I first participated in this tag here, when I first started the little blog. It's amusing to see how things have changed! Thank you to Ella for thinking of me =)

1. Most Worn Hair Product

2. Most Worn Lip Product: This will be a tie between See Sheer and Shy Girl lipsticks, both by MAC.
See Sheer worn here

And here

Wearing Shy Girl

3. Most Worn Earrings
Amazing Studs by Sonya Renee (She makes beautiful jewelry). When in doubt, these are my default studs.

4. Most Worn Shirt
You girls know this! My Anthro Volante Tee

5. Most Worn Nail Polish
I own so many bottles of polish, I rotate a lot! This is what I always use as my top coat - Seche Vite. I love the shine it gives as well as the speedy dry down, but be aware that this has harsh chemicals. I think I need to find a good replacement that's better for me.

6. Most Worn Shoes


Notice a trend? I ♥ flats for daytime!

7. Most Worn Perfume
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb  - La Vie En Rose (Sephora Exclusive)

8. Most Worn Bag
For the past few months...
Aldo Cyphert


My Charcoal Zara.

Now, I tag all of you! This is such a fun one to do, because it actually allows you to see what you're really using and obviously loving.
Happy Friday!
♥ Noelle


  1. I love this post! That Aldo bag looks so darn good. And those lipsticks are amazing on you.

  2. So I have a question about your Reva flats: I'm going to NYC in two weeks and I'm seriously thinking of getting these. I've wanted them for so long, but my question is, how comfortable are they? Did you have to break them in at first? Do they leave blisters?

  3. Love the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. It's a staple in my shower.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. This is cool! I'll participate :)

    And I'm in love with those studs!!!

  5. Andi: Thank you =) I love lipstick, that's for sure!

    Southern Domestic Bliss: Hi! Thank you for asking! Ok, so the infamous Tory Burch Revas: I highly, highly suggest sizing up! At least half a size. I did not do that, and I ended up taking them to Nordstrom and having them stretched because I purchased my usual size 6 1/2. I suggest going up a half size, maybe even one whole size. I haven't had any issues with blisters, but I don't wear them all day, every day. I would say the Revas are beautiful, classic, and iconic at this point. Comfortable? Slightly, but not the most comfortable flats I own. They do take some getting used to. However, I don't regret my purchase one bit, and if you do get a pair, I hope you feel the same. My best advice is tro try them on! I hope this helped!

    Kayla: Yes, I have purchased it several times and it's the best deep conditioner at such an afforable price.

  6. Lindsay: Good, I would love to see your answers!

  7. ohh I love aussie too, I'm addicted to their leave in conditioner. and love those flats you got!

  8. Great tag! I should do it too (=

  9. Loved seeing your choices! Those earrings are unbelievably gorgeous - are they from Exit Art (Current Custom's store)?

    That Anthro top is gorgeous - I'd wear it every day! Also love the flats with the polka dot ribbon - so dainty!

    I heard that the Dior topcoat has comparable lasting power to Seche Vite - without the toxicity! Much pricier though (I think it's CAD$22 here).

  10. I love 3 minute miracle, even more so since I can usually clip a coupon and get it for even cheaper! :) See Sheer is stunning on you, I will have to remember that one next time I'm near a MAC counter/store.

  11. Pop Champagne: I'm addicted too! I can't even tell you how many bottles I've bought!

    Gaby: Do it! It's fun =)

    Ella: Thanks again for the tag sweetie, I really enjoyed doing it this morning with my cup of coffee in hand. It's made me realize how much my tastes have changed and also stayed the same since I did it a couple years back.
    Yes, the studs are from Exit Art. The boy bought them for me ;)

    Ashley: Thank you! I think See Sheer is so underated in the beauty community, I never hear a word about it. It's such a wearable color, but still colorful if that makes sense. It's good for girls who don't wear a lot of reds or pinks but want to start.

  12. great post!!! love your picks too :)

  13. noelle that first pic of you is goregous and i love that top coat stuff too! xo

  14. How fun. This reminds me of those "show us what's in your purse" postings. I might have to do this.

    I really like your purses, btw.

  15. Noelle..I will do one of these too! We will have some of the same stuff though! LOL...Have fun with Nate today! :)

  16. I love your Anthro tee and that FAB little bag! Super chic.
    xo Josie

  17. Thank you girls ♥

    Katie: I can't wait to read yours!

  18. I love this post! ...and those stud earrings are gorgeous!

  19. Fun tag!:D

    I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle too, it works and it's cheap.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  20. Thanks for this post! So fun! One of my readers sent me your link and requested that I do this on my blog as well! I gave you a shout out as well. ;)

    ~ Di

  21. Cupcake's Mommy: Oh good, I'm happy you like the tag!

  22. You inspired me to try out that Aussie 3 Minute Miracle! Loving it so far! I also just recently purchased the OPI fast-drying top coat - that's another miracle for those who can't sit still long enough for nails to dry!

    I also LOVE those studs! Hopefully will be making a purchase with my next paycheck! :)

    1.) Most worn hair product = just your regular Pantene Pro-V shampoo & conditioner!
    2.) Most worn lip product = EOS lip balm, any flavor. Currently working on the "Honeydew".
    3.) Most worn earrings = basic CZ studs ('cause I lose them so often, no diamonds for me!)
    4.) Most worn shirt = this one I'm not sure about, but I've been getting a lot of use out of my Valetine's Day gift on weekends and after work, a pink Ski-doo hoodie!
    5.) Most worn nail polish = usually no nail polish, but I'm trying to get in the habit of having color on my nail...the challenge is keeping it looking nice!
    6.) Most worn shoes = unfortunately since it is winter and I live in Wisconsin, it's been my black Bearpaw boots. I even wear them at work (my work is under construction, and I'm currently working out of a trailer, and I have to trudge in through the snow anytime I need to use the restroom!)
    7.) Most worn perfume = Michael by Michael Kors.
    8.) Most worn bag = I rotate depending on the season, but it's always a Coach bag. This month it's a signature stripe red satchel!

  23. Kate: Thank you for participating! I've always wanted to try Michael by Michael Kors. I love that man!


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