I have a confession to make: Last year was the first time in ages that yours truly sported denim shorts. Or white shorts. Or any shorts for that matter. Chalk it up to insecurity but these gams were terrified of anything remotely tight around the thighs. Then I saw so many of you wearing shorts. It inspired me to give them a try and you know what? I actually love them! I want more! I've been looking on different sites to find another perfect fitting pair, one of which is Shopbop. I can't typically afford designer clothing, but I'm often browsing Shopbop's jewelry, bags, and their sale section. I love dark denim because I find it to be universally flattering on anyone, regardless of size. I also want a more flowy version this year if possible. I love this one:

This pair is by James Jeans, but there are so many denim cutoffs to choose from.

These by J Brand are in exactly the type of dark wash I'm referring to.

I also love this pair by Current Elliot

They are a bit shorter than I would go, but I just love the soft color. Very beach inspired, and very California cool.

~I plan on pairing my shorts with lots of flowy tops. Last year, I was all about simple tees and tanks but I think the boho look is more interesting this time around.~
Looks like Summer =) I'll be sure to do some OOTD photos as soon as I start breaking out the shorts.

Now just add some excessories and you're good to go!
 So cute!

Do I need to mention how much I love colorful necklaces?

I live in flip flops or sandals in the Summer

Oliver Peoples - Tortoise shell complements any skin tone.

Ok, so this is big readers. I've never done a giveaway on my blog...ever. This is due to various reasons. After all, I'm just a regular girl, not a professional! But I hope you all know how much your comments and sweet thoughts mean to me. I truly believe in this community, and I love the new friends I've made. So when Shopbop offered to give one of my beautiful readers a $100 gift card, I couldn't pass the opportunity up!I've entered these types of giveaways on other blogs in hopes of snagging one myself!

The Rules: Lets Keep It Simple, Shall We?
*You must be a "Follower". I put that in quotes because I dislike that term! But please specify in a comment that you follow my blog. Please also leave an email address where I can contact you.

*Then tell me what you are most looking forward to this Summer! It can be anything! The winner will be announced Sunday, April 24th using Random.org.  
This is open internationally.

That's it! Thank you for reading!
♥ Noelle


  1. Congrats on hosting your very first giveaway, Noelle! I have been a follower of your blog for months, and would love to win the gift card.

    I have a pair of denim short shorts and am looking forward to wearing it a lot this spring and summer. I actually wanted to wear it this morning, then, realized it might be too SHORT to wear it to campus heh. Saving it for weekend wear. Good luck in your search! Can't wait for your outfit inspirations.

  2. Noelle! I looove your blog!! I'm looking forward to summer for so many reasons!! Southern California is the best place to be for summer! Can't wait to lay on the beach, sipping on green tea lemonade and playin beach volleyball with friends!!

    You should check out nordstroms. they have really cute white denim shorts right now in the t.b.d. department!

  3. Wow, a first giveaway! That is always fun:] I'm already a follower of yours.

    I really look forward to the warm weather! I used to live in a tropical island, so I always used to and prefer the heat.

    Thanks for the chance to win :]

  4. I'm mostly looking forward to beach parties and bonfires! :) Best part of Summer :)

    Thankssssss :D


  5. Hey Noelle...love the giveaway! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites!

    I'm going on a cruise this summer, so I can't wait until I'm on a beach in the Caribbean!

    Thanks girl, Christy

  6. I am a follower of your blog!

    I am looking forward to warm weather! We have had so much snow here in NY/CT this winter and now it is raining. I want warm sun and some free time to lay by the pool!

  7. yay on your first giveaway!

    i'm a follower - aPetiteDiva (at) gmail (dot) com

    I'm looking forward to wearing sandals!!

  8. I follow your blog - ellapretty AT gmail DOT com

    I'm most looking forward to going on a beach holiday this summer...nothing's been booked yet, but I want to be TOTALLY pampered LOL...drinks by the pool, massages - the works!

