NYX has fastly become my favorite drugstore brand. Once impossible to locate, Ulta is expanding their selection and I have found some wonderful products that I considered ordering online only a few short weeks ago. I especially love their blush!

My little collection is growing!

My must-trys:
Powder blush - Pinched (left) and Angel (right).
I've read several reviews that claim Pinched is a dupe for NARS' Orgasm. I don't own that one so I can't really agree, but it definitely does offer that same pinky-peach glow with slight golden shimmer. Angel is beautiful! I've had it for about two years now and it's the perfect light pink flush.

Creme blush - Natural (left) and Glow (right)
I'm one hundred percent on a creme blush kick. With the weather getting warmer, I think cremes are natural and  youthful looking. These are both extremely creamy and pigmented. In fact, I think I care for the texture more than the MAC Cremeblends because these glide on more evenly.

Body Bronzer in Daydream of Lanai.
I ordered this from MsCuppyCakes.com awhile back, and although I think it's way too shimmery as a face bronzer, I love it as a blush! Just one sweep across your cheeks and you get a beautiful bronzed flush. This is also great for dusting over your shoulders or anywhere else on the body you want a golden cast.

HD Blush in Menage A Tois (left) and Mosaic blush in Love (right)
It's no secret that bright poppy and orange are the IT colors of the season. Flip through any magazine and vibrant, saturated color is spread across the lips and cheeks. I love these colors! The HD blush is a bit messy, so I'm not a fan of that. You turn the container and a finely ground powder is dispensed, but it goes everywhere. I still love this particular shade though. The same goes for the mosaic blush in Love. I swirl my brush throughout each block of color and a pretty orange appears on my cheeks.

Have you tried NYX cheek products? What are your thoughts?
♥ Noelle


  1. Thanks for writing about the blushes! I've been considering trying some of the NYX blushes, as right now, I only have NYX eyeshadows (love them!) Thanks for the review!

  2. I love your posts! I can't find NYX brand in any of my drugstores. I guess I'll have to buy online; I've been wanting to try it for a while now.

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  3. kate: I love their eyeshadows too! That's how I first got started with NYX.

    Faith: Thank you =) I hope NYX continues to expand so they are easier to find across the country.

  4. I always forget to try these out, thanks for reminding me! Your colors are all very pretty.

  5. Wow, you do have a nice collection. Gorgeous colors! I haven't tried anything from NYX..time to give them a try.

  6. I love NYX products (I think they're a great value) but hadn't tried out the blush yet - I am going to go check it out! Thanks for the product review :)

  7. Love all of these gorgeous colours & NEED to do some fabulous make up shopping. I have tried the Nars Orgasm blush and loved it, but would love to try your recommendation as well. Hope your having a fantastic Wednesday. xx veronika

  8. Oh, I have a quick question regarding the creme blushes - do you find them to be complexion clogging? That's always been my fear of creme blushes (or foundation, or all of that) since I use mineral make-up and powders.

  9. love the creme blush. amazing write up. i just can't get enough of your blog. thanks for another inspired post. if you get a free second stop by and check out pics from LA's hottest event held last night. The fash is bananas. xoxo


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  10. it's been quite a while since i last bought something from nyx. i've had really good experience with the nyx products i have. :D

    <3, Mimi

  11. What a great post and blog!
    I am now a follower:)
    Can you follow me too?


  12. Ooo I've never tried before but I am definitely down for trying it, especially if I can find it locally at the drug store! Thanks for the great review!

  13. Cute products - I love the quilted packaging.

    NYX isn't that easy to find where I live - I think I've only seen them sold in certain pharmacies (Rexall/PharmaPlus).

    I've tried an eyeshadow (great colour but felt kind of "soft"), some chubby lip pencils (they're ok), a lipstick (hated it - discoball glitter!) and a lip liner.

  14. Andi, Lilly, Katherine, and Natasha: I hope you do give them a try!

    Girl and Closet: Thank you Veronika! I hope you had a great Wednesday as well ;)

    Kate: I do not find them to be complexion clogging, but I don't have oily cheeks. My t-zone is oily, while my cheek area has a tendency of being a bit more normal, even dry at times. I can't completely say with confidence that they won't clog pores, but for the price, I do think they are worth a try!

    Fash Boulevard: Thank you so much, I'm happy you enjoy my posts =) I enjoy yours as well.

    Mimi and omgitstiffduh: Thank you =)

    Ella: They are so hard for many to find! I'm lucky enough to live relatively close to an Ulta, but they aren't in my CVS or other drugstores. The only other products I've tried from NYX are the shadows (which I do love), and also the jumbo pencils which I also like quite a bit. I think their cheek products are the stand out in the line!

  15. I've never tried NYX products, but will give it a go after your post! ;)

    xo, tasha

  16. omgosh that angel blush color looks so pretty!! i haven't had that much experience with NYX only some things i've bought online.. i can never find them at any of my local drugstores!! i will have to look up a ulta store near me and see if they carry NYX!

  17. Natasha and Lisa: I recommend the blushes over anything else! They really are comparable to higher end brands. I hope you are able to find them at an Ulta near you.

  18. oh i was just going to ask you where in OC you found these NYX products. I get mine from ULTA as well and am glad to see they are expanding that section! great buys

  19. those blushes are beautiful colors!


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