pumps. I have 'em in suede tan, but I'm tempted to purchase in patent leather black.

    Can't wait to see your fitting room posts - I enjoy thoes as well :)

    xoxo, natasha

  4. These are really gorgeous! I returned mine but never exchanged them for a different size. Can't wait to see them on you. :)

  5. Natasha: Thank you, I saw your comment on her blog and I also remembered seeing them on your blog as well. They are so cute! It's funny because macy's was actually having some sort of sale today so I got them for 15% off. I think the total was about 60 after taxes, so I am very happy with my purchase! I hope they last longer than JS shoes lol ;) V's little rant was fun to read. I want to try Cole Haan one day too because it was also recommended a lot.

    Lilly: Ok, so sizing is off right? I normally get a size 6 and a half, but these are 7. The 6 1/2's were way too tight on me! I haven't worn heels in a size 7 in so long. They fit well though.

  6. Sorry about the camera, I am looking forward to seeing more Shop with Me posts from you.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Love those Nine West pumps - I have to remember to check them out the next time I'm at the mall. They look very classy and gorgeous.

  8. Have the 9 West pumps and LOVE them!!! Hope they treat you well! xo

  9. Your new dress is SO cute. Are those pockets I spot? OBSESSED.
    xo Josie

  10. Marie: Thank you =)

    Ella Pretty Blog: Thank you, they are also very comfortable.

    Natasha: Thank you! I'm sure they will ;)

    Josie: Yes, pockets! I thought they would make me look hippier, but they are so cute! The dress looks great with a little cardi or blazer thrown over it too. Thank you Josie ♥

  11. i love the black pumps! and i've never been shopping by myself, i always have either my sister/s or my mom with me. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  12. Mimi: Thank you =) I wish I had girls to shop with! Sometimes I go with my mom, but that's very rare these days. Her and I have very different tastes lol.

  13. love those heels :) i think i actually need to buy a second pair with a lower heel too :) waiting for a sale!

  14. V: Thank you, I think you would like them too. The heel is perfect! I think it would be appropriate for any event or occasion. I got mine 15% off during a sale Macy's was having on Thursday.

  15. Great post!! Thanks for the info!


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