I'm taking inspiration from everyone right now, including some from the beautiful Andi. She just wrote a blog post about Spring fashion, and looks that are inspiring her while she's under the weather this week. Given that I've been under the weather too, I figured what better way to put a giant grin on my face than to look at gorgeous pictures of gorgeous clothes?  'Nuf said.

Lauren Conrad. I love nude! I love her!

Can someone tell me who Mollie King is? Because I love her polka dot dress and chic bag.

Here she is again in sky high heels and skinnies - my favorite look for night!

I am seriously tempted to try a maxi skirt or dress this year. I've never been drawn to them as I'm short and I thought they might make me look even smaller. Hmmmmmm....Olivia Palermo looks perfect.

Taylor Swift. I LOVE sweet floral dresses and nude pumps.

I'm not done with tights just yet! And to think I was afraid to wear them!

Kristin Cavallari just makes me want to work out. I love her turquoise necklace.

 All images courtesy of The Vogue Diaries. It's such a fun blog to look through!

I also wanted to say thank you for all the kind words on my last post. I'm feeling much better since the accident. I'm just really sore and my neck is stiff, but the doctor told me I should feel more like myself starting next week.
Have a great Thursday!
♥ Noelle


  1. Love the shirt Kristen Cavallari is wearing! Actually the whole outfit is really cute! =)

  2. The Vogue Diaries is one of my new faves! I've been soo tempted to pull the trigger and buy Mollie's Top Shop dress, but I'm afraid I'd also need her tan to go with it. Glad you're feeling better!

    <3 Dominique

  3. Fabulous post Noelle! I love these pics and now I'm adding them back to my clean desktop :)
    I love LC and Kristen too, Mollie's looks are incredible. Love that printed dress.

  4. Thanks for that link, I never knew that blog existed-derr!!
    So glad you're feeling better, best wishes for a speedy recovery my love! <3

  5. Southern Domestic Bliss: I love that top too! I love the airy chiffon with the skinny pants. And the clutch is a nice touch. I'm in love with clutches again! I used to carry one a lot back when I was in college, but then I stopped for a long time.

    Dominique: Thank you, I appreciate it =)

    Andi: Thank YOU for inspiring me! I have a couple posts lined up but I haven't had the energy (or the movement) to do them. I still need some time to rest up before I get back into the swing of things =)

  6. Kristin's clutch is simply amazing. Must find out more about it.

  7. Ashley: It is really pretty! Classic too. I know it's called the Mia clutch, but it's by a designer I've never heard of before.

  8. Don't know who Mollie King is but will definitely have to check her out! I love the brown polka dot dress, mixed with the black leather jacket. LOVE this outfit! xx-Jackie

  9. I love Olivia's maxi with denim biker jacket .. I wanna try that!

  10. I Love all this inspiration! Makes me want to workout and go shopping! AH!

  11. Lauren looks AMAZING -- as usual! I adore her.
    xo Josie

  12. Jackie: I know, I still don't know who she is either! I supppose I should try googling her ;) Simple enough. The first picture of her is gorgeous!

    Kim's Vanity: Me too! From head to toe, Olivia looks amazing - as usual.

    Natasha: Lol, I know, right?! All I can think of when I see her is "Wow! Legs!"

    Josie: Her style is my ideal =)

  13. love these looks and sorry to hear about your accident---I missed the post---going to check it now

  14. I love your blog. Your style and vibe are great.

    Please check mine out and if you like it follow me back, id really appreciate the support!


  15. veronika: It's ok, no worries =0 I'm still sore but otherwise I'm doing well!

    Charlotte: Thank you! Your blog's name is too cute, I'll have to take a look.

  16. Great inspiration photos. I also LOVE Lauren Conrad. She always looks chic and flawless.
    Moving right along, you have to try a maxi dress or skirt. They are unbelievably chic as they are comfy. Try paring with wedges or heels to add height. You will fall in love.

  17. I missed the post, glad you are now okay.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. Hi just got my internet back :)
    Great post :) Mollie King is from a band called 'The Saturdays' in the UK.
    Take care x


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