After what seemed like forever, my Zoya polishes arrived last Friday. I originally blogged about them here, way back on January 5th. I'm sure shipping isn't normally that painfully slow, but the promotion they had going on backed up the process. This is my hope anyway.

L to R: Valerie, Pinta, Demi, Edyta, LC.
~ With Flash~

~Without Flash~

I wore the bright reddened coral, LC, all weekend and was very pleased with the smooth formula, opacity, and wear. I have tested each color out and two coats provide the hue that is seen in the bottle. I've read rave reviews on many blogs and now I understand why. Dare I say these are superior to OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and Sephora by OPI? Yup! You bet they are. My only complaint is that I have to order Zoya online. I wish they were more easily accessible.  But, good thing they aren't because otherwise I would have another addiction on my hands ;)

Have you tried Zoya?
♥ Noelle


  1. they're pretty nail polish, I love the colors that are not common <3


  2. these all look beautiful im yet to try this brand xx

  3. Great choices! My order took forever to come as well! It doesn't take that long when there isn't a promo going on though, so no worries. :)

    Do you have an Ulta near you? My Ulta carries Zoya. They don't have the full color line but they carry all the new collections that come out, so you might want to check Ulta. :)

  4. Beautiful colours - I especially love Valerie. I've been wanting to try out Zoya base coat and nail polish removeer - apparently they are very gentle and effective.

    I also really like Zoya's square packaging!

  5. Meritxell: I do too! I used to only be a nude or light pink type of girl, but now there really isn't a single color that I won't use. As long as the nails are short and neat, any color will look great!

    Nicolette: You won't be disappointed if you do!

    Crystal: Really? I've never noticed any Zoya at both of the Ultas I frequent. I will have to ask an SA next time! I would be so happy to find them.

    Ella Pretty Blog: Thank you! Valerie is gorgeous, I am wearing it on my toes ;) I love Zoya's bottles as well.

  6. I love Zoya! One of my favorite Spring/Summer colors is Happi its such a unique, gorgeous golden pink.

  7. Jennifer: It sounds pretty!

  8. I heart the coral color! I just got gel nails done for the first time this past weekend...have you ever tried? It's SO neat...no chipping! :)

  9. Edyta looks like a fun color!

  10. They are though! The beauty supply by my house carries them! UH OH...Next time you come we have to go!

  11. pretty colors!! not only have i never tried Zoya I have never heard of it. But it looks cooL!! haapy Vday week, hope friday gets here fast! xoxo

  12. Natasha: No, I've never gotten gel nails before but I've heard great things about them!

    Natasha xoxo: I love it! It's such a multidimensional color, with flecks of green, grey, and gold. I am wearing that one next!

    Katie: Really? Lucky! Ive even looked at beauty supplys around here and no luck with finding Zoya. We will have to go next time!

    Amber: Same to you! I can't wait til tomorrow because I have a three day weekend =)

  13. Hi Noelle! I haven't tried Zoya, but been wanting to try them and now def will bc these all look like pretty colors! Yes, the YSL ring is such a beautiful ring and so happy I have in my collection! Xx -Jackie

  14. Jackie: Zoya has SO many colors to choose from! I think there's something for everyone ;) Oh and I'm obsessed with the Artys!

  15. Wow I have never used Zoya but definitely must try now! The shades are really gorgeous- what are your favorite colors? Do you usually apply more than 2 coats? love your blog btw!

  16. Potpie du monde: Thank you ♥ With other brands of polish, especially Essie, I apply three coats or even more. With all of the Zoya, only two is needed and I love that! My favorites are LC and Edyta. But I really love them all!

  17. Cute color choices! I was going to pick Edyta, but instead went for Crystal. I love Zoya! I think for the price of the polishes, they're the best bang for your buck, and an extra kudo to Art of Beauty (the company that manufacturers Zoya) for not testing their products on animals. I never had an issue with ordering online, and have always received my polishes usually within a week. I sure hope they won't start to have issues w/ shipping their nail polishes out in a timely manner! :-\

  18. These nailpolishes are beautiful! I really want to try these out, but ordering online is a bit annoying. I heard the nail polish remover is really good also =)

  19. I really like LC and Valerie, very cute. I want to try them out :)


  20. libbeh♥: Crystal looks very pretty too! I think the shipping was slow because of the Facebook promo Zoya had at the time. It was get three polishes for free, all you had to do was pay for shipping. I bought five because I couldn't resist all the pretty colors.

    Vida: I've heard that as well =)

    Alien: You should! I really have zero problem recommending Zoya. I'm so happy with them!

  21. I haven't tried Zoya before, but perhaps I should! I love all the colors you ordered, so bright and pretty. I'm happy to hear they finally arrived ;)


  22. I've tried Zoya polishes before and I must agree, they were pretty good.:D

    Edyta is such a sophisticated shade, I want!

    ***** Marie *****

  23. Marie McGrath: Thank you! I hope you are able to try a few sometime, I highly recommend them.

    Marie: I wore Edyta all of this past weekend and I loved it as well. It's such a unique shade! It looks stunning.


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