Ever since I went to Madewell last week, I have been stalking the website. I've heard wonderful things about J. Crew's sister store but there wasn't a location near my area. I'm always hesitant to order online from a company I don't know well. How's the quality? Is the sizing true? Petite friendly? How do I order when I have no idea what to expect? Until a Madewell opened up at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, Ca. My opportunity was just a car ride away.

I walked in and tried on clothes like a mad woman! Everything I picked up was so soft and beautiful. It was all...made well.

These are some looks from the site that I am obsessing over and ultimately saving for. The price point is a little higher than I'm used to paying for clothes. You girls know I mainly shop at H&M, Forever 21, and Nordstrom.

 So much prettier in person. I want to go back for this!

I wanted it all but left with the Trellis top in warm ginger, an airy blush/nude color.

Top - Madewell, Cami (underneath) - Madewell, Jeans - BR, Peep toe quilted pumps - Zara, Camel bag - MNG by Mango (JCPenny), Turquoise bib necklace - H&M (love!), Lapis colored ring - YSL Arty, Nails - Wet n Wild's Blaze

This top is going to be a staple for Summer. Thankfully, it's light enough to wear in the heat. I'll throw on my white eyelet shorts, beaded sandals and voila! Fresh, clean colors.

Have a great weekend loves!
♥ Noelle


  1. Wow, I love that sweater!! Great pick! You look like a million bucks.
    I also love all of your other picks, those jeans look like they'd be excellent on and that tank is fantastic. As much as I shop at J. Crew, I've never ordered a thing from Madewell! I have no experience with their stuff, sorry. But I think you should order it anyways, you can always return if it doesn't work out. Loving that tank top especially.

  2. i love MANGO!!!! i went for their spring summer celebration and their latest is just so fun


  3. I am SURE we've talking about this, but I grew up 5 minutes from South Coast Plaza! Too funny! I love your Madewell picks...especially the blouse! And as always, you look fabulous! Have a great weekend!! :)

  4. i love how you paired the nude sweater with the turquoise necklace!


  5. I've never heard of Madwell, but i've recently discovered how much I really do love J.Crew! all of their items seem to be really classic, and things that I would wear for many years and their quality is amazing...I'm definatly going to go stalk their website atm ;). you look FANTASTIC! That top is gorgeous. I've also been really obsessed with brightly colored shorts lately, and those ones are gorgeous!

  6. Ahhhh, that top is AMAZING on you! I wouldn't have given it a second thought but you are ROCKING it. I went to Madewell for the first time when I was in Boston last month and you are so right -- everything is so gorgeous! I just wanted it all! Unfortunately, my bank account protested. Sigh.

  7. Andi: From everything I tried on in store, I would say the clothes do fit TTS. The top I got is in a size small, which I normally wear. The color collage tank is gorg!

    Label me addict: Lucky! How fun!

    Natasha: I know, we have been to so many of the places! I grew up right outside LA, and I love going to Orange County. It's close to where I live now.

    Cheryl: Thank you!

    Caitlin: I think anyone that loves J Crew will love Madewell. I hope they continue to expand their stores. In fact, I like it even more than J Crew!

    Amy: Thank you =) My bank account protested too lol.

  8. Heart your outfit hon! Those jeans look smokin hot on you talk about sexxxxxxy!!! I have that same necklace from H&M!!! :)

    Love th color collage top from madewell too!

  9. I've only browsed online not quite sure what's kept me from ordering from them. Will definitely have to revisit considering my love for J.Crew!

  10. ... and you look amazing, but... duh! :)

  11. LOVE that necklace and sweater combo. You are gorgeous!!!

  12. Great outfit Noelle! You make me want to ditch work right to second to hit up H&M for that necklace! It reminds me of this one, which costs almost $200! http://www.lorenhopedesigns.com/proddetail.php?prod=DABN-N01-Turq&cat=47

    Love the blog!



  13. Love that top on you!! I have to get it too. I've been looking for nudes and neutral colors to add to my wardrobe and this looks perfect.

  14. Thank you so much girls! Everything I'm wearing was purchased recently, so if any of you are interested in the necklace or top, I suggest getting it soon. Happy Saturday!

  15. Ahh that first top and necklace are amazing. Lovin the colours!

  16. i would definitely go back for the color collage tank!
    new follower!
    check out my new blog and follow if you'd like!


  17. i must have those red shorts!!!! love! and great necklace ;) twins!! xoxo


  18. Love the outfit from head to toe. I saw a similar tan quilted bag at my Mango store that I'm MAJORLY wanting...but it's around $80 - which is pricey for a synthetic bag.

  19. Thank you girls =)

    Diana: I know, I saw it on your blog. Love your style!

    Ella: Yes, that is a lot for a synthetic bag! Mine was a bit cheaper because it was also on sale. I think if something really catches your interest, you should go for it though! Real or not...

  20. Hey deary! Hope this works this time... I just wanted to let u know how proud of you I am and how many awesome people you have acquainted through your blog! Your writing is delectable and Passion is unmatched! Kudos!!! Xoxo c ya soon

  21. your necklace is stunning. you look amazing. o, and i love the res shorts above. perfect pop. love this so much. Would love if you could stop by and check out my latest post. Thanks love. xoxo

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  22. Anon: I know who this is =) This means the world to me, you're so sweet!

    Fash Boulevard: Thank you =) I love your blog so much, and read it daily!

  23. What size is the trellis top you're wearing in this photo?

  24. Anon: It is a size small. For reference, I'm 5'2 and 112 lbs at the moment! The arms are pretty roomy on it so keep that in mind. Hope this helps! It's a great top, one of my favorites!


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