  9. Hi! I've been following your blog for a few months now and love it :)

    I am looking forward to a trip to Mexico this summer!


  10. You're too sweet! Love the pink rhinestone necklace! comes in yellow too :) Okay, let's see I have to admit, one thing I am looking forward to this summer is not fashion related, but celebrating my son's first bday :) ps. So glad you shared about Apricot Blase by Revlon, bought it and love it! xx-Jackie

  11. Congrats on your first giveaway! I follow you.....also I love those jbrand shorts, I've been eyeing those for a while...great color wash.

    I am most looking forward to cold pasta salad, grilling, pool days, sleeping with the windows open......summer is almost here! woohoo!

  12. I love the choices you've made for summer outfits! I am most definitely looking forward to summer so I can wear all my pretty dresses and shorts to show of my newly toned legs! (Thank's Bar Method).

    Congrats on your first giveaway. That's just so exciting! I'd love to enter!

    My email is NValerieblog at gmail dot com


  13. I am following you on Google Friend Connect! I am looking forward to baring my arms in the summer sun, spending time with friends, and walking down to the neighborhood ice cream shop.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    fashionkitten03 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. I follow your blog; congrats on your 1st giveaway! I'm looking forward to wearing sundresses & flip-flops, going to the pool with my son, bike rides, lemonade, and lots & lots of ice cream!!!!

  15. Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. I really like the simple design without a advertisements and busy stuff, as well as the straight forward format of each post :)

    What I am most looking forward to this summer is relaxing! My full load of classes will be finished and I'm just taking one afternoon class for a couple of weeks. I cannot wait!


  16. I love all the shorts you picked out! I pretty much never wear shorts out. I only wear them around the house! Perhaps this will be the summer I give it a try!

    I'd love to enter your give-a-way! I've been reading your blog for a long tme now! I'm most looking forward to being able to take my kids outside and play with the neighbors! I live in a cul-de-sac and there are so many kids in the neighborhood. It's a great time talking with other parents and watch the kids having a great time playing! I <3 summer!

  17. Oh! You can reach my at this email:


  18. *lol* Seriously...you know I meant gmail!!!

  19. How exciting! I follow your blog and am an avid reader :)
    I am looking forward to summer for the following reason: I'm pasty! I would love some sunshine!


  20. Hi Noelle! I follow your blog and enjoy your posts very much!

    I am most looking forward to my wedding at the end of August! :)

    e-mail me at katerdpher51 at yahoo dot com! :)

  21. Love your picks for cut-offs and the sunglasses are fabulous!!


  22. Fab giveaway girl! I adore that Adia Kibur necklace! I'm looking forward to wearing maxi skirts, neon colors, wedges, sleeveless equipment shirts and vacationing at the beach!

    I'm following you and here is my email:



  23. I'm Lauren and I follow you!

    I'm most looking forward to day trips on the weekend to Sea Isle! Yes it's on the Jersey shore, but its a cute family town with a mini boardwalk and lots of bars with local bands. Quintessential summer : )

    Could I send it to you if I win? I don't feel super comfortable putting my email here...

  24. How fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity love!

    My email is emsloves(at)gmail.com

    Oh, and an I say that I love how you used the word trite in your last post!

  25. Yay for hosting your first giveaway! I love following your blog!! As for what I'm looking forward to... after this winter in the northeast, I'm so looking forward to some nice warm weather and getting out in the sun!

    As for the email, I'm with the person who said they weren't super comfortable so I'm using "junk" email (the one without my full name in it)... it's littlepenguinfeet(at)gmail.com

  26. Lauren and Stephanie: I understand! If you win, I will contact you through visiting your blogs and of course I'll post the winner on my blog.

  27. Oh congrats Noelle with this first, awesome giveaway!!! I'm a follower! yay! email is vivavita79 at yahoo dot com
    i am looking forward wearing sandals daily and trips to the park with my son, and loads of more fresh fruit!!!

  28. Hi!! I follow your blog and I love it!! I am the same way with shorts, I don't wear them as often as I would like to...My email address is nlangaee at gmail dot com. I am really looking forward to the being able to lay out by the pull to tan and getting to wear all sorts of fun dresses for the summer.

  29. WOW! $100! How amazing! Of COURSE I am a follower! I am loving the neon pink necklace and Oliver People's sunglasses! So many great things! xo

  30. Congrats on ur first giveaway! I love shopbop!!I'm a follower of ur blog! I am looking forward to relax, get some sun, and maybe travel a bit this summer.


  31. Hehehee I'm a "follower" and pick me pick me pick me!!! LOL..I love the boho look and always gravitate towards it every spring/summer. I'm looking forward to spending hot summer nights at petco park with you, James and Nate..and many hot summer nights dancing in clubs and hitting up wine bars with just you :)

  32. oh and my email is beachgurl19503@hotmail.com :)
    gotta follow the rules! ;)

  33. Congrats on your first giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! I love following your blog! I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends at the beach this summer, the warm weather has to come asap! My email is cschu423@gmail.com. Thanks!

  34. Congrats on your first giveaway!! I am a follower and my email is rchiariello at aol dot com. I've never shopped at Shopbop before, but they have some CUTE stuff!! I am looking to summer music festivals (Summerfest and Warped Tour)!

  35. Love your blog.

    I'm looking forward to going on some small trips and shopping to enhance my summer wardrobe. it's been years since I've actually done some serious summer shopping.

  36. Pretty fantastic giveaway girl :)

    I'm looking forward to a sunny relaxing summer, including some trips to the beach!

    lillystyle101 {at} gmail.com

  37. i follow via gfc - yellowdemon91

    i'm looking forward to the beach!

  38. Wow, congrats on your first giveaway! The thing I look forward to most this summer is spending relaxing afternoons on the beach with my boyfriend, going to nice places to eat and just have a well deserved break! :)



  39. Enter me please! I'm a new follower via GFC.
    I looking forward to have holidays!

    Ana Belén R.M

  40. I love Shop Bop and your blog! Favorite thing about summer is the beach and AC.

    Missjul61 at gmail dot com

  41. I'm following your blog! I'm looking forward to spend a good part of this summer with my family, which is miles away right now. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I love Shopbop!

  42. I'm following your blog through GFC (as "libbeh")

    The one thing I look forward to this summer is trying out maxi dresses - it shall be a 1st for me. I never wore them due to being short (I'm 5'3"), and I've always thought in the past that they made me look frumpy and short, but I've found some super cute flowy ones from F21 that looked cute on me! :)



  43. I'm a follower of your blog! I am looking forward to some warm weather and sun. Where I live we've had the coldest, windiest and rainiest spring ever!

  44. How did I miss the first time around? I adore you and your blog :) And I LOVE shopbop. I am so excited for warm weather. I am not cut out for the cold. I would love to win the Shopbop GC, they have some amazing necklaces and cuffs I've been eyeing.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    saltwaterdreamsblog at gmail

  45. I have been a follower of your blog for almost a year now. I enjoy all of your posts! I am looking forward to getting a beach house this summer and hanging out with family and friends. Thank you for the giveaway! mariaamalfitano1 at netzero.com

  46. I follow your blog! :) :)

    ashleybuttery at hotmail dot com

    I'm looking forward taking my niece to the pool more this summer!

  47. Aw, giveaways are so fun! =]

    I am a *follower* lol and my email is lovemesylvia7@yahoo.com

    I look forward to getting a nice tan and traveling this summer! (this is the case for every summer =D )

  48. Hi Noelle! Love your blog, and I follow! (you already know that :D) I am looking forward to graduating and laying on a beach!!

  49. I just started following. I love your site! My email is DaizyDuke2008@yahoo.com.

  50. -I follow on GFC via Twitter(same user name.)

    -I'm most looking forward to the sunshine! It makes me happy :)

    (email in profile)

  51. Love the Nude soft color shorts! :)

    Heel in Mint


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